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JustFab Shines as the Lone Ranger of Surviving Subscription Services

JustFab has defied the odds over and over again. It is a company that has managed to become one of the most exciting subscription services around. This says a lot when there are so many other subscription services that have lost steam. There are 4 million subscribers, and it seems like JustFab is just continuing to grow.

According to the LA Times, JustFab is a business that is heading towards an IPO. Sales are still strong, and there are some great internal changes that are taking place. There is new executive management inside of the corporate structure. The brand has expanded to include a line of clothing for plus-sized women as well. These are all signs of the strength of JustFab in the midst of a lot of other stores that are suffering. Learn more about JustFab:,%20Inc

The thing that JustFab has managed to do extremely well is boost the brand by playing to the strength of having a website. Many people shop online, but some people don’t even have time to do that. They may have a desire to compose a profile and leave it up to the fashion experts to assemble the garments that fit their personality.

This is what the subscribers for Just Fab have been able to do. There are subscribers that have been loyal to the brand, and these subscribers have typically spread the word to other friends and associates. This is huge when one considers the strength of social media and all the people that get their information this way.

JustFab managed to transition from more television advertising to more free advertising through social media. The website has also gotten more buzz as the partnership with Fabletics and FL2 comes to light. This was a great connection to an athletic crowd that may have otherwise overlooked Fabletics. It has become the brand that has managed to sell well even when the other brands have been struggling. JustFab has been run by people that have taken interest in what people love the most: style and affordability. JustFab executives knew that this would be the thing that lured lots of subscribers.