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Beneful Undergoing Changes To Its Dog Food

The current facebook trend in regards to pets is to feed them foods that have familiar ingredients. Studies conducted by have shown that people view pets as humans, so they would like pet food to become similar to human food.
One of the top pet food companies is Beneful. Made by PurinaStore (, Beneful is one of the most popular dry dog food brands. Recently, Beneful has been criticized for using propylene glycol as part of its ingredients. Propylene glycol has been approved by the FDA. Some people have also complained about the dye used in Beneful, which many see as irrelevant to the product. All of these issues are important due to the class action suit filed against Beneful.

Beneful recently announced that they are making changes to their dog foods. The company says that the proposed changes have been planning for over a year and are not a direct response to the lawsuit. There are multiple new recipes on the horizon. Almost all of the new recipes will have meat as the initial ingredient. The other recipe will use real salmon as the initial ingredient.

Purina has also decided to remove sugar as an ingredient. Propylene glycol has also been removed to appease the customers who complained. The propylene glycol has been replaced with natural glycerin.

Purina is also reducing the amount of dye used in the foods. This could eventually lead to changing the recipes for its canned wet dog food. There are significant changes to the protein or fat amounts in the dog food. These formulas did not have to undergo any approval from the AAFCO.