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George Soros Can Make the World Go ‘Round

George Soros has done more to help democracies around the globe in the past 20 years than most politicians have done during her lifetime. This is because George Soros is a true influencer who is also passionate about the cause for which he fights.

George Soros became extremely passionate about the Democratic message as taught to us by the liberal left when he was but a small boy working his way through college. During this time George Soros maintained several low wage jobs which many on the right with call “starting jobs.” The problem was that as George Soros looked around, he realized that many of the people who were there were not college students just starting out before the-year-olds and 50-year-olds who are struggling just to make ends meet. He knew at that moment that there was something wrong with the message that the GOP was teaching.

George Soros would eventually become a hedge fund manager and grow the Soros Fund Management to the multibillion-dollar industry that it is today. During this time, Soros would see his bank account grow to $28 billion worth of cash. Many people would hoard this money for themselves with George Soros knew that he had to give it back to the world in order to affect a change he so desperately wanted to see.

George Soros would fund his own nonprofit with $18 billion of his own cash. This nonprofit is known as the Open Society Foundations. The Open Society Foundations has made it their own personal mission to promote strong democracies all around the globe. They do this by backing candidates who they know to have strong left-leaning values. They also accomplish their goal by training those in leadership on how to maintain proper balance so that those who are elected to office remain accountable to the people below.

George Soros would also donate to political candidates in America through the Open Society Foundations. The first candidate that received the blessing from George Soros was John Kerry in 2004. George Soros felt that this election was critical for the USA and decided to break all records by giving John Kerry $27 million. Unfortunately, the American public did not see how critical this election was, and President George W. Bush would eventually lead us into two separate wars in the Middle East.

George Soros would continue donating to American politics in the year 2008. During this time George Soros could either back Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. For quite some time Soros wanted the back his old friend Clinton. However, as Barack Obama began to gain the trust of the American people Soros knew that the senator from Illinois was the best chance to promote the Democratic cause. George Soros would give Barack Obama $15 million in order to continue campaigning.

George Soros would return to Hillary Clinton in 2016 and help her in her attempt to defeat Donald Trump. Unfortunately, the election went to the GOP that year. Now we are doomed.