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Successful Businessman Mike Burwell

At present, the Chief Financial Officer of the Willis Tower Watson, Mike Burwell, has a bachelor’s degree from the Michigan State University in business administration. Mike Burwell had a great experience of over 30 years at the Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP.


Mike has been a key leader at the price water house coopers whereby he was appointed the chief financial officer in 2009 and the vice chairman-global where he was keen on building and expansion of P.W.C internal shared service.Mike Burwell is an early riser. Michael Burwell starts his day at 5 am even when traveling. He usually likes to ride on his peloton bike whereby he figures out goals for the day.Burwell is a guy who ensures that others have grown. This is achieved by lighting up their ideas and bringing them to life.He believes in the future of the owner’s idea. Mike believes in doing more with less. He also engages others to find out what brings their success and productivity. Making others great is one of his key goals.


Mike’s success has been attributed mainly to his key listening skills and building networks. He more so believes that good communication comes as a result of investing in the most interesting skill one has.Mike has mainly focused on transaction operations and financial audits in business. He has held various operations in his career. For instance, he has held the position of a senior officer at Global Transformation and head of financial operations in many states.Michael Burwell is an open-minded person who believes in learning something new from every moment and opportunity. Positivity is also a key factor to his success which he believes will be a motivation to do more.


Mike ensures he is nice to others though he is careful not to please everyone since he strongly believes that collaboration will not always equal consensus. Michael Burwell loves traveling in the world and this is why he claims that the best 100 dollar he has ever spent was on a cord organizer to ensure that his cords are organized at his bag.He recommends the ” soft selling a hard world” by Jerry Vas, a book he believes will help one understand what it takes to gain success. Willis Towers Watson has a great hope on Michael bringing the change required.This is due to the leadership and managerial skills he has exhibited over the years. This will ensure quality delivery of services to clients.



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