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Sanjay Shah Starts Gofund Me Campaign For Autism Chairity Organizaton

Former hedge fund manager Sanjay Shah has started a go-fund me campaign for his non-profit autism charity organization called Autism Rocks. He has a set a goal of raising six thousand six hundred and ten British Pounds which is roughly equivalent to the sum of nine thousand five hundred dollars. All of the proceeds from this go-fund me campaign will be given to the Autism Research Trust. The trust is an organization that supports research efforts at the autism research center at Cambridge University in England. The center is the leading research agency that delves into the causes of autism. It also has programs that are focused on improving diagnosis of autism in children. The Autism Research Center is also developing management techniques and studying how to best manage autism.

Sanjay Shah is deeply passionate about supporting efforts to diagnose, and manage autism. His youngest son Nihill had been diagnosed with autism in 2011 and it left Sanjay and his wife in shock. The hedge fund manager was stumped on what he can do and tried to look for a cure to autism, before realizing that there is no cure, only management. Determined not to give up hope, and wanting to aid research efforts into autism, he got his chance unexpectedly. The sudden arrival of Snoop Dog in Dubai where Sanjay Shah resided at the time gave Shah the opportunity to experiment with an idea he had for a long time. He had promoted concerts while studying at Kings College in London. Now he had an idea of promoting world class singers like Snoop Dog and many others in order to raise money for autism awareness through music concerts.

To Shah’s amazement Snoop Dog agreed to give a concert. It turned out to be a success and raised a significant sum of money for Autism Rocks. Ever since he officially created the non-profit Autism Rocks in 2014, he has helped host musicians such as Prince, Elvis Costello and Lenny Kravitz to give concerts to raise money for Autism Rocks. Sanjay Shah remains deeply involved in his non-profit organization and also serves as a trustee at the Autism Research Trust. Before starting his own hedge fund, he previously worked for Morgan Stanley and Rabobank.