Businessman Greg Secker

Greg is a multitalented entrepreneur investing in different fields. He is a founder of a group of companies which have several disciplines such as an educational company, a technology company, a brokerage firm, a forex investment service and a non-profit foundation. Apart from entrepreneurship, he is an international speaker who speaks at important gatherings featuring among the most influential speakers to give motivational speeches.

The source of his ideas started by spotting opportunities and out of boredom. While working in the foreign exchange department in the US, he could always have a lot of spare time and out of being bored in that much time, he would think of how he could motivate others and this became his motivation. The urge grew strong and he started his own programs where he trained people after going back to the UK.

For Greg Secker, each day is different from the other and should be treated differently, each day with its own priorities and new lessons to learn from. For his ideas to be real; he becomes passionate about achieving them and the enthusiasm of getting the final results gets him putting them to action.

Greg is happy about the changes that technology has brought about, allowing information to be accessible to many people therefore creating a more informed society. This has created more independent decision makers who do not have to be influenced on their consumption choices.

In order to be productive, Greg always spare some time for him to think. After learning a new lesson, he takes time to meditate on how it has been achieved and he is able to borrow ideas from such lessons. This way, he becomes richer in ideas.

As an entrepreneur, there are times for success and times for failure. From one of his largest failures, Greg learnt the importance of doing a thorough research while launching foreign investments.

His career life started at Thomas Cook Financial Services before moving to the foreign exchange department. His prowess has seen him growing quickly to executive leadership and has been awarded for excellence at different events. After working for different organizations, Greg left to start his own company.

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