Ascendant Capital, LLC Founder and CEO, Jeffry Schneider

Under Jeffry Schneider’s leadership, Ascendant Capital has developed quickly during the past five years with workers increasing from two to over thirty employees. During the time, Schneider and his group have raised almost $1billion in the place of various managers. The company operates with over fifty broker-dealers, countless family offices & 250 investment advisors. The raised capital has been utilized in purchasing auto dealerships, real estate and tech companies among others. Whilst the development is great, Schneider and his group have no plans of stopping and their focus is ready for the future. In this year, they are anticipating to contribute over $50 millions every month.

Schneider has the belief that option investments are a key way in diversifying holdings and minimizing volatility by viewing the situation of the market currently. The markets encountered huge growth in recent years, and the rate is expected to increase in days to come. For instance, by observing the smartest pools of cash, the allocation to option investments stands at levels that are greater compared with those of RIA’s. In general, the client portfolios are under allocation to option investment.

The culture of Ascendant Capital plays a key part in the organization’s success. The environment motivates if not relying upon the sense of trust and open dialogue between team members. It is that kind of transparency that Schneider takes pride in and extends externally too. His company has got a structure of interests and conducts its fiduciary accountability towards the investors the upper most priority.

Jeffry Schneider started Ascendant Capital LLC. and within his capacity, he has assisted in raising billions of dollars besides making the company to grow with over thirty workers presently. Schneider has a huge experience in the option investments space. Before, he worked with Smith Barney, Merrill Lynch, and Alex Brown. Apart from helping Ascendant Capital grow, Schneider is dedicated to assisting the less fortunate and operates closely with several other charitable companies including Wonders & Worries, Cherokee Home for Children and the Gazelle Foundation. Currently, Schneider dwells in Austin, Texas area and studied his degree from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.



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