An Overview of Bruno Fagali

     The corruption scandals in some private and public organizations have led to the widely spoken of corporate governance within the corporations. Lawyer Fagali stated that the commitment of entities remains in line with legislative and market requirements are like any other obligation. He is concerned about how organizations are extinguishing their compliance and governance programs for certification purposes only. Companies are making a rush to accomplish the pre-determined demands under the Anti-Corruption Law and forget about the compliance spirit.

The advocate reports that the compliance topic is likely to change as the primary guideline for corporations. Some strategies ought to be taken like develop continuous monitoring measures. Fagali saw the need to make sure the integrity program incorporates the routine of a company. The plan should interconnect other areas such as internal audit, human resources, accounting, and legal department.

Organizations that have embarked on change process in 2017 must be aware of their concepts and values about what is wrong and right. They should highlight their guidelines to their members according to the legal expert. S2 Consulting associate alerts firms that have ignored corporate and compliance governance. It states that it is necessary to evaluate this behavior and follow essential parameters.

He outlined that the top management support is necessary to implement the compliance program in an organization. Companies need to define the unit responsible for the program and structure instruments and rules based on its profile and risks. It must elaborate on the policies, procedures, and code of ethics to prevent irregularities.

About Bruno Jorge Fagali

Bruno Jorge is among the uprising attorneys in Brazil. He is introducing new dimensions to the legal sector of this region. The lawyer has acquired in-depth knowledge and experience over in administrative law the years he has been in practice. He has made an exceptional reputation for himself. Since 2006, the advocate has worked in different law firms and practiced in various legal disciplines.

He is currently working at Nova/SB as Corporate Integrity Manager. He also practices independently through his agency called Fagali Law Firm. The attorney is an MBA coordinator in Risk Management and Compliance of Trevisan Business School and Fagali Advocacia member.


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