An Instance with Instant Technology CEO, Rona Borre

Asked to describe her company, Instant Technology in three words, the CEO, Rona Borre said, “It’s about Relationships!” What a reference to a company that indeed places people for jobs? It is a tagline that ultimately summarizes the company’s commitment to do what it does in the best way possible. But how did Instant Technology come about?  For more on Borre’s insight on things in her field of interest, check

At the young age of age of 25, and shortly after graduating from the University of Arizona, Rona Borre held a placement position at recruiting firm. Over the next couple of years, she developed a strong passion for her job and vastly grew the list of client companies and persons she was placing on various jobs.It is these relationships that saw Instant Technology thrive from its humble beginnings in 2001.

At the turn of the century, a lot of companies were laying off and adjusting their workforce for various reasons. That became Rona Borre’s biggest opportunity to breakthrough as her former clients sought her services in getting talents. And when job seekers came seeking, she had the right connections.  To learn more about Borre, visit her page.

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Armed with a laptop and with her pet dog Henry as a companion, Borre built Instant Technology from her condo. Today, Instant Technology has cut a niche for itself not only in Chicago but also in the whole country as a builder of customized technology solutions and placing the best talents for technology companies.

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