An In-Depth Review Of Don Ressler And His Achievements In Entrepreneurship

Venturing into entrepreneurship is not an easy process that can be accomplished within few days. It takes many days and months of planning and execution for one to achieve the desired results. Those who put emphasis on building a strong system are the ones who endure the challenges that come along the way because business is a complex field that few understand. Don Ressler has been working with professionals from different areas to help them build their businesses with the knowledge he has gained over the years.

Don Ressler started off by building and the company specialized in offering the sale of fitness equipment. He managed the company for few years and in that period he was able to learn many things concerning running and managing a business. His failures and attempts that did not actualize taught him the qualities he should uphold as an entrepreneur.

When Don Ressler gained sufficient experience to stand on his own, he planned on how to come up with a new company, something that motivated him to sell in 2001. The company was bought by Intermix Media and during the deal, he interacted with Adam Goldenberg, who proved to have the qualities of a business partner he was looking for.

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Alena Media
Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg arrived at a consensus that allowed them to partner in their business plans that would follow. They founded Alena Media, which is a company that worked to help businesses to manage their marketing needs. Alena Media is one of the best ideas they came up with because it earned them great revenues and in the first three years, they were able to learn many things that helped them in their plans later.

The duo sold Alena Media in 2001 in a transaction that was aimed at raising capital for a bigger and better idea. With great experience and capital at their disposal, they founded Intelligent Beauty in 2008, a company that offers great deals in beauty products.

Another milestone that Don Ressler celebrates is successfully establishing JustFab, which deals with fashion products. Members are allowed to enjoy the benefits of the subscription system that makes it possible for one to access great and new deals based on their preferences. To grow to offer services across Europe, JustFab sought for funding, with the first round raising $33 million in 2011 while the year that followed the company received $76 issued by several institutions.

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