An Exceptional Mathmatician

Micheal Thoreau Lacey, born September 26, 1959, is an exceptional individual. To begin, Lacey has been a working mathematician for nearly thirty years. This is an incredible accomplishment by any margin. Furthermore, in his time as a mathematician, Lacey has proven himself to be completely devoted to the field.

By investing time in the field’s betterment, Lacey has proven his passion goes far beyond a simple paycheck. Moving forward, Lacey has always managed the difficult task of balancing his professional and personal life. This is an exceptionally difficult task in mathematics, where the hours are long and the competition is stiff.

Lacey has done it all the same, however, and it is a fact that lends him further credence. Additionally, Lacey has made huge strides in several different fields, many of which are infamous for their difficulty. In summary, Lacey is a credit to the mathematics community.

Lacey’s list of accomplishments is nothing if not expansive. The master of a staggering number of disciplines, Lacey’s work is extremely impressive. Having undergone rigorous research efforts in Banach Spaces, Ergodic Theory, and even Harmonic Analysis, Lacey’s body of work is second to none.

These fields have eluded the grasp of even the most talented mathematician, and Lacey mastered them all the same.

Moving along, Lacey’s work in these fields have left a tangible impact in the mathematics world. By cultivating a culture of excellence and passion, Lacey has given the next generation of mathematicians a hard act to follow.

Lacey has by no means gone unrewarded for his efforts. On the contrary, Lacey is the recipient of a large number of prestigious awards. In 1996, Lacey was made the professor of mathematics at the world famous Georgia University of Technology.

This honor has only served to give Lacey’s skills as an academic further credence. Additionally, Lacey was awarded the Salem Prize for his work in studying the Hibert Transform, an extremely difficult area of study.

Lastly, Lacey was made a fellow of the American Mathematics Society for this body of work. Even when considering the greatness that came before, this may very well be Lacey’s highest honor. In short, Lacey is everything a mathematician should strive to become.

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