Alexei Beltyukov Co-founder SOLVY

Education plays an integral role in our lives. Alexei Beltyukov is one of the people who purposed to ensure that everyone receives a good education, so as to lead a meaningful life. In the university, Alexei studied medicine, and later he decided to get an MBA. He had a passion to be a good leader, and this explains why he decided to study management. Because of his massive experience, he earned his place on the Board of SOLVY as the Chief Operating Officer. SOLVY is an education facility hosted online aimed at creating awareness among students and teachers. It is an interactive platform that offers an opportunity for both learners and teachers to provide comfortable learning and teaching. The innovation was necessary because of the existing learning gap in the subjects like mathematics.

With SOLVY, students can access and attempt assignments regularly. Once they have submitted their answers, the system instantly responses. It is important for students to understand what they have done right or wrong. They can make amendments and resubmit results. Tutors will know areas that students would need more exercise to improve, so as to enhance their performance. They will introduce measures like remedial lessons and more take-home assignment to nurture performance.

Being at the helm of SOLVY, Alexei Beltyukov provides the necessary guidance that the company needs to get to new heights. He says that with the proper use of the software, and users will be able to derive maximum utility from the system. It is necessary to the education sector and would ensure that education has a purpose to fulfill. By bridging the existing gaps, learning will prove more efficient, and learners will be motivated to undertake the process. Through the efficient use of the system, better results will be realized in due time.

Alexei has demonstrated that he is an astute businessman. He has started and guided numerous startups. He enrolled at INSEAD School of Business for an MBA to improve his management skills. The year 2013 saw Alexei set up Endemic Capital, and later A–Ventus. Apart from the businesses, he also serves as the adviser to the Skolkovo Foundation’s president.

As a tool, SOLVY is primarily deployed with the purpose to reducing or eliminating poor performance in mathematics. With learning barriers out of the way, it is expected that the learners will be able to make proper use of the content availed to them. The instruction of usage will be very clear to all the students. They will have a broad range of option to exploit during the learning process. However, it should be noted that this is not the primary tool of instruction, but rather a tool to monitor and evaluate student learning process. Areas of weakness will be addressed, and problems resolved for better performance. With the personalized feedback, teachers can provide informed decisions for every student.

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  1. Good performers are separated from poor performers, and extra effort would be necessary to bring the class to par. SOLVY is enough evidence that technology is revolutionizing teaching in schools. That is reason why rush essays would have to support all of these things even though it’s not that comfortable.

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