Adam Milstein Hopes To Spread Awareness To The Jewish Community Through Help of the IAC

Adam Milstein is helping to bring the Jewish community together by helping the IAC to open more community centers throughout the United States. The hope is to help Jewish Community Centers build more Israeli community centers within the JCC’s. The Israeli-American centers are helping to instill culture, food, music and more of their heritage that they may have not known much about otherwise.

In the programs being operated through the Israeli-American community centers, the members participate in the Kabbalat Shabbat dinner. The Israeli-style dinner is helping to bring awareness to the culture by providing culture, food and music to the attendees of the dinners.

The Jewish members are treated to this dinner and at the end of the night, they feel closer to their heritage through their reignited Jewish pride. To help keep this feeling going, more members are asked to participate in on-going dinners in their homes by organizing their own dinners.

To help the younger generation to feel connected to their heritage, Adam Milstein is working to bring culture and food into more homes with programs offered by the IAC. By providing the right tools, Adam Milstein hopes to see an increase in the amount of Judaism that the Jewish Americans are now feeling and helping to feel connected to their heritage. Many of them are learning more about their background but are learning it through means that are not even necessarily focused around the religion of their people.

The IAC is helping to unite all members of the Jewish community. It does not matter if they are secular or religious, the affiliation they have with Israel is now helping to bring more awareness to the Jewish culture whether it is through reform, conservative or even through orthodox means. The Jewish younger generation are now experiencing their heritage that they otherwise not have known about.

The members of the Jewish community are starting to feel a connection to their heritage that helps to restore their Hebrew language that is linked to their ancestors. The history that they are now learning about is a beautiful heritage lesson which is rich in history. Adam Milstein is hoping to bring the Hebrew language in more homes and to hopefully make it their second language when they are done.

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