Achievements of Amicus Therapeutics

Amicus Therapeutics has experienced tremendous growth over the past years, and recently, the company launched Galafold in Germany. The launching marked a great success of the firm which still plans to keep developing its operations and opening more branches in more countries. The firm has a high dedication towards helping people with rare conditions and has a great plan in treating the Pombe disease. As a result of the company`s commitment towards the welfare of individuals, the firm recently launched a pombe disease program, which highly targets towards offering help to all persons with the rare condition (PhillyPurge).


Many people all over the world have highly amended the services of the Amicus Therapeutics, and most people are pleased with their passion towards providing a good welfare to their clients. Besides, the excellent services that Amicus Therapeutics offer have inspired many people to treat every individual with a rare disease with caution and love. It has also been a form of encouragement to the victims with such conditions, and they barely feel rejected anymore.


Amicus Therapeutics has achieved its goal of being one of the most prestigious companies in the world that offer treatment for rare diseases and targets to keep improving as well as expanding their services in many parts of the world. The firm is currently researching a drug that will be used in the treatment of epidermolysis bullosa, a rare condition that may lead to more adverse effects if not we’ll address. The firm plans to give the results of their study starting from the third quarter. Besides, Amicus Therapeutics also aims at conducting another additional study on the treatment of the pombe disease that leads to kidney failure, heart attack, and other serious effects if not treated.


In addition to that, Amicus Therapeutics plans to establish more commercial launches in Japan and United States so as to increase the source of its capital to cater for the various treatments their offer. The excellent management of the Amicus Therapeutics has profoundly contributed to its success, and a lot is expected from the company with the starting time.

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