3 Reason for OSI Group Growth and Global Expansions

The information about OSI group can be found online on several different food industry sites. Because of this food groups committed to providing the best services in this marketplace, they have had a huge amount of success over the last several decades. Since its start-up in 1909, this family meat business has had the opportunity to service their customers in their local community and across the globe worldwide. Today, OSI group is currently being celebrated as one of the top 100 food companies in America. With over 200,000 employees in employment, this company 65 facilities across the globe. , This international employer is also a privately owned business that is still growing. So, for those people who want to know how more about this food group and how it has gained such notoriety and success, here are some keys to being the best.

1. McDonalds — Meat Supplier for their Fast Food Services

Not all businesses have an opportunity to increase their share of the market by starting off early with a company like McDonald’s as a major customer. Nor do they have a chance to piggyback off of an International company with Golden arches that is recognized everywhere by children and adults too. Having said that, when people look back on the success of the OSI Group, they may quickly find that they had an opportunity to supply the best fresh meats in the industry to a key player in a fast food business. For instance, when McDonald’s started their business, they had a connection with this family meat supplier, and they were hired to accommodate their daily needs in fast food restaurants. Fortunately, as McDonald’s growth quickly picked up, OSI Group also had an opportunity capitalize on their growth as their businesses expanded.

Since that time, OSI did not slow down at any point in time. Instead, they decide to continue to pursue great opportunities across the globe and they continued to become the best in the industry.

Superior Standards — Vendor Selective

Though McDonald’s is a great contributor to the success of this business, there are other reasons why OSI is still a huge solid success. One of which involves the high and superior standards that they use in their food processing operations. Based on their food processing operations, they are only committed to using the best vendors to assist them with their services. As a result, they have extension connections in places across the globe in a wide range of geographical locations.

3. International Acquisitions

International acquisitions in the last several years have had a big impact on the success of this food service company. This is because the company has been growing by acquiring Baho Food in the Netherlands and German, Flagship Europe in the UK, and others. These acquisitions are currently making a huge difference in the growth of OSI group. Especially, because it is giving them a chance to branch out into other types of foods including various types of deli meats.

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