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Sujit Choudhry Dissects Holder Tweet in Upcoming Book

Eric Holder, former Cabinet Member of Barrack Obama, in December of 2017 sent a tweet that said the firing of Robert Mueller would be a red line that if crossed could lead to strong opinionated voices from both sides.

Sujit Choudhry, expert in politics and law professor, dissected the tweet in a new book. In Choudhry’s chapter he speaks about all possible meanings to the Holder tweet.

In one such instance Sujit explains that Holder could’ve simply meant that the American citizens will be the ones to ultimately decide whether Robert Mueller will be fired or not. If Mueller were to be prematurely removed from his position, and the American citizens express discontent with the decision, he will likely be rehired. If Robert Mueller is fired an no one speaks up, it is very likely that the investigation will end.

Sujit Choudhry points out that former Attorney General Holder doesn’t mention anything about the legal repercussions if anyone fires special counsel Robert Mueller. Sujit calls this peculiarity especially odd because Holder used to be the nations highest level law enforcement agent during his time on Obama’s Cabinet.

Who is Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is a professor, lecturer, and overall expert on constitutional law. He has spoken in almost 30 countries. Choudhry was born in 1970 in New Delhi, India. He gained his education from some of the most prestigious institutions in the world. He received a bachelor of science from McGill University, a bachelor’s of arts from the University of Oxford, a bachelor’s in law from the University of Toronto, and a master’s in law from Harvard Law School.

Choudhry has been honored by many positions and acknowledgements including the Rhodes Scholarship and the William E. Taylor Memorial Fellowship. More recently, he was honored with the Trudeau Fellowship from the Trudeau Foundation.

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How Dr. David Samadi Fights Cancer With Compassion And Robots

After performing 7,000 robotic surgeries, Dr. David B. Samadi is well-known for his dedicated work with prostrate cancer treatment. Dr. Samadi is credited to be the only surgeon to preform the SMART surgery technique by using the da Vinci robotic system. Dr. Samadi specializes in Prostrate Cancer, Bladder Cancer and Urologic Cancer treatments. This is in addition to his Robotic Prostrate Technique and is SMART Surgery Technique. Born in Iran, Dr. Samadi along with his brother was forced to leave Iran at the age of 15 and move to Belgium. Dr. Samadi focused on his dream of becoming a doctor regardless of the circumstances. Eventually, he moved to America where he studied at Stony Brook School of Medicine.

From there, he continued his education and training at various institutions both in the United States and overseas. His overall focus remained on cancer treatments and procedures. Such training proved to be essential for Dr. Samadi as he prepared for his medical career. One of Dr. Samadi’s greatest contributions is developing the SMART technique in robotic prostrate surgery. The Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Techniques (SMART) is preformed only by Dr. Samadi and is recognized around the world as being an advanced application of robotic technology. Dr. Samadi uses three measures of success for this techniques including total removal of prostrate cancer cells, sex after prostrate cancer, as well regaining urinary control.

Dr. Samadi has been honored with numerous awards and recognition during the past decade. New York Magazine voted him Best Doctor for five years. In 2010, 2011 and 2013 he was recognized as Most Compassionate Doctor. He is also the winner of the Patient’s Choice Award for multiple years. Castle Connolly named him Top Doctor in 2013 and 2014. Beginning in 2009, he was named one of America’s Top Doctors For Cancer, to which he claimed for five years. In 2012, he received the Community Partner Award from the American Cancer Society. Finally, in 2012 and 2013, he was recognized as one of New York Area’s Top Doctors.Through compassion and robotic technology, Dr. Samadi excels in the fight for cancer.

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Chris Burch and the Birth of Nihiwatu

Chris Burch is a name you most likely associate with fashion, but you probably now associate this name with Nihiwatu. Nihiwatu is a resort located on Sumba Island. Although Burch was excited to make the purchase, he certainly didn’t do it alone. His partner in crime was James McBride, President of YTL Hotels. The two businessmen traveled to the island after hearing that the current resort was looking to make an expansion. Claude and Petra Graves owned a resort there, but later McBride and Burch would come to pay the island a visit and partner up to create a hotel that would soon blossom into something more wonderful than either of them could imagine (

When the Graves purchased the island in 1988, they decided to make the move to preserve the natural beauty that was Sumba Island. Once that decision was made, the two took up the offer from Chris Burch to partner up on the deal. The name “Nihiwatu’ comes from the legend of the Sumbanese people and the history of the beach, so the resort following kept the same name. The resort was turned into nothing less than short of amazing, preserving the natural beauty of what the Sumbanese people believed in and kept as a theme, as well as creating a beautiful haven for all who come to enjoy and call their home away from home during vacation time at Nihiwatu.

The Travel and Leisure Magazine, a well-known publication, reported that readers chose Nihiwatu as the best hotel in the world. This award was given to Burch and McBride’s hotel two years in a row, creating more buzz around the stunning resort on Sumba Island. Although Burch is known as a builder of many brands, this is the first time Burch has become a top name in resorts and travel.

Burch has been a massive brand builder for many years, most notably for Voss Water, Tory Burch, Guggenheim Capital, and some others. Mr. Burch’s entrepreneurial spirit got the best of him in 1976, while still an undergraduate student. At the time, Burch had invested with his brother building a clothing brand. Starting with just $200, the two grew the business to $165 million dollars and later sold it to the Swire Group.

Burch is extremely successful today in many arenas, although the is still known best for his ability to build brands.

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Billionaire Investor Chris Burch Introduces Nihiwatu:The World’s Best Resort

For over four decades visionary entrepreneur Chris Burch has been investing in companies in a variety of industries and enjoying phenomenal success. He’s the founder of the New York-based brand development and venture investment firm Burch Creative Capital and serves as its CEO. Burch took his first foray into business in 1976 while attending Ithaca College. He invested $2,000 and started Eagle’s Eye apparel with his brother Robert. They started out paying $10. apiece for sweaters and selling them for $15. door-to-door and grew tremendously. In 1998, Swire Group bought the company for $60 million.

Burch produced Watch It, a feature-length film, was an early investor in Internet Capital Group, made investments in telecommunications, Voss Water, Poppin, the online furniture retailer, fashion label Tory Burch, home décor, accessories and apparel retailer C. Wonder, Ellen DeGeneres’ E.D. lifestyles collection and many other companies. Many of Burch’s investments came after 2008, when he started J. Christopher Capital LLC and changed its name to Burch Creative Capital. He also invested in real estate. By 2012, Chris Burch was on the Forbes Billionaires list.

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In 2013, Chris Burch purchased Nihiwatu, a resort located on the Indonesian island of Sumba. Nihiwatu has swaying palm trees, excellent surf beaches with milk-white sand, horseback riding, personalized yoga and surfing sessions, private spa treatments, tasty, exotic dishes and drinks, a blue lagoon and a huge indoor-outdoor entertainment area, Guests can choose from 27 private villas with private plunge pools and butlers. There are also two-story tree houses with bedrooms, living rooms, balconies and bathrooms (

Voted the world’s best hotel, a vacation there is a transcendent experience. It combines adventure, relaxation, discovery and tranquility. The villas at the Nihiwatu resort have all the modern amenities. They come with luxurious canopy beds covered with crisp, white high thread count linens, handmade chocolate and breathtaking views and soothing sound of the Indian Ocean. Guests leave Nihiwatu changed forever. Chris Burch will soon build similar resorts in Nicaragua as well as Costa Rica to give more people the opportunity to experience paradise.

Chris Burch has six children. They are a major reason he invested in Nihiwatu. Check  He wanted to ensure they would be able to enjoy the unspoiled beauty of the earth. Burch also created the Sumba Foundation through which a portion of the resort’s income is used to improve the healthcare, education and quality of life of the Sumbanese people.


Chris Burch Created Paradise At The Nihiwatu Resort

The names Chris Burch and Burch Creative Capital are familiar to most people. Chris Burch actively invests in numerous types of businesses including the Tory Burch luxury fashion brand. He has built his career on his devotion to branding and his sales and marketing skills. He has both expertise and experience in the industries of fashion, hospitality, financial services, consumer products and technology. Many believe the crowning jewel in his career is the Nihiwatu resort (

Burch invested $30 million in the property that would become the Nihiwatu resort. He decided to look into the property when he heard the surfers who created the original resort were interested in outside investors. His friend James McBride went to investigate the resort and his affinity was immediate. He was impressed with the privacy, pristine beaches and lush foliage. Burch and James McBride discussed the beauty of the resort and the fact it was literally in the middle of no mans land. He took another trip to the resort with his sons and this was when he decided to make the investment.

Burch and James McBride became partners and started purchasing land until they owned 700 acres. The construction started with 21 gorgeous villas and future plans for an additional dozen.  Burch had a five bedroom home built for his personal use. They planned to use Javanese black volcanic rock and Sumbanese teak to construct luxurious duplex tree houses. They would look out over the ocean and have private pools. They built a yoga pavilion set on a hilltop, a boathouse, a restaurant and numerous additional buildings. Bernard Prim was hired as the chef due to his specialties including green papaya salad with grilled mahimahi and chili lime dressing and Balinese braised pork ribs.

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The activities all reflect the natural wonders of Sumba. There is a Nihi Oka hike encompassing rice paddies and a lush rainforest. Breakfast is served in a tree house with a view of a breathtaking private beach. Another trip is on a stand up paddleboard and the guests see the villages on the island. Despite the activities and amazing resort the heart of Nihiwatu is best seen in the staff. There are 300 people working here and 98 percent are locals. They greet visitors with warmth and charm. The resort provides more work for the locals than any other business on the island. If heaven on earth exists it can be found at the Nihiwatu resort.

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Shervin Pishevar Hits On Many Important Topics In 21-Hour Tweet Storm

Shervin Pishevar is one of Silicon Valley’s most important venture capitalists. Through his firm, An investing firm, he has been the driving force behind some of the most famous businesses to emerge from the tech sector. Projects on which Shervin Pishevar has worked include WebOS, Uber and Airbnb.

Recently, Pishevar engaged in a 21-hour tweet storm. He covered many topics, including the dangers of rapidly expanding debt within the United States. A few of the tweets served to elaborate Shervin Pishevar’s view that the U.S. debt markets are quickly becoming unsustainably overheated.

With bond yields at record lows and corporate borrowing shooting through the roof, Shervin Pishevar warns that there may currently be no safe asset classes for investors. He warns that the mechations of the Federal Reserve have driven down yields to such low levels that it is unlikely that current bonds will prove to be anything other than productive of dismal future returns.

At the same time, he says that the borrowing binge that corporations across the country have gone on in order to engorge themselves with buybacks of their own stock has left the equities markets in one of the highest inflation-adjusted states of valuation that have ever been seen. Pishevar refers to this as asset inflation, noting that future returns for standard stock portfolios are likely to be as low as 2 to 3 percent, before inflation, over the next few decades.

This leaves investors with very few good options. Even the real estate market, says Pishevar, is at historically high valuations. This has been a consequence of easy credit, which was created by the expansionary policies of the Federal Reserve. As he says, a home is worth what a bank is willing to lend. Throughout the country, banks have been more than willing to lend historically inflated amounts for the purchase of residential real estate.

But Pishevar says that, in the current environment, even cash isn’t safe. Given the huge deficits that the federal government is running and the constantly increasing mandatory entitlement programs, Pishevar sees the government eventually having no choice but to begin printing money to cover its budgetary shortfalls.

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Lori Senecal Shares How She Overcame Her Doubt

There are a lot of challenges that people face when they are starting something new, especially when ti comes to starting a business. One challenge that they have to deal with when they are trying to start a business is dealing with doubt. Even though Lori Senecal has had a lot of success as a coach and has even experienced a lot of success as a business leader, there is always room for doubt. However, people who start a business will experience even more doubt in some cases than someone who has merely taken over the business and is taking it to a new direction.

One thing that Lori Senecal has stated is that there is always going to be some kind of doubt when she starts something new. However, one thing that could help is to focus on experience and knowledge. This is one thing that has helped her overcome her doubts when she has taken over CP+B. She has thought about her experience as a coach and a leader. She has used her skills to bring about the changes that she has wanted in the business she has taken over. She has thought about the type of leader she would respect and has proceeded to emulate that.

According to GC Report, another thing she has done in order to help the business change to her liking is set goals that are attractive to the workers of the company. She is also very good at communicating. After all, one of the most important traits of a leader is great communication skills. If she is not able to communicate effectively, then her business would fall apart. Lori Senecal has shown a lot of effectiveness in her communications. She has let people know when they are doing a good job as well as if they are falling off.

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Sujit Choudhry’s Expertise in Comparative Constitutional Laws

Sujit Choudhry is the founder and director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions. The Center for Constitutional Transitions is the world’s first center based in a university to generate and mobilize knowledge in support of constitution building. Sujit Choudhry explains that the main idea behind the Center for Constitutional Transitions is so that global networks of experts can assemble and build accurate policy options backed by evidence for decision-makers. Choudhry and his team have already worked with more than fifty of these experts from over 25 countries. For over two decades, Choudhry has served as a constitutional advisor to places all over the world that are transitioning into democracies. He duties were to write new constitutions and improve the existing ones ( During that process he would often run into issues where knowledge was either incomplete or outdated, which later led to the founding of the Center for Constitutional Transitions.

Sujit Choudhry was born in New Delhi, India, in 1970. Prior to the founding of the Center for Constitutional Transitions, he served as the Dean of the University of California, Berkeley’s School of Law for several years. Choudhry was the first Indian-origin scholar to be appointed Dean at a top law school in the United States. Before his role as Dean, he served as the Cecelia Goetz Professor of Law at New York University in 2011. He advised the constitution building process in Jordan, Nepal, South Africa, Egypt and many other countries during his tenure as a constitution advisor.

Choudhry attended McGill University and received an undergraduate degree. He obtained his law degrees from the Harvard Law School, University of Toronto and the University of Oxford. Choudhry was provided with a Frank Knox Memorial Fellowship program scholarship during his enrollment at Harvard Law School. Sujit Choudhry was honored several times with the Trailblazer Award from the South Asian Bar Associations of Southern and Northern California in 2015.

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Desire Perez is a Powerful Women in the Age of Women Empowerment

Whether you understand it or not, we are living in the era of women empowerment. Many women are becoming more valuable members of society and to the world around them. This is especially true in the fields of business and music. Desire Perez of Roc Nation is a leading figure in the modern music industry.

In 2009 rapper and music mogul Jay-Z (Shawn Carter) created Roc Nation. This is a media company that manages musician’s careers. They also manage athletes as well. Desire Perez is a long-time friend of Jay Z and she has helped to forge his empire over the years. As the COO she is second in command of the organization. The fact that she is a woman, should not surprise you. While Jay Z is the front man of his business he relies on Perez to run his business while he is away or tied up with other matters.

It takes a lot of trust in a person to have them operate your business. Perez is no amateur when it comes to handling the ends and outs of the business world. As a woman she understands the unique marriage between business and music. Roc Nations such as Rihanna and Shakira are managed by Perez. The Chief Operations Officer helps to develop these artists brand and she helps to guide the business side to their careers, and what Desire Perez knows.

Perez knows business. She takes this field seriously. People might not want to accept this, but music is a business and the musicians and artists are the products. To produce the best product, it takes a person with knowledge and a lot of skill to understand the market. That is Perez. She understands how to do this very well, and

Perez is considered one of the most influential women in the music industry today. This is especially meaningful in the era of women advancement. Her dedication to Roc Nation, its artists and to its employees has helped this company to become one of the most competitive music organizations in the world, and read full article.

Efforts behind the fame – Desiree Perez.

Desiree Perez is the woman behind the Roc Nation scenes. She is closely associated with the famous Jay Z. She has worked with Jay Z for almost twenty one years. She has exceptionally long track with the leading of SC enterprises. The first article reveals of how Tidal had undergone through renaissance issues. The article also explains how Tidal nails on the gigantic album from one album to another such as Kanye West, Beyoncé, and Rihanna originating from the premiere talent co-owner. The article adds that the Tidal app has reached extremely high point that it was on iTunes.

Since February the 22nd, the app added over one million trial members as indicated in the report. Through this, Desiree Perez got into the picture. Desiree Perez was the producer behind all this high productive sources and plays mentioned in the article. She gets credit for her qualification in play production and her incredibility on crunching numbers. She is a unique, tough, and fierce negotiator in her history. Empire’s cookie cannot even go against her due to her incredible qualifications.

Desiree Perez participated in the Beyoncé’s Formation Stadium negotiations. She plays a significant part in the Rihanna’s Samsung deal. Desiree is part of the management section, publishing, and labeling operations in all the Roc Nation’s activities. She does the phenomenal job that helps businesses manifest and grow. Desiree Perez takes the responsibility, and she is a no pushover when it comes to the track of supporting the artists with their business and success of the inspiring artists. She has long been in this business to the point of knowing all the strings and ropes involved. There is no doubt that she will help in further success to Rihanna, Beyoncé, and Tidal.

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