Month: March 2017

Know All about Equities United AU

Equities First Holdings is a specialist in providing efficient alternative lending solutions. This is for businesses as well as high-net-worth individuals who are looking for non-purpose capital.

They have a global reach. Their focus is on securities based lending.

Equities First United has been in operation for 15 years. They have managed over 700 transactions till date. The company has nine offices spread across the globe.

The firm is hyper-focused. Hence they are operating on a deal-by-deal basis. The firm is offering investors a tailored transaction that is designed to their specific requirements. Hence it empowers them to access funding in a quick and efficient manner.

There is a simple five step transaction process. It is simple, transparent as well as secure.

The first step in this Equities First Holdings process will be to contact them with details regarding the proposed collateral. This would also include the amount of funding that will be required.

This will determine if an Equities First Holdings solution will be right for you. The loan terms will be determined. Then a loan-to-value (LTV) ratio along with a fixed interest rate will be calculated.

Once all the terms are agreeable, the Equities First Holdings Agreement will be signed. The agreed upon collateral will be transferred now to an Equities First Holdings custodian account.

Equities First Holdings is funding loans by using a delivery-versus-payment method. Hence the collateral along with the loan proceeds will be transferred into holding accounts in a simultaneous manner.

All through the duration of this financing period, only the agreed upon interest payments will be made. Once the financing period concludes, the pledged collateral gets returned in full. This will be done after repayment of the principal funding has been done.

This simplicity and transparency of the dealings have earned Equities First Holdings a good reputation in the industry and contact this company.

Rona Borre and Instant Alliance Are Still Breaking Records

Rona Borre worked as an account executive

Meet Rona Borre who is the talk of the town as far as her exploits and her staffing and recruiting company, Instant Alliance. Specializing in placements of key technology and finance employees with Fortune 500, mid-sized, and smaller companies, Borre has brought a unique blend of business savvy and relationship building to an industry lacking in the personal touch.


After graduating from the University of Arizona with a business degree, Rona Borre worked as an account executive for a large national staffing company and proceeded to destroy every sales record the company had. She was personally responsible for a $30 million book of business when she made the decision to step out on her own and establish Instant Alliance.   Check


Beginning in a spare bedroom in 1991, Borre wore a business suit to her bedroom office each day because after all, it was a work day. From that meager sounding beginning, Borre transitioned that startup into a multi-million dollar business that reaches clients on a nationwide basis. Finance and technological placements are key because there are the types of people who are instrumental when a company of any size is breaking through to new levels and challenges.

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Rona Borre claims that the secret sauce of her success is the relationships that are formed between the clients and her team that is the magic. It is important to learn the details and the culture of a client company so it can be determined exactly what the client wants regarding new hires. When that synergy prevails then everyone is satisfied with the results. The proof of how things have worked out is the astounding 1% attrition rate that clients enjoy. That is an incredibly low figure, and the clients know it.

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Who Really is the Quicker Picker-Upper?


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The quality of Kirkland paper towels is more absorbent meaning you can use fewer sheets to clean up your messes. The Kirkland towels definitely come in handy when I am cleaning up spills from my delicious Tropicana orange juice brands. Tropicana offers the option to taste their delicious orange juice without pulp for those who want a smooth drink. There is no better way to enjoy breakfast than with a full glass of Tropicana Orange Juice. The taste is so delicious that you can tell they use only the freshest of oranges.

Advantages Of Online Reputation Management

If you are facing an online reputation problem in your business, it is critical to take appropriate measures to resolve it as soon as possible. Delaying in doing something about it will only make issues worse and may ultimately destroy your entire business.

As you may already know, when people want to make a buying decision, they rely on what they find online about companies they are researching. Without an outstanding image of your company people would not want to purchase from your business. According to, potential customers research online to find credible or honest business people or service providers before they opt to make a purchase.

Online reputation management is all about being proactive. If you wait until your organization has accumulated a huge number of negative online customer reviews, it is more very tough to reestablish your positive reputation. Establishments who take proactive steps toward online reputation management enjoy increased protection and the benefit of a solid online reputation. If you value your credibility, you must absolutely do something about it.

Establish a clear-cut image and effective strategy for your company. There are many ways to go about building a company’s image online or rebuilding a damaged credibility and reputation. Use advertising resources to accentuate what distinguishes your company from the competition so that clients and customers know specifically what you represent.

The ability to build and develop content is absolutely essential. Reputation management services utilize quality, relevant content to create links among various platforms and any posts mentioning you.

While search engine optimization is a top part of online reputation management, SEO can not function on its own. Search Engine Optimization needs content in order to help you rank properly in search engine results pages and improve your online reputation.

Backlinks tell search engines that the information is important to visitors. Ultimately, the best services provide coaching, which cover everything from SEO to replying to complaints published on social media sites.

If you enlist the services of a well-established company, online reputation control systems are effective. You’ll have the resources and tools to build and maintain a good reputation.


Bruno Fagali – How To Choose A Good Lawyer For Your Case

If you desire the best legal representation possible in your case, it is imperative that you contact Bruno Fagali right away. Bruno Fagali has a great reputation in the industry, and numerous clients rave about the top notch representation they have been provided.

It is always advisable to choose a lawyer who has expertise and vast experience in the legal area that you’re having issues with. It is also preferable to find a lawyer who is familiar with the courts in your area. This will enable your lawyer to handle your case effectively. Some examples of legal practice areas include bankruptcy, personal injury, business, administrative and family law.

It is also a good idea to take the time to conduct background check on potential lawyers, and be sure you choose someone that has a great reputation in the legal community. Also costs or legal fees is another consideration when deciding on the best law firm or lawyer for your situation.

Make sure you set up a consultation with your potential lawyer. You’ll want to discuss your case in detail with the lawyer before ultimately deciding to hire him o her. Pay attention to the way the lawyer responds to any question or concern you present.

Bruno Fagali excellent communication and analytical abilities, which enable him to render superior legal representation in every case he handles. Bruno Fagali has great expertise and is well known for providing excellent advice and guidance to clients. His clients come from all walks of life and he works hard to address their issues promptly and appropriately.

Bruno Fagali studied Administrative & Anti-Corruption Law at University of Sao Paulo. He also obtained a Bachelor degree in Law from the Pontifical Catholic University. Also, Bruno Fagali has completed training, short courses and seminars on various legal topics.


Dr. Walden And The Medical Field Brings Innovation

The healthcare and medical industry is a very important industry. For one thing, people often need help when it comes to making sure that their health is in good condition. At the same time, there are other aspects of health that the industry deals with. Among the types of procedures that are accepted in the healthcare industry is the cosmetic procedures. One of the common procedures is cosmetic surgery. This is one of the types of procedures that are gaining popularity because of the advancements being made in the technology as well as the techniques. People are becoming more comfortable with the procedure.


The advancements in technology and the improvements to techniques are being made with the help of people that are very passionate about the procedure. Among the people that are very passionate and effective in the surgical field is Dr. Jennifer Walden. She is someone who has done more than just study the field. She is someone who has taken the time to look at many different methods to bring improvements to the surgical procedures. She has also introduced some new procedures and even reintroduced other procedures in the field. This has gained her a lot of respect in the industry.


Dr. Jennifer Walden has also appeared on shows and has also written parts of the new textbook that people are now studying from. One of the reasons she has been so effective in bringing innovative changes in the surgical industry is that she has been very passionate about helping people feel better. One thing that she wants is for people to be comfortable with the procedure. She also is hoping to make sure that people have a quick recovery time from the procedure so that they will be able to continue on with their lives and enjoy the effects of the new procedure.

Highland Capital Collaborates With The Dallas Foundation To Enhance Their Philanthropic Activities

Jim Dondero, the co-founder of Highland Capital Management, has always been passionate about giving back to the community. Through Highland Capital Management, a Dallas-based investment advisor, Jim takes proactive management approach to philanthropic initiatives. Over the years, he has invested in education, veteran, and healthcare projects in the community of Dallas. With an annual philanthropic budget of $3 million, Jim Dondero searched for a partner to assist in managing the budget. The search landed him at The Dallas Foundation where he reached an agreement with Mary Jalonick, the organization’s president and CEO, who is an expert in philanthropic activities.

Jim said that they settled on The Dallas Foundation due to their social responsibilities. Mary and Jim formulated bold, effective and inspirational strategies for a charitable giving plan. It is from these undertakings that The Highland Dallas Foundation was born. This organization is the philanthropic arm of Highland Capital Management. By collaborating with the Dallas Foundation, Mr. Dondero has been able to expand his philanthropic activities to several institutions, including The Bush Presidential Library, The Dallas Zoo, and The Perot Museum. Recently, Jim appointed the former president and CEO of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation, Linda Owen, to spearhead the process of linking The Highland Dallas Foundation with non-profit partners.

About Highland Capital Management

In 1993, Mark Okada and James Dondero partnered to found Highland Capital Management. Together with its affiliates, the corporation has close to $15.4 billion AUM. It is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Highland has offices in Sao Paulo, New York, Seoul, and Singapore. Highland is reputable for its expertise in global alternative credit management. The SEC-registered company focuses on credit strategies, Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLO) as well as special-situation private equity and alternative investments. Highland provides its services to different corporations, foundations and public pension plans. It also caters to the needs of financial institutions, funds of funds, as well as governments and high net worth individuals. Highland Capital prides themselves in giving back to the community where their employees work and live. In addition, the company strives to bring changes in the society through volunteer works, financial donations and provision of advisory services to both local and international philanthropic organizations. Since 2005, Highland and its partners have committed over $10 million to charity work.


Jason Hope Pens The Benefits That Await People Who Love Internet Of Things

Internet of things is a fast growing area and many people have adopted the technologies that have come with this trend and development. There have been many shifts in technology that have made the life of humans better. One of these shifts is the growth of internet of things, which is promising even bigger benefits in the near future, according to Jason Hope.

As a successful technologist and entrepreneur, Jason Hope has been spending a good part of his time reviewing technological trends and in a recent article, he reviewed internet of things and how its development is likely to advance the way people interact with their gadgets. He believes internet of things will shape the future in a positive manner and define a new era of technology.

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Homes installed with technological features that can be controlled remotely rely on internet of things to function seamlessly. Such technologies could also be used to control the heating and ventilation properties of the home even when homeowners are not in the vicinity of the home. Further development in internet of things will only make life more interesting.

Working to support the needy
The needy in the society are a special group that requires the support
of those with sufficient amenities and financial capability. Jason Hope has for many years been supporting philanthropic programs that are meant to inspire the needy and those who need support to explore their capabilities. He belongs to different philanthropic foundations that work with needy people in the society.

Supporting business development
Many young individuals who have great ideas lack sufficient finances to make reality from their ideas. Some of the barriers they face include lack of finances, something Jason Hope has been offering to those who prove to have good ideas. Through his incubation program, he has helped hundreds to nurture their ideas.

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Marc Sparks: More Business than Usual

Marc Sparks is an entrepreneur, businessman and venture capitalist from America. He dwells in Dallas, Texas and presently he is involved in different companies including Timber Creek Capital where is the head.

Marc has fruitfully owned and operated different kinds of businesses and one of the fields he finds more interest is the telecommunication sector. Before, he also worked with companies such as Blue Jay Wireless, Cardinal Telecom & Splash Media whereby he earned big experience.

On the other hand, Marc actively involves in different philanthropic efforts and a good example is in the Samaritan Inn; a homeless shelter. And for many years he has given back to the community, he found it much rewarding. With the desire to help people, he established homes with Habitat for Humanity and still extends his philanthropic activities to the American Can.

His book “They Can’t Eat You” has proven to many people that everyone can become successful in business. His objective is to motivate different people using his detailed story which began while he was a high school student. He later enrolled to business activities and became a successful entrepreneur.

The successful story of Marc is attributed to his accomplishments, great faith in God and having positive attitude during hard times. Before venturing into business, he had only received a high school diploma from the local institution of Austin in 1975. After high school, he ventured into business whereby he started different startup businesses.

Marc is a self-made man who has gone through successful endeavors in capital investments, real estate and telecommunications despite having gone through business challenges. His book also provides great tips on how to become successful in business and motivates people on the best way to enter into the world business.

Marc boundless energy and relentless enthusiasm helped him earn various awards in business while his philanthropy practices are being recognized within charitable circles.

For many years, he has committed money and time in different organizations such as building the Sparky’s Kids Foundation to help the underprivileged youth.

His mentoring programs to budding entrepreneurs offer valuable tools and skills for success. People can access his book in digital form online or buy them in other key retailers globally.

Marc’s character & working ethic is a role model to people around him since is the kind of person who never gives up with his positive attitude enabling him to succeed in different areas.