Month: January 2017

Thor Halvorssen’s Work On Russian Human Rights Shows His Political Understanding Of The World

As an individual with both graduate and postgraduate degrees in political science it is easy to believe Thor Halvorssen would harbor some political ambitions of his own, but Halvorssen has set out his stall as an individual who only wants to make sure the human rights of people around the world are protected at all times. One area where the political activities of Thor Halvorssen have been easy to spot is in his work in Russia, where he has been active alongside the President of Halvorssen’s Human Rights Foundation, Gary Kasparov.

For many the appointment of Kasparov to the role of Human Rights Foundation President was the latest attempt by the Venezuelan activist and film producer to annoy Russian President Vladimir Putin. Along with the support given to Kasparov by Thor Halvorssen the New York-based activist has also looked to offer his support and expertise as a human rights specialist to the “Pussy Riot” group in their fight to secure basic human rights for all Russian citizens.

The talks, speeches and interviews given by Thor Halvorssen cover many subjects as he has become one of the world’s top speakers on human rights abuses, with many talks focusing on the role Russia plays in the global issue of human rights abuses. Thor uses his political knowledge to identify the areas of life Russia has developed a global influence over, including the philanthropic and security concerns of the world that can be halted or encouraged on the whim of the Russian leader. Members of “Pussy Riot” and Gary Kasparov, who have both been imprisoned under Putin’s leadership, have a role to play in the growth of the Russian civil society movement. The movement is growing in power as a major human rights activist force looking to bring democracy to the citizens of Russia and the world.

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Vijay Eswaran Has Helped Many People, Including Special Needs Children Empower Themselves

Vijay Eswaran made Forbes Asia’s top heroes of philanthropy list in 2011, an accomplishment well-earned thanks to the work he’s done in the business community and in social activism. Eswaran is the CEO of QI Group, including Q-Net and QStride and is a founding member of RHYTHM Foundation. RHYTHM Foundation is a philanthropic organization whose ideals were founded upon the famous Indian leader, Mahatma Ghandi’s principles. Vijay Eswaran has helped RHYTHM Foundation reach out to young children with special needs, and serve impoverished communities across Asia, helping to fund private schools, libraries, food banks and even host holiday events. They also have engaged in cleanup operations and environmental responsibility endeavors.

Vijay Eswaran is the son of one of Malaysia’s former Minister’s of Labor, and as he traveled around the country as a young boy he saw the impoverished communities on and wanted to help them out one day. He would attend the famous London School of Economics at the University of London in the early 1980s, and would work on the side while trying to finish his studies. In between his undergrad and grad school, he worked random jobs from harvesting grapes in France, to driving cabs across Europe. He would eventually finish his MBA at Southern Illinois University and would work with several IT companies.

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Vijay Eswaran started becoming interested in multilevel marketing, a profession he knew didn’t have a guaranteed salary and could be demanding at times, but he wanted to run his own business and give others the chance to do the same. He joined an effort in the Philippines in the early 1990s to found the Cosway Group, and in 1998 he and Joseph Bismarck teamed up to start QI Group on QI Group first started selling various consumer products and allowing customers to resell them, and then started other subsidiaries for business analytics and consulting, real estate investments and other holdings. Eswaran also encourages spirituality and personal well-being, and has written books and given lectures on the subject at various universities. He’s also written about how to develop business leaders, and is the author of a best seller titled In The Sphere Of Silence. See:

The Former Hawks Owners have sued the New Hampshire Insurance Company over Unsettled Claims

The former owners of NBA franchise, Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC has sued New Hampshire Insurance Company for breaching of a contract. According to, the contract involved settling claims made by Danny Ferry the former general manager of the insurance company. Bruce Levenson was the controlling partner of the previous owners of the franchise. The current ownership group of the Hawks is under the control of one of the principal owners, Tony Ressler though not connected to the said lawsuit. See,

Facts about the Law Suit

The case was filed on September 13, 2015, in the Superior Court of Fulton County and labeled as AIG, that is, a civil action against the insurance company. Hawks claimed that the contract was under a policy for coverage of some losses relating to employment practices such as wrongful termination and workplace torts. Some court documents indicated that the Hawks had tabled their notice to AIG on April 2, 2015, saying that the claims have been asserted by Ferry.

The lawsuit says that the AIG has declined to acknowledge the existence of the claim or the activation of the policy despite that confidential limits of the policy’s liability are enough to play the Hawk’s claim. The spokesman of new owners of Hawks says they are aware of the complaint and since the parties involved have no connection to Atlanta Hawks anymore they will not comment on the matter further. The lawsuit was also claiming a 50 percent penalty of the unsettled loss as well as coverage of the attorney fees and costs.

About Bruce Levenson

Levenson is an American Entrepreneur and philanthropist who formerly led a group owning NBA franchise, the Atlanta Hawks LLC where he was a co-owner controlling the Atlanta Hawks basketball team. Bruce is a graduate from a law school at the American University, and while still studying, he started his journalism career at Washington Star. According to Time Magazine, he has founded several business groups and served in several companies as well holding managerial positions.


With Multiple Free Services, Choosing FreedomPop As A Wireless Carrier Is Easy

What makes one FreedomPop review stand out over another? Since a review can be enough to influence the decision of a potential customer, it’s important to know which review is best when an important decision about services needs to be made. Fortunately, there are a lot of different reviews about FreedomPop that are very informative and can help to influence one in their buying decision when they want services from the company. Whether a person is looking for Internet or cell phone services, they’ll be able to find great prices from FreedomPop, even if they choose to get the free services.


FreedomPop is proud to be able to offer free phone and Internet services, and the services go as follows. The free cell phone service doesn’t require any payment on a monthly basis and can be set up by anyone who has an email account, and they can go online to set it up. There are many retailers that can also set up the cell phone service, giving the customer the ability to go into a store to get service as opposed to going online. Once a cell phone is chosen, either from FreedomPop or if they bring in a cell phone, then the service can be chosen.


GSM phones that take a sim card must be unlocked for the FreedomPop network, and FreedomPop sells their sim cards online for the low-cost of $4.99 or even less. Anyone who has a Sprint phone can simply transfer it over to FreedomPop. The free cell phone service will give the user 200 minutes of talk time, unlimited text messages, and 500 MB of data. The other free service is the Internet service that comes on the FreedomPop Hub for the home or on the FreedomPop portable hotspots.


The portable hotspots are only eligible to receive 500 MB of free data monthly, while the FreedomPop Hub can receive at least 1 GB of free data monthly. Although no one is forced to pick a data plan for any of the Internet services, choosing a plan will allow for continuous data once the free data allotment is all gone. Another thing about the FreedomPop Hub is its ability to provide Wi-Fi services with up to eight connections. Both the home service as well as the FreedomPop hotspots can all receive 4G speeds, which gives high-speed Internet to all of its users.



Atlanta Hawks Links Continue For Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson headed the consortium owning the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks for just over a decade before selling the team to a group including basketball fan and technology billionaire Tony Ressler. The $730 million sale of the Hawks was announced in June 2015 just two days after the contract of Hawks General Manager Danny Ferry was mutually terminated amid an insurance claim being made by Levenson’s Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment LLC group relating to workplace practices and the events surrounding Danny Ferry’s actions in the months prior to the sale.

Lawyers for Bruce Levenson have not revealed the financial settlement they are claiming from insurance giant AIG over the unpaid claim made over the termination of the Danny Ferry’s $18 million six year contract signed in 2012; however, attorney’s from the Barnes & Thornburg law form have stated they will test workplace practices and workplace torts aspects of the insurance policy they believe was triggered as early as April 2015. A year after the sale of the Atlanta Hawks by Levenson’s group attorney’s claim AIG have failed to respond to repeated attempts to communicate with the insurance company who initially agreed the policy was triggered prior to Ferry’s contract being terminated.

Bruce Levenson has been a popular figure across the U.S. for more than a decade as part of the NBA and as a successful business leader in his home state of Maryland. As part of the ownership of the Hawks Levenson was always concerned with forging new community links between the NBA and local people, including his own commitment to the Hoop Dreams and Make A Wish foundations, Working alongside his wife, Karen, Bruce Levenson has worked hard to make sure the people of Washington D.C. and Maryland are cared for with a focus on education for philanthropists and not for profit leaders educated at The University of Maryland.

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