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How Does Thor Halvorssen Manage the Human Rights Foundation

Thor Halvorssen manages the Human Rights Foundation out of New York as a powerful charity that will bring to its coffers enough money to change the world. Thor has quite a history that stretches back to his time working in the Venezuelan government, and this article will show how his experience changed his world. Human rights are basics for everyone, and Thor believes he may secure rights for those who are lacking.

#1: What Is The Human Rights Foundation?

The Human Rights Foundation is a nonprofit created by Thor on his move to New York City. He wished to build a charity that would fight for rights around the world, and he wanted to be in the biggest city with the most donors. He has found what is required to run a large charity, and he believes his mission will improve with every year he stays in the city.

#2: What Is Thor’s Background?

Thor worked in the Venezuelan government long ago, and his work took him to a place that saw him becoming more and more involved in what looked like corruption. He uncovered all the wrongdoing of everyone around him, and he chose to leave the government as he felt disillusioned with what he could do at such a limited post. He changed his life by coming to America, and he is now a media darling.

#3: Why Does The Media Love Thor?

Thor is willing to speak to the media often about any topic. He has addressed the candidacy of Bernie Sanders, human rights violations around the world and a number of other issues that are sensitive. He is quite close to the UN given his office is in New York, and he travels the world to meet leaders who need his input. He speaks to the media in their countries to ensure the message does not die.

Thor Halvorssen has taken his career from small government post to the world stage. He feels badly for those who are not given basic human rights, and he wishes to bring about a change that will make the world a safer place to be.

Entrepreneur Billy McFarland, of Magnises

Although he is still in his twenties, Billy McFarland has been an entrepreneur for over a decade. He started his first business at the age of 12. Since then, McFarland has cleared his own unique path to success.

McFarland dropped out of college in order to found Spling, a tech company that counts Discovery and Universal among its clients. Spling transforms URLs from text links to images. This allows something more inviting to be posted on social media. McFarland continues to serve as CEO of Spling.

In 2013 Billy McFarland started perhaps his most ambitious project yet. Magnises is a black card aimed at millenials. As a successful businessman, McFarland moved in a world where black cards were common. He noticed, however, that the perks associated with these cards were geared more towards middle-aged people.

According to Crunchbase, Billy McFarland understood that young people wanted social perks more than they wanted air miles or hotel discounts. Benefits linked to the card include things like personal trainers, and membership at a club. Magnises has over 50 partnerships with companies that help it provide perks to users.

Magnises, however, is not a credit card. Rather, it takes data from a credit card the user already has. It transfers the data to the Magnises card. The original, actual credit card continues to work, too.

Currently, Magnises requires a $250 annual fee, and over 10,000 members. Magnises launched in New York, and has since expanded to Washington, DC. There are plans to launch the card in Los Angeles, Atlanta, London, Chicago, and other cities.

With such a track record of success at such a young age, it will be interesting to see what McFarland turns his attention to next. So far, he has been a fountain of great and highly marketable ideas.

Brian Bonar; An Outstanding Investor And Financial Expert

When it comes to executive financing, Brian Bonar is one of the persons with a remarkably stellar track record. Bonar has displayed utter excellence in the astonishing success in his career over the years. He has garnered exemplary experience in the field of entrepreneurial innovation. Among that the factors that have contributed to his wealth of experience is his several leadership roles that he has taken in various organizations across the nation.

Bonar is a person who is committed to providing top-notch services; a characteristic that has seen him provide exceptional leadership to companies such as the Dalrada Financial Corporation. His incredible background in a wide range of sectors has significantly complimented his competency as a leader.

Brian Bonar is currently serving Trucept as the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman. Truecept is a firm that was previously known as Smart-Tek Solutions Inc. Brian Bonar also still serves Dalrada Financial Corporation as a member of the executive leadership team.

He has an unparalleled love for the design process that is complimented by his unmatched attention in the execution of details; making his services incredibly competent. Brian Bonar also has a rich background as far as his education goes. He attained a Master’s degree from the Stafford University and another Bachelor’s Degree from James Watt Technical College in Technical Engineering.

Before his role as the Director of Engineering at QMS, Brian Bonar had served IBM as a procurement manager. He has also served Adaptec as the sales manager, a role which gave him the substantial knowledge to assist him to found his company under the name Bezier Systems.

His wealth of experience is also inclusive of his role as the president of Tradeshow Products from 2008. Among his other substantial roles in his career, Bonar has served as the Chairman and Secretary of Warning Management Services Inc. He has also served Warning Management Services as the Chief Executive Officer.

Brian has improved his career notably over the many years he has spent in service. He has developed to become one of the most reliable persons in his career. Bonar has created a fantastic reputation for himself as a credible leader who has an unparalleled commitment to ensuring that his clients get world-class services. He is reputed to have helped many clients actualize their goals.

Brian Bonar has created a name for himself by giving his team members as well as the extended project managers the needed support so as to enhance their service provision. Brian has a portfolio which is well decorated with notable achievements in fields such as K-12 Education Projects, Commercial, Multi-Family, and retail and aviation.

Brian has garnered a vast experience due to his service in various firms. His prevalent and well-polished skill has enabled him to come up with outstanding projects that are above satisfactory.

Capitol Anesthesiology Expertise Provides Unequaled Child Surgical Care

Capitol Anesthesiology is a collection of some of the most highly-certified physicians in the world. This group not only oversees procedures for adult patients, but children as well. The physicians and surgical specialists in this group are active in the United States and charitable organizations throughout the world.

Designing anesthesiological procedures for children is an incredibly delicate task. The stress and worry of surgery is shared by both child patients and their parents. The member physicians and specialists of CAA work tirelessly to design and implement anesthesiology protocols that aid surgeons engaged in operations for children, and help to minimize risks.

CAA is constantly evaluating child surgery anesthesiological techniques in order to tailor procedures to the individual patient. This concerted effort is what makes this organization unique in the world of pediatrics and child medicine. It is a characteristic that makes Capitol Anesthesiology one of the premier destinations for families seeking the best care for children in need of live-saving surgeries and post-surgical therapy.

Merry Christmas with Securus

Holiday season can be very bright and merry for you and your loved ones when making use of a system known as Securus. Securus has been around for a while now and is one of the best prison communication systems on the market. You will be amazed at what this particular system can do for you and the fact that it is also going to be beneficial for you to utilize during the holiday season. Many people use to cure a sore throat the year, but it is especially beneficial for individuals who want to have better communication during the Christmas season.


The Christmas season can be difficult to deal with when you have a loved one in prison as I have found out myself. One of my good relatives and close friends was put into prison for a very minor offense but they were there during the entire holiday season which made it incredibly difficult for us to keep in contact with each other like we would normally do. This is why we both began to discover secured it for their own benefit and decided that it was going to be more than just beneficial in our own lives.


It was something that allowed us both to have better communication with each other and truly expanded the way that we communicated despite the fact they were behind bars. I also feel that it is a system that can work well for you and provide you with exactly what you need when it comes to getting the most from this option. It also saves a lot of prison families money because of the fact that it allows you to feel confident in knowing that you are doing something beneficial that is going to be great for your own personal life.


It is also very easy for you to begin using Securus no matter when it is most convenient for you and this is something that has benefited so many individuals in the past because it finally gives them the chance to communicate with their loved ones in a more responsible manner without always having to worry that they are doing something that is going to cost them an arm and a leg or cause them to have to make constant trips to the local prison just to be able to see their friends and relatives each day.


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An In-Depth Review Of Don Ressler And His Achievements In Entrepreneurship

Venturing into entrepreneurship is not an easy process that can be accomplished within few days. It takes many days and months of planning and execution for one to achieve the desired results. Those who put emphasis on building a strong system are the ones who endure the challenges that come along the way because business is a complex field that few understand. Don Ressler has been working with professionals from different areas to help them build their businesses with the knowledge he has gained over the years.

Don Ressler started off by building and the company specialized in offering the sale of fitness equipment. He managed the company for few years and in that period he was able to learn many things concerning running and managing a business. His failures and attempts that did not actualize taught him the qualities he should uphold as an entrepreneur.

When Don Ressler gained sufficient experience to stand on his own, he planned on how to come up with a new company, something that motivated him to sell in 2001. The company was bought by Intermix Media and during the deal, he interacted with Adam Goldenberg, who proved to have the qualities of a business partner he was looking for.

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Alena Media
Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg arrived at a consensus that allowed them to partner in their business plans that would follow. They founded Alena Media, which is a company that worked to help businesses to manage their marketing needs. Alena Media is one of the best ideas they came up with because it earned them great revenues and in the first three years, they were able to learn many things that helped them in their plans later.

The duo sold Alena Media in 2001 in a transaction that was aimed at raising capital for a bigger and better idea. With great experience and capital at their disposal, they founded Intelligent Beauty in 2008, a company that offers great deals in beauty products.

Another milestone that Don Ressler celebrates is successfully establishing JustFab, which deals with fashion products. Members are allowed to enjoy the benefits of the subscription system that makes it possible for one to access great and new deals based on their preferences. To grow to offer services across Europe, JustFab sought for funding, with the first round raising $33 million in 2011 while the year that followed the company received $76 issued by several institutions.

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New Start for Assisted Living Community

A change of leadership is always a certainty for many, if not all businesses and companies. This case is also true of assisted living communities, as a recent news breakthrough would show.

The Manse on Marsh assisted living community has recently appointed Farron Bernhardt as the new CEO of the senior living community. Bernhardt has previously spent more than three decades working in various senior housing leadership positions prior to his appointment to the Manse. Right before this, he was serving as the Vice President of Assisted Living for the Nevada Housing and Neighborhood Development (HAND). His ability to work with any kind of management and develop very collaborative approaches to things has earned him high scores in the industry as well. When asked, Bernhardt said that he was excited and looking forward to joining the team and hoping to continue with setting the standard for excellence in senior care.

As a senior health community, The Manse on Marsh is located in downtown San Luis Obispo and serves those in other neighboring communities such as Arroyo Grande and Paso Robles. The community has been the recipient of the Caring Star Award in consecutive years, an award requiring that five-star reviews over the course of one standard year and no unresolved negative reviews of the community. The Manse, naturally, not only met these goals but exceeded them. The Manse also received a “Best of 2016” designation by, placing them as one of the top communities in the whole nation.

The Manse on Marsh, like many other communities, comes with several key features and amenities that perfectly accommodate both guest and residents. Some of these amenities include the addition of very spacious flats and private homes, restaurant-quality dining facilities, easy and convenient transportation to and around the area, social activities, laundry services and nurses on staff. In addition to all of this, the community devises a proper resident plan to make sure that residents only get the services that they specifically pay for.

Evolution of Smooth: How One Brand Rose to the Top of Their Industry in Just Seven Years

Evolution of Smooth, or EOS lip balm as is perhaps the more familiar name, shook up the lip balm industry just seven years ago when they burst onto the scene with their now-iconic pastel orbs of lip balm.

The industry is over a 100 years old, and almost nothing in it has changed. The common little tubes that most lip balm comes in (think brands like Chapstick) are much the same as they always have been as is the fairly unisex way those brands markets their products.

EOS knew that the industry was due for a shakeup, a driving force in their ideas and decisions before launching their product line, which is now second in sales only to Burt’s Bees. But how exactly did EOS manage to rise to the top so quickly?

A large part of their strategy revolved around designing an innovative product unlike anything else available on the market, which led to the creation of the little egg-shaped containers. Designed to stimulate all five senses, the containers come in a variety of appealing colors as well as unique flavors and scents.

Another key piece of their strategy was determining a demographic. Unlike other lip balm brands, finding a demo to target has been instrumental in their success. Women are the primary purchasers of lip balm and yet, most companies choose a unisex approach. This left a wide-open door for EOS lip balm when they chose to connect with millennial women in order to sell their product.

Getting into Lucky Vitamin stores proved a slight roadblock, however; initially, no companies wanted to carry the products, but eventually EOS found a buyer – and found their way into celebrities’ handbags, beauty magazines, and girls’ bags everywhere.

Read more about Evolution of Smooth and their success story in their exclusive interview with Fast Company here.

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