Jeff Yastine Encourages Startup Companies to Implement Regtech Technology

     When a company starts growing, it starts introducing structures such as hiring more personnel. Establishing these boundaries means that the organization cost of conducting business increases. As a result of the increased cost, the share price of the company at the stock market falls. However, there has been an introduction of a new technology called Regtech that helps handle a company’s business. Regtech is software, which is more advanced to the level of artificial technology that allows a company reduces its cost of operation. Brai & Co has identified various organizations that could benefit from the use of the technology. The businesses identified are failing regarding compliance with insurance and banking, and Regtech could boost the company’s profits. Jeff Yastine gives his thoughts about the need for startup companies to implement the software.

The companies chosen to use the technology are new and will benefit significantly in future from the software. A recent article by the Lets Talk Payments, by a website that handles financial matters, indicates that the cost of compliance is already high and will continue to increase with the incoming years. It would be best to start using Regtech to minimize these costs. The bank noticed that most of the paper works if not reviewed carefully, leads to the creation of accounts for money laundering. It’s against the banking regulations to allow any form of laundering .following through the rules by computing all the information in a bank would take more than two years and a significant cost. However, Regtech takes online three months with only 1/10 of the initial expenses when applied for such duties.

The costs of implementing the banking Plethora regulations are estimated to affect the HSBC and Deutsche Bank. Regtech offers the right solution regarding cutting these costs. With the compliance required in the banking world, most of the companies will run towards implementing the technology. The demand for the Regtech makes it a suitable investment opportunity.

Jeff Yastine works for Banyan Hill publishing in the editorial department. Jeff writes weekly columns in which he helps his readers to identify business opportunities and capitalize on them. His sovereign investor column enables the investors to comprehend the business, economic and monetary trends. He has extensive experience in the stock market and financial journalism. Jeff is famous for his prediction on the fall of the industry and the real estate in the early 2000s. He has received nominations for the Emmy awards due to the investigative journalism of America’s infrastructure.

Paul Mampilly- Prominent investor in the U.S

Investment is something that many of us are interested in. People have been taking investments to another level through various means. There are many ways through which one could make an investment. However, for our cases, we are interested in investments in the stock markets. These are investments that take place through one buying shares in a company expecting that this particular company will record significant growth that will see the company become big. Investment decisions are not so easy. Many are times when you will find people struggling with their investment. There has been a concern about the probability of beginners in the industry making a good investment decision.

Many beginners will struggle to analyze stock which is likely to gain over time. This mainly leads to frustrations and some of them lose hope and quit. In the current age, however, there is more hope for beginners. There is a higher probability that one will get helpful information and make a good investment decision. In the industry now, there are mentors in the industry who have accomplished success are now able to invest in stocks that only make profits. Paul Mampilly is one such investor. He has been very helpful to may beginners who are looking to make their first investments.

Investment in stock markets will require one to scrutinize which sectors of the economy are most likely to reward handsomely. A sector that will reward handsomely will have a higher growth than others. When looking to make an investment in the stock markets, this should be the first consideration. What is the probability that a firm will grow? Note that failure of a company to grow may lead to losses. investment should be taken seriously and should be a concern for all to make the right decision. A right decision we see one proud of the investment choice that they make. People who invest a good amount are likely to make huge profits that will also see the company also go very fast.

About Paul Mampilly.

Paul Mampilly is an American investor who has been in stock investment markets for a long time. He has been a hedge fund manager of one of the big hedge funds in Wall Street. He is currently a private trader and owner of two trading platforms. He is also a senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. His role is to have the company generate information material about investments in the stock markets. He is the author of a newsletter known as Profits Unlimited.

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James Larkin Life Recap Bio

He was born on 21st January 1876 in Liverpool. He was brought up in the slums of Liverpool and while still young, he worked on various jobs to attain extra income. The Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union was established by Jim Larkin although it fell apart right after the Dublin lockout. His belief that workers were unfairly treated led him to join a workers union that fought for the rights of workers.

Mr. Larkin’s aim was for all the Irish industrial laborers either skilled or unskilled to come together with one union that could work to promote their welfare. He used militant strike methods to fight for workers rights although they alarmed the NUDL. The primary aim of the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union that was formed by Larkin while in Dublin was to bring all workers together so they could fight for their rights.

In 1913, there was a large strike that lasted for more than 8 months and it eventually bore fruits as its efforts were not futile in the agitation for fair employment and the protection of rights of workers.

Jim Larkin also led anti-war demonstrations that were aimed at prevention of the First World War he was however charged with criminal anarchy and deported later back to Ireland. In Ireland, he formed a workers’ union of Ireland and obtained recognition from the communist international. His efforts were now largely recognised and accepted by many.

Although the duties of his Union did not fully achieve its objectives in promoting for respect of workers’ rights as well as better pay, he did leave a great mark in the history of Ireland workers and this inspired many other workers to stand and fight for their rights. The power of workers who had come up together was firmly established and afterwards, several other unions came up to advocate for what is rightfully theirs.

His work mainly created a long lasting impression to many and many poems, songs as well as a monument were developed to mark his strong efforts. He is celebrated up to date for his heroic actions and up to date, looked up to by majority for his bravery.

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Sahm Adrangi: A Main Masters in Hedge Fund/Analyst Role

It was reported earlier this year about a conversation held with the GNC’s former hedge fund analyst. This person is 35 years old and now a credit analyst/PM. They discussed the time he was on Wall Street for 12 years. Also, he enjoys reading, and he reached out to the’s writer after reading the writer’s “An Ode To Those Who Wander Piece”. The credit analyst turned to him to discuss GNC Holdings. The credit analyst has been following the writer’s work closely concerning GNC, and as a result, he has built a large position in the equity, and his info will be shared briefly concerning his 12-year run on Wall Street with the writer’s piece.

Throughout the credit analyst’s journey, he graduated from Penn State and then earned a scholarship at Merrill Lynch’s credit desk. He remained at this company for another three years, and then he earned a credit trading position with Longacre where his time overlapped with Sahm Adrangi, the current hedge fund founder of Kerrisdale Capital. Adrangi published an aggressive short writing recently called Northern Dynasty. And as a result, was able to buy back their position. After Longacre, the credit analyst worked at Paulson & Co’s credit team, he was then Bowery Investment Management’s credit PM. He left Wall Street in June 2015. He loves investing, and he was tremendously a great asset for these companies he worked for.

About Sahm Adrangi

Sahm Adrangi is the Chief Investment Officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC. that is located in the Greater New York City area. He has been in this position since April 2009.

His previous experiences include the following: He was the founder and Chief Investment Officer of Longacre Fund Management LLC. He has been in this position from April 2007n to February 2009. He was an analyst for Chanin Capital Partners from December 2005 to Marcy 2007. He also was an analyst for the Deutsche Bank from April 2004 to October 2005. He earned his bachelors degree in economics from Yale University in 2003.

What It Entails To Prepare For Life Line Screening Procedures

Life Line Screening is a health screening company that is committed to offering patients comprehensive medical care. The company continues to invent and reinvent in pursuit of excellence, particularly in getting non-invasive, painless, and adequate screening procedures. According to the company’s CMO, Dr. Andy Manganaro, the primary focus of professionals working under him is to come up with ways of encouraging healthier living. In order to access services at Life Line Screening, a patient is required to book an appointment through the company’s website by just entering his or her pin code and filling a few subsequent sections online.

When preparing for Life Line Screening procedures, there are a few things that one is expected to observe. First, there are screening procedures that require one first to undergo a fasting session. During this time, a patient survives on water only and in some rare special cases, a patient is allowed to follow a specified meal plan. Such exceptional cases include people living with diabetes. The bottom line here is that Life Line Screening tries to make health screening as comfortable and less straining as possible. The screening results are analyzed by the physician to ensure that if there are any signs of a potential health issue, it is solved before it gets out of hand.

Preparations and What to Wear

Preparations are not limited to eating and diet alone- some screening will require a specified code of dressing. Clients who go for stroke screening- either Carotid artery disease or Atrial Fibrillation- are advised to wear loose clothing. Shirts are specified as short sleeved, and that has an open collar. For Atrial Fibrillation, in particular, some things such as watches, pantyhose, oil, and lotion are prohibited. Phones are also not allowed during the time of screening. The peripheral arterial disease also has requirements close to these. There are many reasons why short-sleeved shirts are preferred over long sleeves, the main reason being to have blood pressure cuffs easily put.

As for the screening that requires one to fast, the fasting duration vary from one condition to the other. Abdominal Aortic aneurysm, for example, requires a patient to fast for at least four hours before screening is done. Before the commencement of fasting, one is advised to stay away from gassy foods and to eat half as much food as he eats on a normal day. Patients screening for type two diabetes and complete lipid panel are required to fast for at least 12 hours prior

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Dr. Mark McKenna’s Investment Ventures

Dr. Mark McKenna is a medical doctor. He is licensed in Surgery and Medicine by both the Florida and Georgia State Board of Medical Examiners. He founded OVME in 2017 and also acts as its Chief Executive Officer and President. He owns a portfolio of companies.

The idea of founding OVME came from Dr. Mark McKenna medical practice in the aesthetics industry for over a decade. He always wanted to grow his practice and sell it to a publicly traded company. In the process, he identified numerous investment opportunities that needed exploitation and therefore founded OVME. Dr. Mark McKenna sets his goals on a regular basis and brings them to life through visualization. He also meditates daily when alone in a quiet place. For him, meditation coupled with constant goal setting is key to success. His habit of voraciously reading has made him more productive as an entrepreneur. Mr. McKenna named “Think and grow rich” as one of his best books and recommends it to entrepreneurs and people in the community as well.

Many strategies have helped Mark in growing his business ventures. However, surrounding himself with smart people has enabled him to accomplish a lot in his businesses. He has never been employed ever since he graduated from the university. Mark has been self-employed his whole life. Mark is a family man. On a typical day he wakes up at 6:30 am and makes breakfast with her daughter. He works in the office from 8 am to 6 in the evening. He also trains after dinner up to 9 pm.

The licensed medical doctor also advocates for patients. Dr. Mark McKenna plays active roles in his community. He was born and raised in New Orleans, Los Angeles. Mark holds a medical degree from the Tulane University School of Medicine. He started working alongside his father after graduating from the medical school.

He founded McKenna Venture Investments, a real estate firm while working with his dad. He, later on, acquired the Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title Incorporation. He moved to Atlanta in 2007 and founded ShapeMed, a medical practice that provided aesthetic services. He then gave it to Life Time Fitness Incorporation at a price.

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Netpicks: Forex Strategies for Traders and Speculative Investors

Investors know or have heard about forex, which is the foreign exchange market. This is a type of market that allows investors to change one form of cash for another. Since it is used by investors to trade government issued currency it has opportunities for speculators. Because they can purchase money and resell as the currency’s value rises.

The way the forex market generally works is for the investor to pair two currencies prior to the beginning of trading. Then the value of the currencies changes as traders buys and sells with the speculative seller believing the forex pairs cost exceeds the actual worth. But yet the speculative buyer believes the opposite. The traders that are non-speculative make trades to exchange currencies for reasons besides the markets like paying overseas employees or workers.

Forex is a market that has advantages for investors and traders that include small deposits, trading in different currencies and trading at any hour of the day or night. Another reason people like to trade in the foreign markets is quick profits since this market can see surges and then the market can go down during the week. These swings that can happen suddenly are common in any stock market due to reports and announcements. The most popular currencies used in this market include the U.S. dollar, the EUR, GBP, the Swiss franc and JPY combined in pairs. The one thing that is the same in all markets is an element of risk for the trader’s investment.

Netpicks Trading Strategies was founded in1996 and is the most effective training education for investors for forex, futures, and stocks. This includes options and ETFs for both day trading and swing trading. They offer tips, tricks and published articles to help educate traders by keeping up with the trading news and strategies. Learn more from their trading news, click this useful link.

Add more trading knowledge, check this.

The Netpicks Trading includes a trading system for the investor who is full-time, part-time with ease for the trader since the transactions can be done in minutes. The NetPicks team provides one-on-one trading education and personal technical support. For more trading tips, hop over to

The website is filled with information for traders and investors to help determine the type of training the trader requires to be successful and a webinar that explains the benefits of being a NetPicks client.  For an overview of their new and recent activities, hit on

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Agora Financial , A Great Company

Agora Financial is a private publishing company. Agora gives finical advice through books, emails, and other forms of text. The goal for Agora is to give their subscribers finical freedom. As a subscriber to Agora, readers will be able to find new ways to protect and grow their wealth abundantly.

Agora is an awesome company because they give their readers raw information. The company is not sponsored by anyone. They are ran independently, all of their information and unbiased and helpful. Agora is different from other companies because they are very hands on. Instead of sitting in an office throughout the day, their staff is always out in the field, traveling the world to gather unique information for readers. Researchers for Agora travel throughout the United States and throughout other countries in the world as well.

Agora takes pride in being a low profile company. Typically companies that are well known have tons of members and most of the investments have already been bought out. But Agora is a low profile company that keeps all of their ideas fresh and new for their members. Members of Agora will always have access to new fresh ideas to ensure weight is constantly growing and being protected. Since they do have agents in the field constantly, Agora is usually the first company to find out about new investments. Click here to know more about Agora.

Agora also has great staff on their team. The foundation of Agora was built on a self made billionaire, a geologist who was trained at Harvard, a bond expert, a former banker to presidents, a former hedge fund manager, a three time New York Times Best Selling Arthur, and a Pulitzer Prize nominated journalist. With the help from these experts, Agora has predicted many finical crises that have happened in the past which protected their readers from finical troubles. Agora is a great company!

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American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the need for Diversity

     The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is a professional governing body for Architects in the United States. It has its headquarters in Washington DC. The institution was founded in 1857 by a group of 13 architects and is responsible for providing education, government advocacy, redeveloping the community as well as promoting awareness to the public on the objectives of AIA. The professional body also works hand in hand with design and construction companies in order to coordinate and facilitate the building industry.

AIA Membership

AIA has a membership of over 90,000 architects as well as associate members. All registered members are expected to adhere to the institution’s code of ethics and to uphold professionalism which is intended to assure quality and integrity service both to clients and the general public. There are generally five levels of membership at AIA.

The first group is that of architect members. These are individuals licensed by the authority to practice architecture. Secondly, we have the associate members. This group of individuals is not licensed to practice architecture rather they work under the supervision of AIA licensed members in a technical or professional capacity or have a degree in architecture. Thirdly we have international associate members who hold a license from AIA but live outside the United States. We also have Emeritus members who have been members for 15 years and are of 65 years and above. Finally, we have Allied members whose professions are closely related to architecture.


Robert Ivy Speaks on the need of Architects to Diversify

The CEO of American Institute for Architects, Robert Ivy has encouraged architects to think beyond the building industry. Speaking on an interview in one of the local TV channels, Mr. Ivy said that architects have the ability to prosper in other areas such as offering disaster relief solutions in order to improve health. In the recent months, AIA has caught public attention outside the building and design arena. This is viewed as a way of trying to diversify the operations and activities of the institution from just focusing on architecture to other areas of public interest.

The soft-spoken CEO urges all architects and members of AIA to embrace diversity and stop focusing solely on architecture. In the past years architectures have concentrated on design and construction something which has probably informed the CEO’s decision to challenge that trend. Most AIA members agree with the views of Robert Ivy pointing out that it is time for architectures across the country to think diversity.

Who is Jeff Yastine?

     If you are not a regular reader of Total Wealth Insider, you may not be familiar with Jeff Yastine. For the past two decades, he has been a financial journalist as well as a stock market investor. With over 20 years of his experience, Mr. Yastine brings a very valuable and unique perspective to Banyan Hill Publishing; a company that Yastine joined in as an editorial director back in 2015.

Not only does he share his knowledge as an editor, but on social media as well. Yastine has very active with his Facebook and Twitter accounts. Posting a wide range of topics from information on rising debt in specific markets, to sharing links on how banks are fighting hackers online. Yastine also shares some of her own tips on Wall Street and what companies investors should potentially keep an eye on.

Yastine also shares insight on monetary and economic trends, as well as helping readers understand the business of investing in Winning Investor Daily and Sovereign Investor Daily as a weekly contributor. Both publications are under the Banyan Hill umbrella.

The wealth of knowledge that Jeff Yastine brings to the table has won him many awards, earning him praise from his peers. He was nominated for an Emmy Award for his work on PSB Nightly Business Report as an anchor and correspondent from 1994 to 2010. During that period of time, Yastine has interviewed big names in the world of finances and entrepreneurship, such as Michael Dell, Sir Richard Branson, and Warren Buffett to name a few. Yastine’s time interviewing some of them helped him investing secrets that he has utilized in his work even to this day.

Another big achievement for Jeff Yastine came back in 2007 when he was nominated for the Business Emmy Award for reporting on America’s underfunding system of the public infrastructure. In 2002, he was part of the team of NBR journalists who made a special report on the nation’s bond market that spanned a half-hour timeframe that won them a Financial Journalism Award for New York State Society of Certified Public Accountant’s Excellence.