Women in the Business World

Women have recently risen to the challenge and they are currently venturing in areas though to be men’s only activities. This has been fueled by the rising demand that equal opportunities be granted to all regardless of their gender. As a result, women have taken the challenge and they have become more aggressive especially in the business arena. Susan McGalla is one of the greatest business executives in the world. Being a woman, she has made great progress in advancing the thought of women getting into business. Through her, many women and young girls have been inspired to chase their dreams.

Susan P. McGalla based in the US, Susan P. McGalla has been in the business scene on bizjournals.com  for years now and she has made tremendous progress. She has risen in the business world through her various positions in various organizations. She has worked in many business organizations throughout her career and this has helped her to develop great experience. However, she attributes her success to her first job at Joseph Horne Company. She worked here for years and over this period, she moved from one position to another gaining experience on different levels of leadership in the corporate world.

At Joseph Horne Company, she worked for almost a decade before she went to work for American Eagle Outfitters. In her new company, she joined from the very least position being a product merchandiser. She was very keen to study the market and understand the timings and the trends in product demand. She chose to merchandise women clothes and in this she worked very hard and made a name for herself. It was not long before her efforts won her a better position in the company’s leadership. She was so brilliant in her work that she became the president of the same company.

Susan P. McGalla is a very resilient woman who stays focused on the task she has put her mind on and she is never distracted. Her resilience helped her scale high in her profession to become the top leader in a company where she started out in a very humble position. Today she has not only become a great leader but also a source of inspiration to many people around the globe. After accumulating great experience over the years, she reached a point where she felt she needed to move on to a more rewarding venture where she would have more control.

This is when the idea of starting her own business was born. She had worked in the industry for years therefore she understood the environment very well. It was therefore not very difficult for her to decide on the line she wanted to follow. She decided she was going to move on and start her own business and that when she founded the P3 Executive Consulting Company. Mount Union College graduate of marketing was determined to make an impact in the business world. She was well connected therefore it was not very hard for her to venture in the business world having been in the industry for years.

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