Who Really is the Quicker Picker-Upper?


In my experience I have tried many brands of paper towels such as Marcal, Brawny, Bounty, Scott and Viva. In my opinion Kirkland Signature Paper Towel brands outperforms all the competition. You can purchase 12 rolls for $23.99. With Kirkland you definitely get more bang for your buck with the quantity and the quality. Kirkland provides more plentiful and thick 2 ply sheets in their 160 sheet rolls.

The quality of Kirkland paper towels is more absorbent meaning you can use fewer sheets to clean up your messes. The Kirkland towels definitely come in handy when I am cleaning up spills from my delicious Tropicana orange juice brands. Tropicana offers the option to taste their delicious orange juice without pulp for those who want a smooth drink. There is no better way to enjoy breakfast than with a full glass of Tropicana Orange Juice. The taste is so delicious that you can tell they use only the freshest of oranges.

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