Trabuco Bradesco The Business Leader Of Brazil

     Trabuco Bradesco is a businessman and a famous entrepreneur of Brazil. He is also known by the name of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. Trabuco Began at a very early age as a teenager and since then he has worked hard and grown to be a prosperous entrepreneur. For 8 consecutive years Bradesco handled the responsibilities of the marketing department in Banco Bradesco and after been observed for a long time the board finally elected him as the CEO of the Bradesco Vida a private which is a company that focuses on providing private pensions. He had initially started of his career by working as a clerk of Banco Bradesco. By struggling for 15 long years he finally became the marketing director or Banco Bradesco which was one of the biggest milestones of this life.

In his life as a businessman and entrepreneur, he has earned several awards and was presented with many more honors. Trabuco Bradesco had a strong educational background and had completed his graduation and also post-graduation. In 2009 he listed among Brazils’ 100 top influential and was presented with the award of the best CEO. He is the former Chairman of the Board of Directors on Banco Bradesco. He was also awarded to be the leader of the business sector. In year 1998, Trabuco was nominated to be the Managing Director of Banco Bradesco and he won the post.

He handled the post of M.D for about a year when he was promoted to be the Executive Vice President of the company. Currently there are 8 chains of companies in Brazil. Trabuco Bradesco also released the shares of the company in the Stock Exchange market and benefited hugely. Trabuco Bradesco had immensely developed the company’s market status. He instigated the purchase of HSBC in Brazil which was never brought here before he had taken the step. He was also listed on top of the list of entrepreneurs and was noted as Entrepreneur of the Year in the Isto Magazine. Trabuco was the fourth one to hold the bank’s presidency since the first founder had died.

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