Todd Lubar’s Magical Real Estate Innovation

Smart Home Technologies is one of the biggest real estate inventions that is taking the world by storm. The technology system allows one to access their own home from anywhere by the use of any mobile device. Todd Lubar, a real estate agent and the President to TDL Global Venture believes that this is just the beginning of such great technology. Change is inevitable, and the world is evolving to improved and simplified methods of doing things.

The technologies are widening the field of real estate thus creating a bigger market. It is predicted that smart homes are going to get in demand soon approximately in the next decade. With internet functions like Siri and Alexa, smart homes will be in high demand, and their prices will escalate and shoot up. In the long run, technology will help people evade certain disasters. Forgetting to turn off the stove, for instance, could be done by the click of a button. Smart toilets are modeled in such a way that they will be an investment to one’s health. Check out Patreon to know more.

It has come in handy for people with disabilities especially quadriplegic patients. Older adults can now live comfortably in their own homes without depending on anyone for assistance. No doubt these smart homes will save people a great deal not to mention life is simplified. The smart homes, however, come with security challenges when one’s home system has been hacked, and privacy invaded. Programs like Siri sometimes don’t recognize certain accents or different languages. But these technical issues are assured to be only temporarily and solutions for these and other problems are yet to be invented.  For more details visit Crunchbase.

A Profile on Todd Lobar

He attended the Syracuse University and graduated in 1995 when he went right into his career at Crestor Mortgage Corporation. He worked his way up to higher positions till he founded the TDL Ventures in New Jersey. Todd Lubar took advantage of recycling processes, demolition, and real estate development.

Todd has principles he follows during work and believes being entitled as a leader one needs to be disciplined. There are always obstacles that would pull him back during work, but he did not despair, and so, today, he is where he hoped to be!

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