Thor Halvorssen’s Work On Russian Human Rights Shows His Political Understanding Of The World

As an individual with both graduate and postgraduate degrees in political science it is easy to believe Thor Halvorssen would harbor some political ambitions of his own, but Halvorssen has set out his stall as an individual who only wants to make sure the human rights of people around the world are protected at all times. One area where the political activities of Thor Halvorssen have been easy to spot is in his work in Russia, where he has been active alongside the President of Halvorssen’s Human Rights Foundation, Gary Kasparov.

For many the appointment of Kasparov to the role of Human Rights Foundation President was the latest attempt by the Venezuelan activist and film producer to annoy Russian President Vladimir Putin. Along with the support given to Kasparov by Thor Halvorssen the New York-based activist has also looked to offer his support and expertise as a human rights specialist to the “Pussy Riot” group in their fight to secure basic human rights for all Russian citizens.

The talks, speeches and interviews given by Thor Halvorssen cover many subjects as he has become one of the world’s top speakers on human rights abuses, with many talks focusing on the role Russia plays in the global issue of human rights abuses. Thor uses his political knowledge to identify the areas of life Russia has developed a global influence over, including the philanthropic and security concerns of the world that can be halted or encouraged on the whim of the Russian leader. Members of “Pussy Riot” and Gary Kasparov, who have both been imprisoned under Putin’s leadership, have a role to play in the growth of the Russian civil society movement. The movement is growing in power as a major human rights activist force looking to bring democracy to the citizens of Russia and the world.

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