The important role of Desire Perez in the Roc Nation

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The music industry is getting shaped by the current development of events. Several challenges have been presented with the present changes in the industry, and the leaders are trying to handle them as they come. With the increasing technology, the music industry is facing a lot of problems especially when it comes to sales. The fact that an option exists on stream when watching songs has reduced the overall sales that the industries would make. In 2016, there was an increase in the revenues made from streaming alone. The increase in streaming rates consequently reduced the purchases to be made on the albums. Technology is cutting into the quality of the sales made and such developments have sent the industry leaders to strategize afresh and learn more about Desire Perez.


Desire Perez and her role in Roc Nation

For the last few years, the Roc Nation has had very difficult times with its management. Employees and other top officials have been quitting the industry because of the fear that the company could go down soon. In as much as these challenges have stayed for a long time, Desire Perez with her partner Jay Z has been working together to restore the image of the company.


Perez Desire’s plan with the Tidal Company

The music industry is flooded with some companies that are competing for dominance. Most of these companies have external influences which work behind their success. The tidal company is currently treated as an underdog in the business. Desire Perez, who is an executive in that company, admits that the company has not picked up quite yet. Most of the executives and other employees have quit their jobs because of the pace of development. Desire Perez explains that she has long term plans with Tidal and the company is expected to stay in the industry for long.

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