The Beneful Brand – Goodness In A Bowl

If you want to keep your dog happy and healthy, look no further than Beneful brand dog food. All Beneful products are made using real, wholesome ingredients such as veggies rich in vitamins. It is a dog food that will provide your best buddy with quality nutrition that tastes great.

What Makes Beneful Different?

One of the many things that makes Beneful different are the people who make the food. All have pets of their own and are committed to making nothing but the best product. They love your pet just as much as you do.

They approach quality assurance unlike any other company out there. All dog food made by Purina, the parent company of Beneful, is put through a series of standards and processes. These standards and processes are there for one reason and that is to ensure every product that leaves the facility is not only safe for your pet, but made using nothing but the highest quality ingredients.

The quality assurance checks also ensure every item is consistent and has the best flavor every time. While many practices are used all throughout the industry, Purina always takes things a step further and goes above and beyond industry standards.

Why do they choose to go above and beyond the call of duty you ask? Well the answer is really quite simply, because they believe in treating every pet like it was their own. They make products they would feed to their own pets. That’s what makes them different.

To ensure their products are always of the highest quality, Purina hires nothing but the brightest experts in the industry. While most companies have a team of 5 to 10 people focusing on quality assurance, Purina has a panel of 33 experts whose sole purpose is to make sure the methods being used are safe and effective.

Purina also sends out a crew to select retail partners to educate them on how to properly handle the Beneful products. That alone should tell you how serious they are about the quality of their product.

So what’s the secret ingredient to making all this work? In one word, Technology! The Purina team uses leading edge technology to track and screen every product that enters their facilities. From the moment the raw ingredient arrives at the plant it is continually tracked until the product is finished and shipped to the customer.

So as you can see, when you feed your dog Beneful brand dog food, you can have the peace of mind knowing it was created with love and integrity every step of the way.