The Amazing Entrepreneur; Chris Burch

Chris Burch is an entrepreneur who has used cards from the express company in America since the year 1979. The entrepreneur has switched his spending to Morgan Chase and Sapphire Reserve card. Chris was enlisted by the Forbes magazine in the year 2014 as one of the wealthiest in America.

The Burch creative capital, a company he owns is located in the United States of America. Burch has been enlisted in the company as an individual investor having transformed the company over the years. The entrepreneur has invested in many businesses including industries and is also a partner in the fashion, a brand which is a luxury in the New York.  Additional article here.

Chris has been deeply involved in the branding industry having enough knowledge on sales and marketing of the items. The investor has been successful in a number of investments which have made him reputable in the society. Chris has encouraged most organizations to rebrand their products for them to be appealing.  For more of his entrepreneurial views on business related matter, click on

Most of the companies he Chris has advised base their experiences from his personal investments. Chris has been able to explain to other entrepreneurs the idea of rebranding their products in various ways. The entrepreneur has offered good advice to those fresh entrepreneurs who are out of college.

Chris has advised them to first create time for their businesses so that they can monitor what is going on with the business. The entrepreneur further explains to them that the skills they possess in the different fields matter in that particular field. Lastly, the young entrepreneurs need money for their business to prosper.  Have a glimpse to one of his successful investment, browse on

Burch has demonstrated how technology is vital in the business. The entrepreneur has clearly outlined the essentials individuals need to possess for them to travel to international business summits. Chris encourages other entrepreneurs to be disciplined and prepare well for their international trip as it is not similar to the local trips they have encountered.

Chris Burch has offered advice to young entrepreneurs by encouraging them to commence their mornings at a high note. The entrepreneur encourages other entrepreneurs to brand their companies well so that they can be noticed easily. Burch explains that no matter the type of company one has engaged in, the only way to increase the revenues of the company is to brand it.

Christopher Burch carries with him an experience worth forty years in entrepreneurship. Chris has contributed immensely to technology such as Voss water, the Faena hotel, and universe among many other sectors. The mogul has invested in various projects of development including luxury homes in Florida and the New York.  Check this entrepreneur’s getaway in Southampton and New York,  hit on

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