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Adam Milstein work on radical groups

A new alliance is threatening the existence of the Jewish community. The alliance is between radical groups. Three radical groups have come together to push the anti-Semitism agenda in the world. These are people who have no other purpose other than to see that the State of Israel is destroyed. These groups believe that the Jews are the cause of all the problem that face the Middle East. Without them, the Middle East would be a peaceful place. Who are these people? According to Adam Milstein, a Jewish author, these groups are the radical right. The radical left and the radical Islamist. The first two seems to have been co opted in the plan of the third group unknowingly. They are currently pushing the agenda of the radical Muslims without knowing the danger they are exposing themselves to.

According to Adam Milstein, these three groups are pushing an agenda that will first see the weakening of the State of Israel then they will kick in and eliminate the community. The radical Islamist do not want to see Israel in the Middle East. To them, Israel is a colonialist who deserves to be kicked out by all means possible. The differences between the Jews and the Muslims have been long-standing. However, for the other two groups, they are being introduced to this hate. They are being used by the Islamist to push for the agenda of a new religion world. The Muslims want to make their religion and their beliefs global at the expense of the others.

About Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is a passionate Jew who loves his community so much that he has dedicated his time and resources to push for the interest of the Jewish community all over the world. He lives in the United States, but his interest is to help all Jewish wherever they are. He is concerned about the unity of the community and what it can do for the community. Among the things that he focuses on is enhancing the unity and welfare of the community. Adam Milstein leads organizations which are focusing on the strength of the State of Israel.


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