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Who Is Logan Stout?

For some, the name Logan Stout doesn’t strike a cord, but it soon will. Logan Stout has been both a successful baseball player entrepreneur. His love for the game of baseball has lead him in his development of the Dallas Patriots. The creation of the team was created to inspire, especially the young. This organization gives children up to 18 years of age an opportunity to receive expert coaching. Many of these young boys have become MLB draft picks. His focus in drive in athletics has lead him in his desire to promote healthy living and a healthy lifestyle.

In his ambition to promote healthy living he created the company IDLife. IDLife is a healthcare line with supplements and weight management items. IDLife has recently partnered with GPS giant Garmin. With the introduction of the Garmin Vivo fitness tracker and IDWellness app provided by IDLife the two companies hope to make it easier for consumer to be able to track their exercise and nutritional goals.

The two companies partnered up primarily out of a sense that health isn’t just about numbers on a scale. That is Logan Stout’s philosophy. The two companies have designed a plan to encourage holistic approach to health. For IDLife a personalized touch is rooted in the companies success. It customizes its supplements to meet the needs of its clients. It also refuses to use deceptive practices so prevalent in the health industry such as using filler to there supplements. Filler have no nutritional value and are often added to supplements as a cost saving method. Sometimes the fillers can be harmful or have adverse effects on those with health issues or are on medications. Instead of pushing items down peoples throats, IDLife will try to provide items that fit individual needs and before a purchase IDLife offers free assessments for potential customers. This makes IDLife very trust worthy in the healthcare industry.

For Logan Stout the CEO of IDLife, the amazing growth of his company can be contributed to his passion of health and his partners Troy Aikman and Jen Widerstrom. In addition to his health motivated company he is also a best selling author and public speaker. To Logan Stout, success isn’t measured in money. If you make a positive change in another persons life money will come. Doing something you love and have a passion about is a good place to start to become successful in life.

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