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Randal Nardone, The CEO and principal of the Fortress Investment

Randal Nardone joined Fortress Investment Group in 1998, serving as the co-founder and principal. Since then, this institution has undergone a huge growth. He became a billionaire in early 2007 after the company’s IPO. Being part of the “Fortress Five”, he got himself a chance to appear on the list of the Forbes Billionaires. He was able to make it to position 557 of the ranked billionaires. His success has resulted from his own efforts. His implausible wealth is mostly tied in the Fortress Investment group. Moreover, in other compensation, he has earned himself more than $100,000,000. He has been a member of the board of directors of this company since 2006.

Before he joined the Fortress Investment Group, he served as the UBS managing director. He had also worked as BlackRock Financial Management principal. He was also a member and partner of the law firm of Thacher Proffitt & Wood committee. Randal Nardone studied in Connecticut University where he graduated with his undergraduate degree in science. He also later enrolled to the Boston University School of law, where he graduated with a D.J.

Today, he still serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the fortress group. As far as his role in the beginning is concerned, his returning to the company was wonderfully fitting. The company spends more than 70 billion to cater for alternative assets, according to a report on 30th June, 2016. The assets are then divided among liquid hedge funds, credit funds and private equity.

Apart from the Randal Nardone’s financial achievements, he still has other achievements. Under his guidance and leadership in 2014, the Fortress Investment Group got an award of “Hedge Fund Manager of the Year” and “Management Firm of the Year”. In addition to this, this company is praised and highly recognized by many institutional investors. Apart from his position in the fortress group, Randal Nardone is the Alea Group Holdings (Bermuda) Ltd director, Springleaf Finance Inc., Eurocastle Investment Limited, GAGFAH S.A., and Springleaf Finance Corporation director.

At 62 years of age, he has already achieved a quite considerable fortune. His success has been facilitated by hard work, strong dedication to ensure success of his company and strong connections with other brilliant investors. As the CEO of the Fortress Investment Group, his efforts, hard work influence has helped the company achieve its success.

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