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Chainsmokers, A Chain Of Events

The Chainsmokers is a Disk Jockey duet between Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, who met in New York at the time when their previous band mate left the group. At the time Andrew Taggart was in Maine going to college and planning to seek to further his education in the city of Los Angeles. He was always into Electronic music but was harshly ridiculed for it. At the time Andrew Taggart left school, the style picked up more and people started to like it then, and that was when he was making music more frequently because he was aware of how New York was hiring DJs for pay.

He put a few songs on SoundCloud and did a few gigs, but it was the moment right before he was going to go to Los Angeles to complete his degree, that he received word that a spot was open for The Chainsmokers. Immediately he grabbed a bus ticket and met Alex Pall who was at the time working at an art gallery.

They clicked instantly and began to work on their material. As years passed their music began to get more and more worldwide. They usually released an album once a month due to their dedication to not taking breaks in between records, but due to the kindness of the record label, they took a whole nine months to make a song which took a darker route when it came to the material of the actual music itself. Mainly the song was about how Narcissism was becoming more prevalent in the United States, and how the darkness of the societal sickness was something that people here just had to live with because it was permeated so much by social media already. Despite the dark content, this song has won the hearts and ears of their already loyal fan base.


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