Securus is a Dallas, Texas-based technology firm. Securus offers technological services to over 3400 law and enforcement agencies. The services including biometric analysis, emergency response to incidents and inmate self-service are in the list of those offered to not less than 1.2 million inmates across North America. THREADS 3.1, launched on 21st December 2015, is reported by PR Newswire to be the latest Big Data analytical tool in the correction department. THREADS 3.1 has since served Securus purpose which is to bridge the safe communication between inmates and the general public.

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The transition to THREADS3.1 has upgraded the user interface to incorporate the latest in web technologies. This is a guaranteed improvement to the clients experience without alteration of the preexisting analysis prowess. Kelly Solid, the general manager of business for Securus management, assures that the 3.1 release, eliminates unnecessary systems actions, enhances navigation, records loading and search functions to increase performance and user interface.

An upgrade from Silverlight to HTML5, THREADS 3.1 allows for easier navigation through the products offered. The Secured Call Platform, (SCP) courtesy of the 3.1 release, now allows for faster and more efficient tracking of organized crime from a remote server. This is an essential tool to investigators as it points out leads and thus helps in incident management.

The record to listen technique has long been outdated by the THREADS 3.1 which allows one to listen and analyze the SCP as the criminal plots unravel. This is a good upgrade that is not only free but acts as an effective means to pinpoint sensitive crime related topics. Full story posted on PR Newsire.