Rona Borre and Instant Alliance Are Still Breaking Records

Rona Borre worked as an account executive

Meet Rona Borre who is the talk of the town as far as her exploits and her staffing and recruiting company, Instant Alliance. Specializing in placements of key technology and finance employees with Fortune 500, mid-sized, and smaller companies, Borre has brought a unique blend of business savvy and relationship building to an industry lacking in the personal touch.


After graduating from the University of Arizona with a business degree, Rona Borre worked as an account executive for a large national staffing company and proceeded to destroy every sales record the company had. She was personally responsible for a $30 million book of business when she made the decision to step out on her own and establish Instant Alliance.   Check


Beginning in a spare bedroom in 1991, Borre wore a business suit to her bedroom office each day because after all, it was a work day. From that meager sounding beginning, Borre transitioned that startup into a multi-million dollar business that reaches clients on a nationwide basis. Finance and technological placements are key because there are the types of people who are instrumental when a company of any size is breaking through to new levels and challenges.

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Rona Borre claims that the secret sauce of her success is the relationships that are formed between the clients and her team that is the magic. It is important to learn the details and the culture of a client company so it can be determined exactly what the client wants regarding new hires. When that synergy prevails then everyone is satisfied with the results. The proof of how things have worked out is the astounding 1% attrition rate that clients enjoy. That is an incredibly low figure, and the clients know it.

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