Purina Stands the Tests of Time for Happier Pets

I love talking about great products. I also love my dogs. From the days of my childhood to current times as an adult knowing how and what to feed my dogs was a part of pet ownership. Some folks take this topic lightly. Others want the best and go to great lengths to provide the best.

In earlier days Purina Beneful dog food was the primary dog food meal option, if not the only option. Everybody fed their dogs this trusted dog food. When people hear the name Purina, they know exactly who it is and what kind of great quality can be expected. Grocery stores and pet stores have stocked and sold Purina for eons. Ever-evolving, Purina continues to grow by developing even higher quality food options and varieties. Purina’s popularity has sustained itself for over 80 pet-loving years – 80 years!

There is something pretty special about this brand when there is a heavy desire to offer specific meal types for specific pet health purposes. Variety is important for the consumer to make better choices for their pet. One of my favorite Purina food choices has been Beneful. My rough collie loved Beneful for years. His health and taste buds were happy eating one bowl of this crunchy, kibbled goodness.

Pet-friendly Purina creates deliciousness for our furry babies while also stepping out-of-the-box in humane ways our communities are proud of. Remember, Purina’s original days meant good quality, a genuine respect for the product and the consumer, and reliable customer service attitudes.

For example, the passion of Purina proudly extends itself to its employees.  Purina incorporates respect and reward for employees by helping them understand how important it is to actually care about the products they are making. Purina stands for families and appreciates the value our pets bring to the heart of the home and community. When a company is ranked Number 3 as one of the best places to work for not one, but several years, I know this is a company I can entrust my dog’s health and happiness to.

Purina’s Pet Care Development Centres have been thoughtfully created for ongoing educational purposes to better understand the nutritional preferences and requirements of both dogs and cats. Incorporating training in socialization, group play and other enrichment programs designed to benefit our pets is only a small part of how Purina is impacting the world.

Try Purina products on your pet family and see for yourself how many furry smiles and purrs you get. Joining Purina’s heartwarming legacy means happy-ever-after for the pets we love so much.

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