Paul Mampilly Says Your Money May Work Harder By Way Of Human Micro chips

Would you become a human smart card by way of an implanted microchip? Financial guru, Paul Mampilly says he would. Gizmos and gadgets are a part of the rapid growing world of the Internet of Things, so is really a surprise that human implanted microchips are the latest device?

You allow a thin syringe to pierce the skin, a microchip is implanted, and besides tracking, multiple tasks can be completed. Kevin Warwick, a British scientist, first led this emerging technology with his human implant experiment, using an RFID (radio) implant. Since then, several experiments have transpired, using devices as small as a rice grain, injected into hands or arms, and his Linkedin.

“You can replace a whole range of things, from communication devices, to credit cards and keys,” says Mampilly. But is it practical? Many experts fear that hackers could tap into the chips, and it could compromise privacy rights. However, Paul Mampilly points out the benefits of human microchips, like diminishing the daily inconveniences we encounter. “Opening and closing automated doors, making purchases without a debit card, or having access to health records with a swipe of your hand,” adds Mampilly. The options seem limitless.

Several U.S. companies already implant volunteer employees, like the Belgium-based company, Epicenter. It’s LA location offers employees the chance to be “chipped”. Wisconsin-based, Three Square Market also encourages its employees to get an implant. While not a requirement, implanted employees can scan into the building and offices, buy food in the lunch room, and access computers. Although it hasn’t been publicized, reports of the military implanting soldiers with RFID microchips have been slowly unveiled, and


Investing In Cutting Edge

“Pharmaceutical companies have been experimenting with this new technology for years,” says Paul Mampilly. Many of these microchips could provide medical breakthroughs, and according to the investment wizard, this is how you find opportunities for investments. Strategizing for the future helps you pounce on enticing opportunities. This is why Mampilly’s has become an admired investor, and learn more about Paul Mampilly.

After 25 years, Paul Mampilly shifted from Wall Street career hedge fund manager, analyst, and advisor to a mentor, advisor, and editor of a renowned personal finance newsletter. Founded in 2016, Profits Unlimited, published by Banyan Hill Publishing advises subscribers on hot stock picks. Back in 2014 and early 2015, Mampilly sales also topped more than $6 million while an analyst at Agora Financial. During the time at Agora, his portfolio gained a whopping 62 percent, and read full article.

Today, he continues his research, makes investment recommendations and offers advice for building wealth.

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