Shaygan Kheradpir Motivates Others With His Innovative Pursuits

Prominent executive, Shaygan Kheradpir, is on a mission to share his business technology experience with aspiring technologists. Throughout the years, this figure has held many leadership positions at GTE Laboratories, Verizon, Barclays, and Juniper Networks. Notably, these noteworthy careers have encouraged him to become a member of many prestigious boards including the YMCA of Great New York, Cornell University Engineering Council, and the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology. As an expert businessman, Kheradpir strives to assist many professionals in the technology field. Essentially, his many high-tech innovations have served as a model for many aspiring technologists.

Shaygan Kheradpir on arnnet unprecedented success is inspiring individuals all across the globe. Although the industry encompasses many technology gurus, his uniqueness lies in his profound ability to manage many project development teams at four major corporations. Through speaking engagements such as Juniper Network’s annual Global Partner Conference (RevUp), this leading executive strives to motivate professionals with his high-tech applications.

Kheradpir’s recognition as one of America’s best technologist is influenced by the success of his innovative services. After earning respect for developing new products on schedule at GTE Laboratories, he accepted a position at Verizon as the company’s president of the e-business division. His triumph in inventing an extensive collection of proprietary telecommunications software led to his role as the first Chief Information Officer and Chief Technology Officer. During his Verizon tenure, he guided his team of roughly 7,000 employees in the launch of innovative developments such as Verizon’s FiOs, Iobi, and the Verizon One. Similarly, the creative group revamped the company’s existing systems including the call center, website, and automated customer service platform.

. His most prominent company contribution involved the construction of Pingit, a mobile payment application. Immediately after the creation of this customer service product, he was promoted to Chief Operations and Technology Officer. During this role, he discussed his high-tech ideas with Antony Jenkins who was Barclays Chief Executive Officer from August 2012 to July 2015.

Kheradpir’s renowned success at Barclays in the United Kingdom encouraged him to accepted a position at Juniper Networks as the Chief Executive Officer. Shortly after he joined this prominent company, he developed an Integrated Operating Plan to improve the internal and external financial transactions. In November 2014, Kheradpir decided to resign from the corporation to pursue other career interests.

Notably, Kheradpir’s many high-tech developments have inspired many professionals to pursue the technology field.  In the future, he plans to participate in more motivational speaking events.

Handy: Cleaning service that’s at your service.

Today’s busy families and career singles try to maintain a balance between work and home. Keeping the home clean is important to emotional well-being and social opportunities. There have been cleaning and maid services available for years. But sometimes a cleaning has to be done fast. Here’s where phone apps and entrepreneurship come in handy with “Handy“.

Originating in 2012 as “Handybook” the cell phone app used smartphone technology to connect those seeking services from pre-approved, professionals in various trades. Two classmates at Harvard Business School, Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua combined their work experiences and business and entrepreneurial acumen into an app-based services company that is similar to the wildly successful Uber transportation model.

The company recruits and verifies contractors who supply services such as cleaning, handyman, plumbing, electrical work, moving help, painting and even furniture assembly into a secured payment process.Sixty-second bookings and rapid response are promised and delivered.

Drastic advances in smartphone and wireless technology have made the company a brand in its own right. Currently serving 25 cities in the United States, two in Canada and London in the UK, expansion is a sure thing as customers and entrepreneurs flock to this service.

Phone apps are a new phenomenon. Mobile websites are becoming the dominant medium for business communication and marketing. Statistics show that consumers are more savvy in using this format than many marketers assume. Handy has demonstrated that this platform is not only successful but has substantial advantages over other forms. Mobile sites and apps offer the consumer instantaneous results and verification that standard computer online systems cannot.

Handy on youtube is the ingenious merge of a necessary bundle of services matched to a platform of a mobile platform that consumers embrace. The app offers niche opportunities to an audience which requires services on short notice or an irregular schedule. It uses a secure third party payment system and removes that security barrier from the transaction. As an online mobile service broker it connects the customer with a pre-approved service provider who best meets the consumer’s needs as specified by time, date, work type or schedule.

Handy offers entrepreneurs an opportunity to market their services without having to advertise, do cold calls, or wait for clients to find them. Part-time service providers and established professionals can all utilize the Handy platform to their advantage, Hourly rates range from $15 to $22 an hour and Handy does all the financial work

Handy is a company whose time has come. .

North American Spine: Leader in Spine Health for All

Offering innovative operative and non- operative procedures to patients with spinal issues such as herniated discs, degenerative spine conditions, spinal stenosis and other back and neck ailments, North American Spine is the leader in Minimally Invasive Spine Care. They take holistic and conservative approaches to spine pain.

Striving to help as many patients as possible their doctors and physicians give their patients the knowledge they need to make informed decisions and set the patients up with treatments specifically designed for their individual needs. Patients are offered more conservative treatments like physical therapy, chiropractic care, pain medications, and epidural steroid injections. After these treatments are performed, and the patient still does not have relief, back surgery may then be needed. North American Spine reviews also mention that they offer minimally invasive laser spine surgery like the AccuraScope Procedure.

Providing holistic and conservative options to alleviate back and neck pain has opened a door for North American Spine to introduce yoga to its patients and others. During Yoga Recess Day at Robert Lee Elementary School in Dallas Texas, the people at North American Spine were not only able to teach yoga to these young people, but they donated 50 mats for the four and five year old Pre-K students. Intoducing yoga to the students was good because many of them will not be exposed to it at home. “Our classroom has students with different needs,” Sarah Ilagan, Special Ed Teacher said. “Any kind of physical activity helps stimulate the brain, hand-eye coordination…” The children learned the moves really fast. Some of them told of their favorite moves. A day of Yoga instruction and equipment to take home can turn into a lifestyle of healthy well-being and habits for a growing child who will one day become a healthy adult.

Types of Economic Systems

Economist, social scientist that study how people use limited resources like money to satisfy almost unlimited wants and needs, generally divide economic systems into four basic types. An economist system is how a market or set of markets, are organized to meet the needs of its members.

The most basic type of economic system is the agrarian. In this type of system, a culture’s traditions, social, political and religious histories determine to a large extent how goods are produced and distributed. Economies of this type most often focus on the production of single agricultural commodities like corn, cattle, cotton, or on locally and easily exploited natural resources like gold, oil or copper. While the implication of basic and agrarian can be that these are simple economies, most have elaborate rituals and traditions that make the production and distribution anything but simple.

Moving up the hierarchy of systems the next is the market economy. In this type of system, pricing and individualism are the main components. Producers decide what to produce and at what price to sell it. Buyers communicate their willingness to buy at a certain price by purchasing the item. For example, Ford may elect to produce a certain luxury sedan at $50,000, and the buying public is free to buy or not at that price. One of the fundamental characteristics of this type of system is the concept of private property.

A mixed economy occurs when the government influence grows to where aspects of the overall economic system are regulated and controlled not by the producers and consumers, but by outside forces. Examples of this regulation can be minimum wage laws, environmental protections, placing a capacity on resource extraction or even production, and pricing controls or subsidies. The benefit of this type of system is that it allows everyone in the system to benefit at some level. In the pure market economy, some people may have to do without milk for their families because the price of milk is too high. In a mixed economy, the price of milk is kept low enough for families to afford it by price subsidies to dairy farmers.

The concept of a mixed economy opens up an area of economic research used to influence and make policy. One economist that does this is Christian Broda, an MIT graduate that later taught at the University of Chicago. Broda of chicagobooth has researched and published on a number of policy issues such as the impact of tax stimulus payments and the effect of variety and less expensive imports on pricing and purchasing power.

Finally, a planned economic system is based on the assumption that all economic decisions are made by a controlling entity. There are no individual rights to produce and price goods and services, and the production resources are owned and controlled at the planning commission level.

Newark CEDC Helping the Newark Economy

The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, which was once known as the The Brick City Development Corporation, is an agency designed to help the economic growth and development of Newark, New Jersey.

Newark is the most populated city in New Jersey with a population of around 280,000 people and is in Essex County. It is nick named The Brick City hence the former name of the Newark CEDC. The company’s main goal is to retain and attract business with a focus on minority owned businesses. The CEDC along with the Newark Department of Economic and Housing development work to help economic grown and create and maintain jobs. The CEDC works with small businesses and major corporations alike with all the steps to locate in Newark including real estate development and purchases as well as major decisions a company needs to make concerning location.

In May 2015 the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation hired Kevin Seawright as the Chief Financial Officer only five months after the company’s rebranding and change of location. Seawright came highly recommended with 13 years experience in financial management specifically in local government. He has worked with local governments up and down the East Coast. Seawright graduated from Notre Dame University Mendoza School of Business and has a masters degree in accounting from Almeda University. He has a proven track record of excellence and saving companies money.

With Seawright at the helm, Newark CEDC hopes to better help the people of Newark and Essex County by not only saving money, but by attracting new companies with great incentives and prime locations therefore creating jobs and wealth for the citizens of Newark.

Alexei Beltyukov Co-founder SOLVY

Education plays an integral role in our lives. Alexei Beltyukov is one of the people who purposed to ensure that everyone receives a good education, so as to lead a meaningful life. In the university, Alexei studied medicine, and later he decided to get an MBA. He had a passion to be a good leader, and this explains why he decided to study management. Because of his massive experience, he earned his place on the Board of SOLVY as the Chief Operating Officer. SOLVY is an education facility hosted online aimed at creating awareness among students and teachers. It is an interactive platform that offers an opportunity for both learners and teachers to provide comfortable learning and teaching. The innovation was necessary because of the existing learning gap in the subjects like mathematics.

With SOLVY, students can access and attempt assignments regularly. Once they have submitted their answers, the system instantly responses. It is important for students to understand what they have done right or wrong. They can make amendments and resubmit results. Tutors will know areas that students would need more exercise to improve, so as to enhance their performance. They will introduce measures like remedial lessons and more take-home assignment to nurture performance.

Being at the helm of SOLVY, Alexei Beltyukov provides the necessary guidance that the company needs to get to new heights. He says that with the proper use of the software, and users will be able to derive maximum utility from the system. It is necessary to the education sector and would ensure that education has a purpose to fulfill. By bridging the existing gaps, learning will prove more efficient, and learners will be motivated to undertake the process. Through the efficient use of the system, better results will be realized in due time.

Alexei has demonstrated that he is an astute businessman. He has started and guided numerous startups. He enrolled at INSEAD School of Business for an MBA to improve his management skills. The year 2013 saw Alexei set up Endemic Capital, and later A–Ventus. Apart from the businesses, he also serves as the adviser to the Skolkovo Foundation’s president.

As a tool, SOLVY is primarily deployed with the purpose to reducing or eliminating poor performance in mathematics. With learning barriers out of the way, it is expected that the learners will be able to make proper use of the content availed to them. The instruction of usage will be very clear to all the students. They will have a broad range of option to exploit during the learning process. However, it should be noted that this is not the primary tool of instruction, but rather a tool to monitor and evaluate student learning process. Areas of weakness will be addressed, and problems resolved for better performance. With the personalized feedback, teachers can provide informed decisions for every student.

Value Investing Or Growth Investing?

Those who begin to look into the stock market are sure to hear about two types of investing. Namely, these are value investing and growth investing. One may hear about stocks that are value stocks and others that are called growth stocks. For someone brand new to the world of investing, these terms can certainly be confusing. Here we try to break them down and help people better understand what they are getting into.

Value Investing

Value stocks are basically stocks of smaller companies that one is attempting to purchase at a good value with the hope of rising prices in the future. It is not always the case that the stock is a smaller company, but they frequently are.

With this type of investing, one is taking a chance on a company that may not have as strong of a track record in the past. These are stocks that are purchased because they appear to be a good value compared to the earnings. This may sound like a good way to invest at all times, but it is not the only way that one can get their money in the market.

Growth Investing

Investing for growth has more to do with putting money into companies that are already on a roll. This might mean putting money into the well known corporations. The reason one does this is because they believe that the good times are going to continue. They invest in industry leaders and hope that they continue to dominate the markets that they exist in.

There is nothing wrong with putting money into growth stocks. It may be something that Brad Reifler might recommend doing for clients who want a little more safety in their investments. He is the CEO of Forefront Capital and helps people of all walks of life get their funds into the market and working for them.

People who put money in growth investing are looking for something different than what those who do value investing are looking for. They are not searching out the greatest bargains in the market but rather the things that have already proven themselves and that they hope will continue to work out for the long run.


OrganoGold Is Gaining Popularity

Many people make resolutions to eat healthier one year or another, but they never end up sticking to them. Many people try to go on diets, or try to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into their everyday lives, but after awhile they forget about what they were trying to do. It is easy for someone to become distracted by all of the unhealthy foods that are out there, but when a healthy alternative to a food tastes just as good, if not better than the real thing, then someone will be much more likely to stick with eating it.

OrganoGold offers coffee and tea products that are healthier than what an average coffee or tea brand puts out, and yet they are tasty, too. Everyone who tries these products loves them. This brand knows what it is doing. It knows how to get people to eat healthfully without feeling like they are doing that. And it is all thanks to their founder.

Bernardo Chua had a strong love for Ganoderma, a Chinese herb, and he used that love to drive him to make this company a success. He wanted to be able to share this herb with the world around him, and in order for him to be able to do that he knew that he would have to make products that people would love.

They are happy that they can feel that they are making a good choice for themselves just by drinking a cup of coffee or tea. And, OrganoGold is sure to gain a ton of popularity, even more than they already have, because of that.

Guest Post: Joseph Bismark on inner peace, spirituality in the business world

Vedism is a religion in India that is based on the belief of helping others by the sacrifice of ones self. The sacrifice one makes to the Gods, will be returned with blessings of good fortune and abundance. It is fundamental to the nature of all followers of Vedism to bestow a sacrificial lifestyle. I, Joseph Bismark, am living the belief of Vedism.

Personally the health message of eating organic whole foods is what I practice and want the world to experience, for quality of life. The leader in myself, motivated me to help people live healthier lifestyles. I care and value people, which became my top priority. For this reason, I implemented a business that focuses on organic and natural whole foods and co-founded QI Limited.

I take the initiative to be a leader in any thing I do, allowing me the honor of fulfilling any task to ensure a successful business. As a Spiritual Businessman, The QI group’s mission is to provide the Quality of Life through health, using holistic methods. QI Limited distributes whole food in grocery stores providing people life-preserving nutrition.

My partner and co-founder of QI group, Vijay Eswaran, created the RYTHM Foundation to work with children with special needs, community development and community well-being. The Foundation is a large part of what QI Group stands for in its mission, helping others.

I became a member of the board for the QI Group of Companies that I work with; a subsidiary called Qnet. The group consist of successful companies that apply my recommendations, making them profitable.

Inner peace and how spirituality affects the business world is my message to all businesses worldwide. A business can be successful by people sacrificing and thinking of others.

Companies can create an atmosphere of brotherhood and peace in the workplace; which has been proven to increase profitability. Make your companies mission to have all employees sacrifice self. To learn more about my philosophy as a business leader, visit this article on my WordPress Site.

Eucatex Evolves To Produce Materials For Many Industries

The Brazilian manufacturing company Eucatex has been in operation since 1951 and has seen its range of products grow with the years it has been in existence. Not only has the company expanded its range of products from its initial offering of panels, but it has also made a huge commitment to help the environment by creating a green area close to its main base of operations in Sao Paulo. The Maluf family has remained the dominant force within the Eucatex group for many years and has seen Flavio Maluf rise through the company to take on the role of President and lead Eucatex into the 21st century.

In order to become prepared to take control of the Eucatex group, Flavio Maluf completed his education in Mechanical Engineering before returning to the company to learn more about its manufacturing processes. Maluf was not immediately inserted into a prominent role within the company, but instead spent a decade working in different areas of the company to get a feel for every aspect of how Eucatex works as a whole. In 1997 Flavio Maluf made his way to the role of President of the company and has since made sure the company works in different areas of manufacturing and retail while maintaining an eye of its environmental impact.

Eucatex has a diverse portfolio of businesses that are held beneath the umbrella of the group. Flavio Maluf has played an important role in making sure the company retains this diverse group of businesses and has seen the products created evolve into manufactured flooring, furniture, partitions and doors. Under the stewardship of Flavio Maluf the company has also looked to expand its range of environmental programs to offset the manufacturing processes undertaken. Within the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo the company has cared for 44 hectares of forest that are maintained to the highest standards and have seen awards given to Eucatex for the quality of their work within the forestry industry.