Using Cyphercloud For Cloud Storage Encryption

Everyone seems to be using cloud storage these days to back up their important information, due to the fact that every hard drive will fail at some point or have other risk of being compromised somehow. Although it seems like a perfect solution at first there are still a few more matters of concern when it comes to keeping your information safe to consider. Truth is, most cloud storage users do not actually know where their information is being stored, or who truly has the ability to access it in the event of it being stolen. The answer to this problem is encryption. Even though most all cloud storage services encrypt their sites, there is still the risk of a breach in security in some extreme cases.

One of the leaders in combating this risk is Cyphercloud. What they do is act sort of like a middleman for your information before it reaches the cloud for storage. They use a carefully-crafted system of encryption that makes it impossible for information to be read or used in the event that the cloud storage service is compromised by thieves. Even if you trust your cloud storage provider, the extra level of protection that encryption provides before uploading is a comfort for many company clients. Many customers value being able to rest easy knowing that their personal information will be safe when choosing a company and their services or products. In the information age, privacy holds more worth than it ever has.

Another great feature that Cyphercloud provides with their system is the ability to still use information freely as you would if it were not encrypted. This means that you can access your own files on your own computers and other devices at will, without having to break through the encryption yourself. In other words, Cyphercloud translates your data for you so that it is still usable when it is needed. Many cloud storage users also have their own software that pulls information from clouds as part of its configuration. No longer will the troublesome wait of having information inaccessible be a problem for the software your company relies on to run smoothly on a daily basis.

Many industry fields are relying heavily on the encryption service that Cyphercloud has made available. Everything from the medical field to product purchases where customers demand anonymity can benefit from this level of privacy. Given that there are many types of packages, depending on the amount of data that needs to be encrypted and the level of encryption, every specific need can be properly taken care of. No longer does anyone have to worry about what happens to their data once it has ascended into the virtual clouds.

Will TV Advertising In Brazil Change During The Olympics?

TV advertising in Brazil has been behind the times ever since the marketing age began. Countries in the west have been advertising on levels that other countries could not reach, and Brazil is one of those countries. Brazil has only recently caught up with the rest of the world in terms of advertising, but executives like Cláudio Loureiro at Heads Propaganda have been working hard to change the way Brazil advertises to its citizens.

#1: Advertising Is Getting More Modern

Advertising in Brazil is becoming more modern every day with the use of digital technology, and Heads Propaganda has been at the forefront of the use of digital technology. Young people in Brazil are using cell phones every day, and digital advertisements are becoming more popular among the youngest people in the nation. Those who take the advertising seriously in Brazil use digital ads to reach the youngest members of society. The country is filled with young people who are getting jobs for the first time, and the disposable income the young community has can be spent on the products American companies want to market.

#2: How Does Heads Propaganda Work?

Heads Propaganda is a marketing company that connects with American companies that want to market to Brazilians in advance of the Olympics. The Olympics are the perfect time for American companies to market to Brazilians, and the money being spent in the Brazilian economy is changing the number of jobs that are created in the country. Brazil will turn itself around using marketing money brought in by Heads Propaganda and Cláudio Loureiro.

#3: Which Products Are Coming To Brazil?

Every food and electronic product imaginable is coming to Brazil, and the country will begin hosting American banks and financial institutions will begin moving offices to Brazil. There are millions of people in Brazil who are willing to partake in the American economy, and these people will produce millions of dollars in sales based on marketing created by American companies.

Advertising in Brazil created by companies like Heads Propaganda and executive Cláudio Loureiro will build up an economy that has not yet emerged. The emergence of the Brazilian economy will be expedited by the marketing dollars spent by American companies, and young Brazilians will move into job with companies that are helping Brazil grow. Brazilians will create a new economy based on products that are finally coming over from America.

The Beneful Brand – Goodness In A Bowl

If you want to keep your dog happy and healthy, look no further than Beneful brand dog food. All Beneful products are made using real, wholesome ingredients such as veggies rich in vitamins. It is a dog food that will provide your best buddy with quality nutrition that tastes great.

What Makes Beneful Different?

One of the many things that makes Beneful different are the people who make the food. All have pets of their own and are committed to making nothing but the best product. They love your pet just as much as you do.

They approach quality assurance unlike any other company out there. All dog food made by Purina, the parent company of Beneful, is put through a series of standards and processes. These standards and processes are there for one reason and that is to ensure every product that leaves the facility is not only safe for your pet, but made using nothing but the highest quality ingredients.

The quality assurance checks also ensure every item is consistent and has the best flavor every time. While many practices are used all throughout the industry, Purina always takes things a step further and goes above and beyond industry standards.

Why do they choose to go above and beyond the call of duty you ask? Well the answer is really quite simply, because they believe in treating every pet like it was their own. They make products they would feed to their own pets. That’s what makes them different.

To ensure their products are always of the highest quality, Purina hires nothing but the brightest experts in the industry. While most companies have a team of 5 to 10 people focusing on quality assurance, Purina has a panel of 33 experts whose sole purpose is to make sure the methods being used are safe and effective.

Purina also sends out a crew to select retail partners to educate them on how to properly handle the Beneful products. That alone should tell you how serious they are about the quality of their product.

So what’s the secret ingredient to making all this work? In one word, Technology! The Purina team uses leading edge technology to track and screen every product that enters their facilities. From the moment the raw ingredient arrives at the plant it is continually tracked until the product is finished and shipped to the customer.

So as you can see, when you feed your dog Beneful brand dog food, you can have the peace of mind knowing it was created with love and integrity every step of the way.

Dan Newlin: Advocate and Powerhouse

Attorney Dan Newlin is known as an advocate for victims and their families, as well as being a powerhouse lawyer. He has worked his way to the top by putting justice for victims above all else. However, he never forgets his humble beginnings, working for the Indiana Police and Fire Department. He served 10 years at the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and moved his way up the ranks to Sheriff’s Detective, before moving on to law school. He then attended the Florida State College of Law and graduated in 2000. He is dual-licensed to practice law in both the state of Florida and Illinois.

Dan Newlin started as a lawyer in a small office with a staff of just one. With the passion and talent Dan possessed, there was only one way to go, and that was up. His practice has now grown into a boutique styled firm that serves both Florida and Illinois residents. The Illinois practice has been serving injured Chicago residents since late 2014. In these firms are 18 highly experienced lawyers who are committed to providing personalized service to each client they represent. The Newlin team consists of over 75 employees, including former state prosecutors, and a retired board certified surgeon.

Newlin’s law practice has been helping Central and South Florida personal injury victims for more than a decade. He has helped recover over $150 million for victims who have suffered an accident or an injury at the fault of someone else. Dan Newlin and his partners focus on medical malpractice, workers’ compensation, auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, train accidents, nursing home abuse, construction site accidents, train accidents, and wrongful death cases. They have also recently started representing clients who have been wrongfully accused of a crime.

Their expertise recently helped award a 15 year old gunshot victim and her family with a record-setting $100 million verdict. Though it is unlikely this young woman or her family will ever see much money from this award, Dan prides himself in the fact that if the defendant ever gets out of jail, at least part of his earnings will go towards this victim and her family. Dan took this case on to prove a point to criminals who hurt others; you will be held responsible, not only in criminal court, but in civil court as well.

Additionally, Dan and his team were recently awarded the Super Lawyers recognition in Florida. This distinction is reserved for only the top 5 percent of lawyers. Dan believes that it is their hard work, trial expertise, and compassion for victims and their families that has allowed such success. If you are looking for representation from a compassionate and experienced personal injury attorney, look no further than Dan Newlin.

CCMP Capital Looks Ahead After the Death of Stephen Murray

CCMP Capital, a private equity company located in New York, has always represented one of the most successful investment companies in the world, and as any other successful company, there is always someone deserved for its achievements. In this case, that would be Stephen Murray who gave CCMP Capital many useful investment ideas, and now with his death, the company will have to look ahead and continue its previous success.

So, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital represents a private investment firm that focuses on growth capital and leveraged buyouts. Formerly known as JP Morgan Partners, the partners from JP Morgan Chase separated from the firm and since 2006, it has invested large sums of money in growth transactions and leveraged buyouts. It has offices in many cities such as Tokyo, London, Texas, Hong Kong, and New York. CCMP Capital owes much of its success to Stephen Murray of nypost, a former President and CEO of this company.

Stephen Murray spent the largest part of his career in private equity sector. He joined JPMorgan’s merchant bank to build his own equity business, and this was the time when he proved to be a very successful investor. Thanks to him, the company established a completely new identity with new investors and managed to raise about $3.6 billion fund last year. He was also a member of the Make-a-Wish Foundation, which is located in New York. Mr. Murray was only 52 when he died, and he had been with this company for more than 15 years. Now, with his death, CCMP Capital has to rely on other strategies and investors.

Following the death of its CEO, CCMP Capital got the support in order to resume investing some of its funds, and it selected a group of people on whom it can rely. These people are all professionals, and their role is crucial in the company’s investment plans. So, after the loss of its most important man, CCMP Capital was offered many investor protections in order for its partners to oversee the reinstatement of the company’s investment period. So, the group is trying to appoint a new CEO. Furthermore, there are speculations that the company is going to purchase the stake of Stephen Murray.

Additionally, CCMP Capital has also updated its list of the most important investors. One of the key men to this company is Douglas Cahill while others have been removed from this list, such as Joe Delgado, a member of the industrial team. Then, the company agreed to lower the votes that are needed for new partners. For instance, the investment period of the funds can be terminated if new investors vote in favor of the new move. There are also speculations that Dina Colombo is now the Chief Financial Officer of the company while Timothy Walsh is the new Chief Operating Officer.

So, CCMP Capital is doing its best to continue with its plans, and it hopes that the new members can bring it to a higher level of success.

Susan McGalla Brings Joy To Aspiring Females Executives Like Myself

When I look at the corporate industry I see that there are still not as many female presidents as most women would like to see. The inequality and gender gap is still very real. There are some women that make me believe that there is still hope. These women are professionals like Susan McGalla. I love her, and I appreciate what she has stood for in the business world. There are many people that are looking at what she has done in the business world. I believe that her efforts to bring equality into the world of business is quite noteworthy.

There are people that are really going to appreciate what Susan McGalla has done as a president and leader for fashion giants like American eagle and Wet Seal. There are others that are going to praise her for what she did with her own consulting company. Others may look at what Susan McGalla is currently doing in her role as the Director of Strategic Planning. She has really been a light in the world of corporate executives where women are not large in numbers. I believe that she has been the one that inspired me to do more with my education. I didn’t always think that a degree – in any field – was so important – but Susan made me realize that it was important. I believe that her life and her work speak volumes about the importance of education.

I certainly think that there are a lot of people that would benefit from taking a look at her resume on PHX-Corporate. I like the way that she has always seemed to navigate her own path. McGalla has done a lot over the years to build up her experience. Susan McGalla has worked her way up in some roles. She has built consulting companies in other business roles. She has done a lot of different things, but at the very core she remains strong as a marketing genius. This is where she shines. It says a lot about what she is passionate about. It is a true mark of how she has evolved over time.

I think that all marketing majors should study McGalla. She has this wisdom that is essential for the marketing professionals that are just getting started. She has been on the ground level. She has taken time to rise in the industry. Susan McGalla knows about the different levels of development. That has given her the ability to study different phases of marketing. She knows what things are like in the store at the point-of-sale level. McGalla also knows what it is like to oversee budgets. She has a diverse level of knowledge that has proven to be very valuable. This is what has allowed her to remain successful when others have failed to meet their mark as presidents. I can see why people want to put her in a leadership position. She is strong, and she great confidence in her skills as a visionary leader.

Madison Street Capital’s Extraordinary Leader Honored


Since its inception, Madison Street Capital has been the investment banking firm that stands by its clients to ensure they reach their goals within the world-wide marketplace. This firm’s actions have been exceptionally led by its Chief Operating Office and co-founder Anthony Marsala whose business duties have focused on handling mergers and acquisitions (M&A), corporate finance and business assessment. His contributions have taken him to supervising and directing Madison Street Capital’s business needs in Asia, Africa and Europe. In an article recently published in the Chicago Tribune we learned that Marsala was honored for his unique leadership abilities by The National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA) and the Consultants’ Training Institute (CTI).

NACVA developed a program which annually recognizes individuals who have accomplished triumphant endeavors in the world of business such as in M&A and business valuation. Known as its 40 Under Forty program, this prestigious acknowledgement chooses one recipient who has accomplished astonishing advances in business and respected by peers. These highly regarded individuals were selected by the executive staff representing CTI and NACVA, organizations which were founded on superiority and an essence of originality within the financial and accounting professionals.

Both CTI and NACVA had a difficult time choosing its 2015 recipient among all of the triumphant candidates. The nominees, who were comprised of more than 100, had all accomplished some amazing advances in various fields which include M&A. However for more than 13 years Madison Street Capital’s own Anthony Marsala had managed to continuously study and perform many transactional and valuation activities in many industry sectors.

Graduating from Chicago’s Loyola University, Marsala graduated with a focus on Finance and Information Systems. He also found time to enroll at the University of Oxford’s Said Business School where he earned a Masters Diploma with an emphasis on Strategy. Marsala is a member of the international organization known as the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) and the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA).

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Majeed Ekbal: Sterling Business Leader in Chicago

Majeed was born in 1967, and he currently resides at Chicago. Majeed Ekbal likes to keep his personal life quite private. He has succeeded immensely in being able to handle many positions in the healthcare industry. He loves blogging, and he maintains a page that is found on the His grasp of marketing issues can be clearly seen by the depth of the articles he writes. He acts as a marketing executive for a corporation that deals with healthcare service provision.Ekbal mainly focuses on the development of global marketing campaigns, and he has been known to use his expertise in mentoring other people. Majeed’s areas of expertise are the healthcare marketing, experiential marketing, social media marketing, brand awareness, and e-commerce implementation.

Chicago is among the most densely populated cities in the United States of America, and it is known to host a population of more than 10 million persons. The city has in the recent past been the center of tremendous economic growth. Currently, it is the preferred center for commerce, finance, technology, and telecommunications. Globally, it ranks number seven as regards to the ease of doing business. Just recently, in 2014, it received a total of more than 50 million visitors. These are people who moved from various destinations from all over the world, and they came to explore the city’s natural attraction. The group also includes the populace who came for medication, business seeking, and also students. Currently, it has transformed itself to a preferred business center. The city’s GDP is estimated to be a lot.

Many industries that are located in Chicago have played an important role in boosting Chicago’s economy. These industries include the manufacturing, food processing, and aerospace industries. The city is also home to the best business schools in the world, and it is known to have a terrific infrastructure. The business climate is excellent due to the many economic summits that are held annually. These factors have made Chicago be the meeting point of various business leaders who are said to be among the most influential leaders in the world. Most of these business leaders are known for their ability to create business opportunities to other leaders. This usually results to the businesses supporting each other hence ensuring each one is stable financially.

Nobilis Health Corp. Growth

Northstar healthcare Inc. , based in Houston, Texas, as of December 5th, 2014 changed it’s name to Nobilis Health Corp. as part of the expansion in the U.S. capital markets. They started this to avoid confusion by companies and funds using the “Northstar” name in the stock market in the United States.
Nobilis Health is a healthcare facility and marketing firm. They manage ten healthcare facilities in both Texas and Arizona, an urgent care center, two MRI centers, and six ambulatory surgical centers. They also have marketing relationships with sixteen other surgical centers in the United States.
It is a publicly owned company with patient lead management and direct-to-consumer
marketing. Nobilis has an extensive physician partnership of specialists including pain management, spine surgery, orthopedic surgery, ect.
The company has great growth potential for shareholders. Mackee Research Capital analyst Russel Stanley predicted a target price of twelve dollars and fifty cents in one year at the time of publication. That’s a seventy-two percent return rate. He gave credit to Nobilis as an undervalued play on increasing demands for surgical procedures from the aging population and increased numbers of obesity.
In 2014, Nobilis Health, then Northstar healthcare, saw rapid growth and record revenue of over seventeen million in the third quarter. Harry Fleming, the president of the company, claimed they would remain aggressive in their expansion and enhancement of new and existing market programs to maximize profitability and value for their shareholders in the fourth quarter and into 2015. Their net patient service revenue for the third quarter of 2014 was an increase of nine and one half million dollars or 125 percent increase from the seven million from the previous period. Nobilis has been expanding and gaining revenue since that time.
Cash flows provided for operating activities for the third quarter ending September 30, 2014 were 2.2 million dollars, an increase of 2 million dollars from the same period last year. The 2014 records prove that Nobilis health corp. is only increasing in it’s profitability and will be expanding in the future.
On April 2, 2015 Nobilis closed a 25 million dollar debt financing facility with GE capital, healthcare financial facilities, for the benefit of decreasing their borrowing costs and streamlining their capital structure. This deal will provide another catalyst for the anticipated growth through 2015. Chris Lloyd, CEO of Nobilis Health, says this has met one of their goals for growth and keeping their borrowing costs down. The interest is only 4 percent as opposed to the average borrowing cost of 9 percent.
Zacks has given the company a short term rank buy of 2. This is compared to a 1 rank from one broker. Analysts from Zacks have rated Nobilis as a strong buy. The target price per share was ten dollars but the shares have dropped to five dollars forty-three cents. The share prices have risen over 375 percent in just one year.
Nobilis has a bright future ahead and increased plans for expansion. The steady rise of profitability ensures share holders a safe and profitable long term investment.

Master Project by Omar Boraie for New Brunswick


Omar Boraie is a 73-year old investor who has interests in real estate property development and the president of Boraie Development. He is the founder of the firm and was an immigrant from Egypt and went to start a new life in New Brunswick. To his title is a scholar who has a Ph.D. in Chemistry. He decided to venture into real estate development in 1973 when he built a residential complex that exists up to date and is in continued use. Currently the real estate fund is undertaking a development project that is based in New Brunswick. The project is meant to serve opposite end of the profitable housing market because the housing units range from the crème and best with world class facilities to those that can be afforded by middle income earners. The two residential structures are underway being erected in areas that were forsaken by developers who have had differences with the locals.

He went against the odds to build the high-end residential apartments in New Brunswick, a town that was viewed as dying slowly because it lacked development projects. It is one of the earliest major towns that were developing in the late 19th century and early 20th century. Boraie is an entrepreneur who sees ahead of time by the fact that a new train line has been constructed linking the town directly to New York city, a great boost to him and his housing business as the train station is a few metres from the location of the buildings. Boraie development group built Albany Street Plaza Tower One bringing 250,000 square feet of world class residential services to the sleeping city. Another twin tower to Albany Street Plaza was built next to it. It has 25 stories and prides itself as being the tallest in New Brunswick. The residential building has 121 residential units, 10,000 square feet of space that is ideal for retail businesses, 40,000 square feet of space that can be used for office purposes together with ample parking spaces that are indoors. On the outside, there are spaces where resident can barbeque food, children play and have a spce for walking with their pets.

The buildings that are built like the condos of New York are brought a new touch to the city. The untapped skyline of New Brunswick was finally opened using trendsetting skyscrapers that offer a great view of the whole city while on top of the building. The residential units cost $2800 in rent per month.