Skout Teaches The Value Of Friendship In 2016

If you are alone and want to meet new people, then you should really invest some of your time in making a profile on Skout. What are you waiting for? It’s a free online dating application and social media tool that is growing in popularity. You get the chance to meet live single women and men that live near you. There are also lots of other people that are already in relationships or just want to meet friends, so whatever you are looking for in a relationship Skout will surely help you make progress towards that goal.

Goals For The New Year

When you are considering which goals to journey towards for this Near Year, take a look at your friends. Who will support you when you need to talk about your dreams? You need to have a strong base of supportive friends in order to actually make any real steps towards finding the courage you need to complete your goals. Most of our resolutions for the New Year take time to complete. There are some resolutions, of course, that you can do easily, like getting that tattoo covered up with something more appropriate. However, the long term goals, like fitness, weight loss and dieting right, take a lot of regular maintenance and support.

In a recent article by SAT PR News, Skout reveals some of the results of a recent survey that they took from their users’ opinions about what the New Year means to them. The resolutions that people have for the New Year really depend on their group of friends and the type of environment they live in, so keep this in mind when you are making waves toward your personal goals in 2016. Whether you plan to get fit, get a date, or become more stylish, your friends will help get you closer to the person that you wish to become.

Take time to appreciate your friends for who they really are and what they have done for you in your life because you may need to call on them again in the future. It helps to be their for them when they need you. Skout makes it easy to stay in touch with everyone on the application, and it is easy to start a profile on Skout. To read the original article from SAT PR News, take a look at this url:

Kyle Bass Cries: “BEARS!”

Kyle Bass hit the ground running sprints back in 2008 when he used his knowledge of the stock market to predict with astonishing accuracy America’s bubble explosion when the sub-prime lending market popped like the fat bubble it was, UsefulStooges wrote extensively about that. Bass knew IOUs and loans based on essentially nothing would eventually result in collapse. Sooner or later all the chickens come home to roost.

Bass comes from Argentina, and has ties to Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, the socialist president of that country. Bass is a hedge fund manager based out of Texas who also works with his organization The Coalition for Affordable Drugs to reduce the stock value of big-time pharmaceutical companies’ medicines, and then short-sell his stock when the reduction hits. It’s not illegal, and it’s not cheating; it’s just a clever loophole Bass is exploiting like a gangster, and getting away with it.

Bass has also predicted collapse in China, and points to Europe’s economic crisis as evidence. Bass says that investors should be more concerned because China’s GDP is ten trillion, but their banking system is at thirty-five trillion, and those numbers simply are not sustainable. A collapse is imminent, and as a result the United States economy will take a dive to the tune of between ten and twenty percent economic losses.

Bass has a successful track record, and has built his entire career around either the facilitation of deflationary stock decrease, or the prediction of bubble implosion.

Bass has also successfully predicted economic crises in Japan, and continues to wage war against various pharmaceutical companies by dethroning zombie patents.

A zombie patent is a legal injunction that “just won’t die”, even though it’s entirely useless. Examples of zombie patents Bass has fought against include speckled coloring on a pill that has nothing to do with its effect to the patient, and use of a third-party rubber stopper that likewise had nothing to do with either the medicine or the patient.

The question becomes whether or not Bass is a social advocate, or just exceptionally versatile when it comes to manipulating public opinion toward his own ends. Someone whose source of wealth is the loss of others’ should immediately rouse suspicion. Yet Bass has bet against systems that obtain their wealth in a way that many would call corrupt, so whether his actions are right or wrong becomes really difficult to determine.

What isn’t difficult to determine is his aptitude in economy, and that only seems to increase with each passing year. It makes sense to keep an eye on Kyle Bass if you want to make secure investment decisions. Bass is saying a bearish market will hit America by year’s end, so invest accordingly.

The Difference of Woke Twitter

The word “Woke” refers to the state of socially and political consciousness. Most of this consciousness concerns matters of race. This type of “Woke” spirit, being constantly aware of the issues has grown enormously in past months. This kind of information is usually and most effectively transferred via twitter, hence it is known as Woke Twitter. Thanks to Woke Twitter, everyone in the world now knows about a racist conversation that took place between Penny Sparrow, Chris Hart, and Justin van Vuuren. In the face of these Woke allegations, the three of them have been brought up on serious charges.

A champion of the Woke Twitter movement is twitter personality, Shaka Sisulu. She is a loud call to reform of racist policies and social norms. However, Sisulu is just one voice among many twitter users who are bolstering their cause by using hashtags that connect others to important trending topics. And this mass of people are being very globally successful. When this mass of Woke Twitterers target a person anywhere in the world, jobs are lost and serious legal issues transpire for that individual. It is now not uncommon for such persons to receive threatening correspondence.

Concerning Penny Sparrow, legal analyst Brenda Wardle is in agreement with the Woke Twitterers. She says that although like everyone else, Sparrow is protected by the freedom of speech, she went beyond her right to do so by depriving black people of their rights. Wardle is not just any individual just spouting uneducated hot air. She really knows what she is talking about. She is currently the COO at the Wardle Law School near Johannesburg.

Wardle is a recognized expert on forensic medicine, and the laws of medicine, media, and constitution. In addition, she has written 13 books about contract management. Wardle is still working on her law degree doctorate. At the same time, she is studying and writing a book about Oscar Pistorius. She has already earned her intermediate degree in Criminal Justice, a B.L. degree, and an M.L. degree. Her greatest desire is to teach law efficiently and effectively. She will surely be an important face in the ever widening future of social consciousness.


George Soros Believes Downturn is Imminent

Billionaire financier George Soros believes the world may be nearing the brink of another 2008-style financial crisis. CNBC reports that Soros, speaking at an economic forum in Sri Lanka, argued that a confluence of factors may be leading to a financial crisis in the near future.

Soros, who became a billionaire by banking on the devaluation of the British pound, believes the economic changes occurring in China will have significant ramifications which may be contributing to an economic meltdown. Soros sees China’s transition to a more consumer-oriented and less export-oriented economy, in combination with its move to devalue its currency, may trigger a scenario like what happened in 2008.

The ongoing crisis in Chinese markets is spilling over to the rest of Asia, according to Bloomberg, with markets tanking across the globe, and the effects are already being felt stateside and in Europe, although 2016 is barely underway. China’s stock market woes began in 2015, and investors, by and large, have little faith that China’s regulators are capable of stopping the carnage.

The downward spiral in oil prices, likewise, is contributing to the market declines. Moreover, developing economies, including BRICS countries, may be hurt by the trend in rising interest rates, and the disparity between American monetary policy and the rest of the world may also be a contributing factor. Europe is still struggling with its debt crisis and a weak, though not recessionary, US economy, has contributed to overall anemic levels of demand around the world.

Soros sees a clear parallel with 2008, although others argue that the main cause of the 2008 downturn is missing. One analyst has criticized Soros’s comments, stating that Soros is talking down the markets. He believes that the comparison is fundamentally flawed since the dearth of regulation and the bad debts that defined 2008 are absent in 2016.

The Fight For Human Rights

The Grammy Award nominated raptress Niki Minaj and her sidekicks have boarded a jet and have arrived in Angola, Africa, despite the Human Rights Foundation’s request that Niki Minaj cancel her appearance and subsequent performance on stage for a Christmas festival. The festival is sponsored by Unitel, a communications company.

Unitel is a company run by the family of Jose Eduardo dos Santos, the President of Angola. He has been deemed a dictator by the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Organization. During the Santos’s Family 30 year rule, they have abused Angola’s riches from diamonds and oil production to amass extreme wealth. They have taken over the military, all branches of the government and civilians and will kill, imprison and harass anyone who protests his rule.

The Human Rights Organization has requested Niki Minaj to cancel in an open letter. The letter explains the dictator like rule that Dos Santos has instated and also warns Niki that accepting payment for the performance, is promoting government corruption and human rights violations.

Thor Halvorssen, began supporting human rights in London, back in 1989. In 2005, Thor founded the Human Rights Organization. Before Thor Halvorssen began his work for the Human Rights Foundation, he was CEO and Executive Director of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education for five straight years. Halvorssen’s opinions have surfaced in venues such as The Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, The Economist, the Daily Telegraph, Time Magazine, and The New York Times. He has made numerous films pertaining to human rights and freedom and his work has been televised on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, HBO, BBC and several others.

Thor Halvorssen has faced much adversity in his life and that has led him to prominently advocate for human rights. His father, who was a diplomat at the time, was falsely imprisoned in a Venezuelan jail and was severely beaten and tortured. Halvorssen, a student at the time, helped orchestrate a campaign that pressured the Venezuelan authorities to release his father after 74 days in prison. In 2004, at a protest rally in Caracas, Halvorssen’s mother was shot by a gunmen shooting into the crowd.

Thor Halvorssen lives his life to protect and to promote human rights worldwide. His work and his films have captured the attention of many throughout the world. It seems fitting that his main goal in life is to bring everyone together, in equality.

Unlimited Data On Cellphones Are On the Way Back

While there was a period of time when cellular providers decided the best way to make a buck was to charge their customers for every minute they talked and every page they loaded, that trend seems to be on the reversal as we head into 2016. Part of the reason these firms are starting to look at unlimited data, text and talk again is because the few firms who offer some sort of plan in this regard are seeing quite a bit more success than their counterparts.

Sprint was one of the only companies that had been offering unlimited data and voice plans in the United States but it has seen other firms join the ranks of the unlimited plans more and more in the last few weeks and months. One such firm that is quickly embracing unlimited plans is a firm known as FreedomPop. FreedomPop is a wireless internet and mobile phone service provider that is relatively new to the game and is based in Los Angeles, California.

The company has forged partnerships with firms like Sprint and Clearwire but offers its own plans that are usually more affordable than what customers are going to get from the larger, more well known firms. FreedomPop is one of those companies that has clearly seen there is a market out there for firms who are willing to offer unlimited data, text and talk plans. Even if these plans are a bit on the expensive side, customers are willing to pony up a bit more on the front end, with the understanding that they’ll likely be saving money on the back end.

FreedomPop and other firms that are moving towards unlimited plans give the customer a peace of mind, because they don’t have to worry about how long they have talked or how many text messages they’ve sent. The unlimited plans allow for customers to pay once a month and then go about their business. Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile are all starting to look hard at this business model as more customers move towards FreedomPop and the like. The market seems to be shifting and every cellular provider out there is trying to make sure they’re not the ones that are left behind when that market changes for good.

Companies like FreedomPop are in a good condition for this changing market because they are more agile than the bigger firms. That in turn will mean eventually FreedomPop can specifically compete with this bigger firms.

Sanjay Shah Starts Gofund Me Campaign For Autism Chairity Organizaton

Former hedge fund manager Sanjay Shah has started a go-fund me campaign for his non-profit autism charity organization called Autism Rocks. He has a set a goal of raising six thousand six hundred and ten British Pounds which is roughly equivalent to the sum of nine thousand five hundred dollars. All of the proceeds from this go-fund me campaign will be given to the Autism Research Trust. The trust is an organization that supports research efforts at the autism research center at Cambridge University in England. The center is the leading research agency that delves into the causes of autism. It also has programs that are focused on improving diagnosis of autism in children. The Autism Research Center is also developing management techniques and studying how to best manage autism.

Sanjay Shah is deeply passionate about supporting efforts to diagnose, and manage autism. His youngest son Nihill had been diagnosed with autism in 2011 and it left Sanjay and his wife in shock. The hedge fund manager was stumped on what he can do and tried to look for a cure to autism, before realizing that there is no cure, only management. Determined not to give up hope, and wanting to aid research efforts into autism, he got his chance unexpectedly. The sudden arrival of Snoop Dog in Dubai where Sanjay Shah resided at the time gave Shah the opportunity to experiment with an idea he had for a long time. He had promoted concerts while studying at Kings College in London. Now he had an idea of promoting world class singers like Snoop Dog and many others in order to raise money for autism awareness through music concerts.

To Shah’s amazement Snoop Dog agreed to give a concert. It turned out to be a success and raised a significant sum of money for Autism Rocks. Ever since he officially created the non-profit Autism Rocks in 2014, he has helped host musicians such as Prince, Elvis Costello and Lenny Kravitz to give concerts to raise money for Autism Rocks. Sanjay Shah remains deeply involved in his non-profit organization and also serves as a trustee at the Autism Research Trust. Before starting his own hedge fund, he previously worked for Morgan Stanley and Rabobank.

San Francisco Compliance Officer Demonstrates Value of Her Profession in Corporate World

Helane Morrison has worked in many different capacities during her time in San Francisco. She has become one of the most notable figures for female corporate leaders on the west coast. She served as the Regional Office Director for the SEC at one time, but she has since moved on to Hall Capital. This has allowed her to grow in another capacity as she extends her business leadership skills to another area of business.

Hall Capital has roots in fund management, and there are a lot of investors that have reaped great returns with this company. This organization also has a female CEO – Kathryn Hall – with Morrison as part of the counsel and the executive committee. It marks another great milestone for the advancement of women in the corporate workplace.

Morrison has become well-known in the industry because she has the spirit of a leader. Helane has also worked as a lawyer. According to her Crunchbase, Morrison has a degree in journalism and she also has a law degree. This diverse background of education has allowed Morrison to move from one area to another. She has been able to transition well because she has knowledge of the corporate world of compliance. The most notable skill that she brings to the table is her skill in the matters of litigation. This is especially important in a place like Hall Capital where regulations have to be followed for investing. Helane Morrison is the counsel that keeps things on track. She makes sure that the rules are not being broken while the investors are investing their money. Below is one of Helane’s quotes about an unethical practice of a peer in the business world.

Helane has worked hard to build up a career for herself over the years. Morrison, at one point, has worked as a law clerk. This was prior to becoming a lawyer for a law firm. She moved from one area and continued upward as she learned more and made an effort to do more. She would move into position like Regional Director for the Securities and Exchange Commission before making an entrance at Hall Capital. 

As the Chief Compliance Officer Morrison has seen and learned a lot. She has been able to rely on her skills in previous jobs to get her to the point of being comfortable with her current role. She has been in this position for close to a decade, and she continues to provide advice as part of the executive counsel for Hall Capital.

Veteran Lacrosse Player Gets it Right

Jon Urbana is an individual with a history in the lacrosse world who has various different talents that have helped numerous people in the community. He is most known for his skills in collegiate and professional sports. This is something that has helped him to make a great impact in the world of athletics. His contribution to those starting to learn lacrosse has been great with his lacrosse summer camp that he has helped to start. There have been many rookie lacrosse players that have become much greater lacrosse players due to the summer camp that they have gone through.

Jon Urbana is a very creatively talented individual as well. He has spent a great deal of time mastering the work of videos and photography. The beauty of his landscape videos at Vimeo continues to get better with the more experience that Jon earns.

Jon has also spent a lot of his time learning how to raise money for charity. The money that he has raised for charity has helped many individuals all over the world. Jon has had a great amount of success in business as well. There are many different business ventures that Jon Urbana has been a part of, yet his most successful must be the lacrosse camp that he started. This camp helps to not only teach the fundamentals of lacrosse, but also interacting with Urbana at Twitter to dissect the fundamentals of life success. Jon has begun to work on a budding flying career as well, learning how to fly in different aircraft. Jon’s talents are ranging in very many different categories.

A Chicago Entrepreneur Is Looking for Donations for the Nepal Earthquake Victims

There were many people and organizations that rushed to help the victims of the April 2015 earthquake that devastated the country of Nepal. There were hundreds of thousand people who were left homeless, thousands were killed, and many more were injured. Unfortunately, there are still many people who are suffering despite efforts that have been made to help the earthquake victims. Thankfully, there are still people who are interested in helping this cause. One such individual is Majeed Ekbal. This is something that is especially important to him since he has many friends who live in Nepal. He is concerned about their welfare and the welfare of others. It is his goal to raise at least $1 million to help them with medical and disaster relief. The money will be put in a crowdrise campaign. It will be used to provide housing, medicine, and food for the victims.

Clay Sculptures by Majeed Ekbal from Majeed Ekbal on Vimeo.

Majeed Ekbal is a successful real estate investor. He is well known in the Chicago area for his successful investments and also his new business Expresso Inc. The business that he recently opened delivers groceries to individuals who pay a small fee for the convenience of having their groceries delivered to their home or another designated location. Busy individuals can go on the website that he has set up, access thousands of different products, order items, and then have them delivered right to their home. No matter how many places a customer orders from, large grocery chains or even small shops, they will pay no more than $10 for the delivery service. This is making the lives of Chicago residents a lot easier. It is also saving them money on gas.

Majeed Ekbal has contributed his own personal funds to the Go Fund Me campaign that he has set up for the victims of the Nepal earthquake. He is asking other individuals to help these victims as well. He appreciates donations of any size. Majeed Ekbal hopes that the money that is raised will be able to relieve some of the suffering has left many individuals without homes and with severe injuries that need proper medical care in the country of Nepal.