How to Build a Better Company

Status Labs, a reputation and crisis management firm, has suffered a crisis of their own. After an toxic executive operated poorly and dangerously for the company, they knew that their company morale and image was at an all time low.

Darius Fisher knew just how to help the spirit of the company.

First, he recognized that community outreach on behalf of his company was dismally low. They did very little in terms of giving back to the community. It had never seemed like a necessary step for a business of their size. However, when Fisher of Status Labs began pushing his employees to give back, he found something special happened. Not only did the relationship between the company and community grow, individuals began to grow as well. He found that eventually, employees began going to the food bank on their own, instead of him insisting on them going. Overall, through their dedication to the community, individual employees within Status Labs were able to find a better emotional state for themselves.

That however, was not enough to boost the spirits of the company back to the original hopeful levels that had been experienced when the company was first created. To do so, he knew he needed to restore a sense of fun and happiness in the work place itself.

One of the first measures he incorporated was to cater food into the office every Friday for lunch. These communal meals shared between employees served to strengthen the bonds they had for each other. Now, instead of independently getting lunch and not speaking to each other, they operated as a group.

Next, he opened up the company space to employees pets. This served to restore some of the youth and joy to the company that had seem to be drained out. Instead of rushing back home during lunch hours to walk pets, people were ale to see them all day.

Finally, Fisher told each employee every day that they were unique and vital to the success of the public relations company.

These measures served to increase the health and morale of the office community.

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Best Business Buff; Brian Bonar

Brain Bonar may not be a household name, but he has achieved much more in the financial realm than most celebrities do on the silver screen. He is currently the leader of Trucept, Incorporated and Daldra Financial Services, and started Bezier Systems.

He has had his hand in global companies, like IBM, QMS, Allegiant, and a vast number of additional companies. His resume holds a variety of positions from sales manager to director of engineering.

Though he is a leader and executive of finance companies, his education was technical. He received his undergraduate degree in Technical Engineering and a masters in Mechanical Engineering. This education is applied by how he thinks logically and by structuring stable and successful business strategies.

The company that he was recognized for is Dalrada Financial Services. Through his accomplishments at Dalrada, he received the Cambridge Who’s Who® Executive of the Year in Finance in 2010. Brian Bonar was given his honor through this position as chairman and CEO, in which his responsibilities range from employee and employer benefits to aftermarket products.

Brain Bonar has increased Dalrada’s efficiency in business.
His special skills include, but are hardly limited to mergers and acquisitions, reconstructing and process improvement, marketing strategy and sales, and employee relations.
Coworkers applaud his creative and innovative techniques in business, as well as his truthful and determined personality.

He takes initiative and is highly dependable. All these characteristics and more are why Brian Bonar was given the highest honor in the financing world. His dedication to every project and company he is a part of is exceptional and truly makes him stand out, both as a leader and a team player.

His expertise is not comparable to anyone other leader in his field, both because he is so versatile in his experience and his ability to improve any system or situation he is assigned.

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Fabletics: A Unique Shopping Experience

One brand of athleisure that has really taken off and found great success is a company called Fabletics. You may be wondering what athleisure is- it’s simply incorporating athletic wear into your everyday style for added comfort. Athleisure is a very versatile type of clothing- you can pair it with other types of clothing to create that perfect fashion statement. For example, yoga pants matched with a moto jacket can create an on-the-go or a night out look. Fabletics is not only a popular company, but it is a unique one. The way that they go about selling is quite interesting- you can subscribe to and they will send you athleisure clothing once per month. The price will always remain the same and you can add to your wardrobe gradually, while indulging in your favorite style at a price that won’t empty out your wallet. This past year, Fabletics has found ways to add a different element of shopping with them.

Learn more about Fabletics at Wikipedia.

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Fabletics – Mall of America

Though they are known for solely selling online, Fabletics decided that by adding a few retail stores, it could really help grow their customer base. Customers could now go into the store and try things on so that they can see the true quality Fabletics has to offer. Not only that, but they can try on different styles and feel the soft materials they are known for. This is great way for people to decide that Fabletics is, indeed, worth it and then they will go home and subscribe for that discounted, fixed price. While they have gained a ton more subscribers, they now have retail customers as well. It has really opened up new doors of success for Fabletics. Since the plan went so well, they are planning to open up more stores within the United States this year. Fabletics will soon be seen everywhere across America if their success keeps going in this wonderful direction. They are going to rake in about two hundred and fifty million by the end of 2016, and with athleisure being an ongoing strong trend, they are likely to keep rising.

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Bob Reina: Growing by the Day

Bob Reina, of course, is known as the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion, which is a video communication product that allows you to keep in touch with people in more ways than you ever thought possible. It is a product that Bob believes in and he has seen it all the way through from start to where it is now, which is the 7th largest video communications company in the world. They are growing by the day, as more and more people discover just what they do, how they do it, and what they stand for and their beliefs as a company.

The idea all started when Bob Reina wanted to send out a video email and he was surprised there wasn’t a method out there that would allow you to do that. After that, he added video conferences, video chat, and other ways to use video to build the brand of the company and make life easier for other people. Not only has Bob done wonders with Talk Fusion, but he is a selfless person that loves to give back to others and do as much as he can for everyone around him, especially animals. They have always had a soft spot in his heart and he has always felt a kinship with them.

He wants to get rid of animal cruelty and homelessness. He wants animals to be treated right and with fairness. He never wants them to feel like they are less than or like they deserve anything less than the best. Not only does he devote his time to animals, but he also devotes his money as well. Whatever he can do to help animals, you better believe he is going to go above and beyond the call of duty to do it and do it the right way.

Whenever Bob does anything, whether it is Talk Fusion, donating, or giving his time, he gives it his all. He believes that if you are going to do something, it makes sense to do it right and to do it properly. There is no other way for Bob Reina.


New York Real Estate – Big Real Estate Projects on the Horizon

NYC is known for being a city of dreams in which everyone wants to live. For that reason, many have looked to the area as being a potential boom for new real estate developments. With this in mind, there are many new real estate projects on the horizon for New Yorkers, whom have a knack for building up big properties. Here are some examples of the largest real estate projects in the area right now, as there are plenty of great things to do in New York if you’re looking to the right places.

Right now, there are 3 big projects in Brooklyn going on. These include a five story office building spanning 645,103 sq. feet which includes some retail at 270 Richards Street, a new Wegman’s Grocery Store at the former Brooklyn Navy Yard, and an apartment rental building at 22 Chapel Street in Brooklyn.

At 413 West 18th Street, a mixed income housing development is being constructed which is 18 floors high; and at 12 East 48th street, a hotel is being constructed in midtown. This is followed by a office and retail building on 827 Broadway in Manhattan and another office building on 43 West 47 street in Manhattan, which is an office building.

Funded by EB-5 investors, Tishman Speyer is constructing a Long Island office park at 28-10 Queens Plaza South which spans 900,509 sq. ft and includes office and factory space. The company is also building rental buildings for residential purposes in the same space. Also, 37-12 Prince Street will feature an office building which has been funded by investors in China and New York

In the Melrose neighborhood, Omni New York is building a new residential building which has 143,318 square feet of space. This will also include affordable housing in addition to standard income housing.

Town Residential
Town residential is a real estate firm which offers a wide range of real estate and properties in NYC. Individuals looking to move to the area can choose from one of the different fantastic options for housing and property in New York.  Their full listing of NYC real estate is available on their website

Compliance Officers and CRO’s are Teaming UP to Stop Workplace Corruption

Compliance officers are important members of organizations, companies and agencies. These individuals have an important job of maintaining workplace ethical and legal standards. They ensure that the workplace is free from problems involving fraud and corruption.

Chief Risk Officers or CROs have a similar function to compliance officers. The primary difference between the two jobs has to do adhering to regulatory compliance. In short, a compliance officer ensures that their organization is conducting business according to laws set forth by the government. CROs are more focused on dealing with any type of situation that will cause a business to lose profits and productivity.

Many companies are now using the services of compliance officers and CROS to help make their organizations more secure. Since the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010 was enacted by Congress; many financial, investment and lending organizations must now closely watch the daily operations and transactions that take place between their employees and clients.

Government, business leaders and the general public does not want a repeat of the 2008 recession. This is why the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act was passed. It had to be created as a means of helping organizations to stay in compliance with the law and industry standards.

Compliance officers like Helane Morrison knows that the Dodd-Frank Act helps to make her job easier. Mrs. Morrison has been working as a compliance officer for well over 30 years. She knows the ins and outs of the business. Helane also understands how corruption can quickly spiral out of control within a company or a whole entire industry.
Morrison has many years under her belt working with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) as a compliance officer. She knows that keeping employees away from unethical and illegal practices is necessary for keeping a company in the black.

Morrison also understands that businesses have a social, moral and legal responsibility to the communities and consumers that they serve. She understands that CROs bring added value to the workplace and help to keep things moving smoothly. More information about this subject is featured in an article that appears in the Wall Street Journal.

Historian and Writer Michael Zomber

Michael Zomber is very passionate about antique arms. Over a span of forty years he has collected a number of guns and swords from past historical eras. As a result he has become very knowledgeable of them and is always eager to share his knowledge to others. Due to his desire to share his knowledge of antique arms, Michael has appeared on the History Channel to discuss his passion of weapons. On the History Channel he often discusses the significance of the arms and how they were a key to deciding the armed conflicts that took place during those times. While he is very passionate about guns from prior periods of history they are not the only weapon he has a strong interest in.

Zomber has been very fond of samurai swords which made him develop a desire to write stories about them. Over the course of his career, Michael has written a number of screenplays about samurai swords and the samurai era. With these screenplays he has been able to produce films through his own company Renascent Films LLC. His films are therefore another way for him to share his passion for antique arms that will provide enlightenment as well as entertainment to many people.

At any given time you will often see Michael study weapons and write stories. His background in English literature has played a key role in his storytelling activities. With his degrees in English Literature he has developed a sense of how good stories are written which gave him the ability to make them interesting and unique. As a result he is always looking to provide interesting stories about the samurai era that will appeal to many readers.

While Michael may be very passionate about antique weapons he believed that it would benefit him to become part of organizations that foster peace. With his regular involvement he helps organizations in the United States and the rest of the world find ways to establish and restore peace. These activities include diplomacy to de escalate a potential armed conflict as well as providing education and healthcare to those who are in war torn areas.  Be sure to check out Michael on Facebook, and learn about how his exoneration inspired him to become a better person.

Andy Wirth’s Plans for the Future

For nearly 70 years, the Tahoe Valley has been home to the successful Squaw Valley Ski Resort which is one of the oldest and most recognizable resorts on the West Coast. For families as well as ski enthusiasts, this resort has become the place to visit for not only high quality ski resorts, but also for beautiful and mysterious surroundings.

Within the last five years, this ski resort has been run by an individual with so much passion for both business as well as for nature that it is hard not to see it within the hard work that he has put into the resort.

With this past few years that Andy Wirth has been the CEO and President of the Squaw alley Ski Resort, he has made sure that people are not only comfortable at his resort, but they also are able to see the beauty of their surroundings.

Though this resort was originally owned and run by the Cushing family, Andy Wirth was entrusted with this job as he has proven himself in the past through hard work and dedication.

Within the past five years, Andy Wirth has already proved himself to be the right man for the job through his many renovation plans as well as through his made investments. Andy Wirth, in recent news invested over $70 million in renovation plans to improve the rooms and public spaces of the resort. This has already attracted more and more visitors and has improved the Squaw Valley Ski Resort in the long-run

As a successful businessman of one of the most widely known businesses in the Tahoe Valley, the KCRW radio station was excited to procure a meeting with Andy Wirth to discuss the relevant topic of the drought that has been continuously been an issue for the West Coast over the last several years.

As a businessman, Andy Wirth understands the trend of scarce resources which in this case is water. Andy Wirth also is well aware of the fact that many businesses have either had to scale back or be put out of business thanks to this massive drought.

The KCRW radio host was anxious to hear the opinion of Andy Wirth on the drought issue not only for his expertise, but also his full involvement in an industry that depends on the annual rainfall. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

Though the KCRW radio host expected Andy Wirth to express his worried opinion on the lack of rainfall, this was not the case. Andy Wirth, in fact, stated that he is excited for this new opportunity that has presented itself.

Andy Wirth further states that as a businessman, he is always up for new challenges to anything that will enable him to prove his talents.

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How Will the Drought Affect California Ski Resorts?

Securus Technologies – BBB Accredited and Based on Passion for People

Securus Technologies has been a leading provider of technological solutions for the criminal and civil justice industries for many years. They were founded in Texas back in 1986 and have since grown to serve more than 3,400 public safety and law enforcement agencies across the country. They always operate with the highest of integrity and are now releasing reports listing wrongdoings of competitors in hopes of forcing them to operate in the same fashion. Securus holds a BBB accreditation and believes that people are more important than profit, so they operate their business with that in mind at all times. Securus could no longer stand by and watch as Global Tel Lock continued to cheat their customers out of money and knew something had to be done. Securus has released the initial report in what will be a series of reports focused on bringing truth to the public surrounding the unlawful practices of their competitor GTL, also publised on PR Newswire. GTL has been lying and stealing from their clients for many years and have even cost the taxpayers in Louisiana over $1,000,000. Securus hopes that these reports will prompt GTL to change their ways moving forward or remove themselves from the market so they don’t give it a bad reputation. Securus has worked hard for the reputation they have today, but they have worked even harder on the amazing products that they offer to ensure that they are above and beyond the best that they can be. From their emergency response solution known as Securus XCAD and their SECURUS Voice Biometrics investigative solutions all the way to the communication, information management, inmate self-service and managed access technologies they offer for correctional agencies their integrity and devotion to a safer world is clearly evident. Learn more about Securus Technologies for yourself on their website here.


IAP Worldwide Services and Detailed Power Choices

IAP Worldwide Services is a company that has a long history. It’s headquartered in Cape Canaveral, Florida and has a highly international presence. Other locations for this company are in Panama City, Florida, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, Alexandria, Virginia (just outside of Washington, D.C.), Dorset, England, Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Kuwait City, Kuwait. The employees at IAP Worldwide Services are experts in complex technical and professional specialties, facilities management and worldwide logistics. They work hard to maintain safety in areas all around the planet. The IAP Worldwide Services team includes over 1,600 individuals. These individuals are scattered throughout over 20 nations, too. IAP Worldwide Services has been a big name in its field for over six full decades so far.

Douglas Kitani and Terry DeRosa are IAP Worldwide Services’ Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer respectively. They also have numerous other duties on their plates. Kitani acts as the firm’s director. DeRosa, on the other hand, acts as the firm’s Executive Vice President. A sampling of other members that are part of the company’s leadership division include Pascal Budge, Barbara Jerich and Dale Thornton. Budge is a Vice President who runs the company’s ethics, compliance and training department. Jerich is a human resources Vice President who focuses on corporate services and communications. Thornton, lastly, is the company’s business development Senior Vice President.

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Iap Worldwide Services, Inc Jobs in Virginia |

Solutions for the power realm make up a significant fraction of the work at IAP Worldwide Services. The professionals at this company have expertise in both temporary and permanent power choices. Disasters often lead to power outages that can last for days and days. IAP Worldwide is a company that offers emergency power assistance for locations that are dealing with lasting outages. It caters to the power outage needs of all fifty states. The company also helps provide emergency power outage assistance to both Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands.

Permanent power is a big area of expertise for the talents at IAP Worldwide Services. The company designs and builds first-rate power plants. They also provide invaluable assistance with the efficient running of power plants. IAP Worldwide Services has dramatically cut power costs for many customers. They have done this through oil recycling efforts and creative reuse of tools and equipment. The aim at IAP Worldwide Services is to offer customers everywhere eco-friendly and dependable energy choices. The company is perpetually searching for strengthened energy operations.

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