Melissa Click and her Struggle to get back her Reputation

When a member of a high profile business or organization is associated with racism; this usually means the death of their career. This is true for Melissa Click the University of Missouri assistant faculty member who was suspended last November for her making negative comments and actions. Apparently, Click had assaulted a camera man and tried to use some muscle to get a crowd of protesters to disperse. Her actions went viral and she was immediately shunned by the public and the university. Click has been out of the spotlight for months and is now taking measures to get her life back in order.

One thing that Click has done to make amends and to correct her mistakes is to hire the services of a public relations firm named Status Labs. This organization is in the business of repairing and restoring a person’s personal character after it has been ruined.

This organization will use a variety of different measures to reduce the problems associated with a person’s reputation. Status Labs realizes that a person’s online reputation counts for a lot in the modern age. This is because many individuals, companies and businesses search online for a person’s work history and personal information. Status Labs will help clients to get around this problem by pushing down negative search results and doing away with links that promote negative information about a person.

Status Labs knows that some negative information is warranted and they do not want to make light of serious situations or pretend like they did not happen. However, they do not want their clients or anyone else to be permanently defined by this situations. They know that people make mistakes and that they should be give a second chance to make up for their past transgressions. This is one of the main reasons why Click has used Status Labs. She is woman who needs a second chance.

Where is FreedomPop Going Next?

FreedomPop has a “freemium” service. This kind of service has a base fee of nothing for a certain amount of data. This data is not only limited to texting; it includes voice mails, phone calls, texts, and smart phone data. The company has seen a large surge of popularity since it has started up.

FierceWireless recently covered a new expansion that FreedomPop is talking about. This new expansion would take the currently US and UK only company into Europe. It would expand the company into 25 European countries, to be exact.

Though free services are always available, the data is limited to 200 MB a month. For an extra $10, users can purchase an extra 500 MB a month. There is no limit to how many extra MBs can be bought by a customer. A SIM card can be purchased for $10 as well, and access to a global hotspot costs $50.

Despite the option to not pay anything for extra services, almost half of FreedomPop’s customers pay for something extra every month. The conversation from free to paying to something is good, too; 48% of people who use FreedomPop in the USA pay now, and 40% of those in the UK.

In a world of so much competition, having an edge on the competition is likely to do a company good. With FreedomPop and Sprint teaming up, it’s no surprise that FreedomPop has seen such growth and fervor.

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Stocks Sale

The Street recently released an article that analyzed the Soros Fund Management major sale of all stocks in Chevron, Chesapeake Energy and NRG Energy. The article questioned whether Soros and his firm knew something about the future of the energy sector. It then cautioned most investors to wait until more facts and figures are revealed.

Investors should have a much better idea of whether to hang on to their shares or sell like George Soros did, after many companies release their earnings statement for 2015. The Baker-Hughes Rig Count is also being released this coming Friday and that is expected to shed some light on the energy situation.

The article went on to highlight some of the current issues in the oil industry. The main concern is that while a drop in oil prices does help the average American with their spending, the broad implication is negative. That broader implication is that there are 9 million American jobs in oil, which makes up 5 percent of total employment.

The article mentioned attempts to fix the oil price issue among the biggest oil producing countries. Unfortunately, Iran had no interest in coming to any agreement due to wanting revenge for the hardships that sanctions have brought. Saudi Arabia and Russia attempted to sway Iran into freezing oil production in order to bring up the price, but to no avail.

This move to sell shares in the energy sector is a big one for the Soros Fund, but it is not their first. This is the firm that broke the Bank of England because he shorted the British Pound. He did a similar thing with several Asian currencies and through these type of moves, George Soros is now worth almost 25 billion dollars.

George Soros did not start out with a lot of money, though. He was actually born in Budapest in 1930 and spent his childhood living under Nazi and then Communist rule. Soros fled in 1947 and decided to study at the London School of Economics. After graduating, he moved to the United States and worked successfully for many years as an investor for various New York firms.

In the 1970s, Soros decided to start Soros Fund Management and started helping people make billions of dollars. He had years where he created a 100 percent return and would rarely create a return of less than 30 percent. After, Soros made his billions, he decided to concentrate on his philanthropy, the Open Society Foundations. This charity works to help individuals create more transparent governments, more open societies and more human rights for every individual on the earth.

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Understanding Investment Banking

Investment banking differs markedly from retail banking. Bank branches where you deposit paychecks, checks and cash are part of the retail banking world. Retail banks also known as commercial banks loan money for mortgages and may also offers credit cards to consumers. Commercial banks also offer certificates of deposits, savings accounts and checking accounts. The main way that retail banks function is they take money from an individual or business and then loan a portion of that money to someone else in the form of loans or credit. The retail bank makes money off of interest charged to people who have taken loans or use credit.

Investment banks play a very different role in the economy. To start, most investment banks do not have branches that will accept deposits of cash or checks like commercial banks do. You won’t find certificates of deposit or savings account at investment banks either. Investment banks instead invest money into stocks, commodities such as corn, oil, precious metals and cotton. They buy and sell stocks, bonds and commodities and try to make a profit off these items. Investment banks are actively involved in trading goods and financial derivatives. Commercial banks typically do not do this.

Another important job that investment banks do, is raising money for companies by determining the value of company stock, and then actually trying to sell the stocks on the markets. Investment banks often charge a fee for this service or they are paid on a commission basis for every share of stock sold. Helping companies acquire and merge with other firms is another job that investment banks do.

Investment banking can be a very lucrative field with big payoffs. Martin Lustgarten, the founder of investment banking firm Lustgarten Martin has a made fortune in the field of investment banking. Mr. Lustgarten approaches investments with a very cautious eye and compares the possibility of a payoff when the possibility of losing money before making an investment. This approach has minimized losses for Lustgarten Martin and has kept his firm profitable.

Investment banker Martin Lustgarten has a great deal of knowledge of the Central, South and North American markets. His insight has helped him spot profitable investments and avoid many pitfalls that abound in developing countries. Mr. Lustgarten resides with his family in Florida. His firm is also located in Florida, outside of Jacksonville.

The Need to Know on the Ross Abelow Fundraiser

During the January month of this year, on the 13th, Ross Abelow made the decision to help the animals that are within New York city with a charity fundraiser that helps to raise money for the shelters. $5,000 Actually happens to be the money goal of this fundraiser, making the city of New York very excited to see what they can do to help. The money that is made should be going to the shelters, so as to provide the shelters of animals with food, blankets and also the very needed medical care.

The winter months are the hardest times of the year for almost everyone. When it comes to stray animals living on the streets though, it can be very deadly too. The prevention of needless deaths is just one of the reasons why Ross Abelow started the fundraiser, another is so that he could help the animals that he loves so much. During the winter, many animals are kicked out of their homes due to money troubles, supply troubles and also just because people can be cruel. With this fundraiser, Ross hopes to prevent this from being a deadly ordeal, by providing these animals with a place to escape to.

If there is anything more that you would like to know about the fundraiser and how to help, you can always just visit Ross Abelow’s GoFundMe page that is available to the public for use. If you want to talk to Ross directly, you can do that on the page too, by just shooting him a message with any concerns that you may have concerning the fundraiser.

Ross Abelow

Being a great attorney that everyone loves and trusts, it should come as no surprise that Ross Martin Abelow received his license in 1990 in the state of New York, which was a very big step for him. As far as education is concerned, Ross attended the wonderful State University of New York for awhile, and then he made a big success in his life by getting his degree in the field of law with the Brooklyn Law School, where he graduated during the year of 1989. As of right now, his main focus continues to remain on the practice of family law and matrimonial law, with a side interest being in the field of entertainment and commercial litigation law. Being a wonderful attorney is the greatest accomplishment of the life of Ross Abelow, and he his very proud of all that he has been able to accomplish.

Beneful Is The Best At Premium Dog Food

A local manufacturing center is found giving top of the line tours showcasing their amazing food to outsiders. This tour is giving people a glimpse into how this business does business, but what most people don’t realize about this situation is the fact that this company is actually known for their dog food creations. Even one of their main assistants at the location is found munching down on one of their treats. Their dog food is made with only the highest quality of ingredients. Freshpet is ultimately one of the most highly respected brands in the industry, and they remain to be one very reliable brand that can open up many opportunities for you.

The best thing most don’t realize is that more and more are getting into buying foods at this high level of an expense. It is definitely a very huge luxury to be able to invest and get food that is this expensive for dogs, and it’s true that local companies are always looking for more new ways to help improve the lives of dogs with the right food choices.

There are all kinds of brands that are more than capable of providing companies with top notch service. The truth is that brands are trying to one-up each other by coming up with unique products and ideas, and the truth is that every single one wants to stand out and give people something different.

Beneful for example is trying to provide organic foods with a great tasting approach. Beneful wet and dry food sections are filled with organic nutrients and ingredients, and then their great tasting treats are loved by all dogs because they make such great snacks. Most of their options are known for being at the same level of other brands because they give you the chance to really grow and give your dog exactly what they need when they need it the most. Their health is going to be taken cared of, and Beneful continues to shine through because of the huge number of people who rely on them for dog food that tastes wonderful with nutrients.



Beneful Is a Great Choice of Food For Your Pet Dog

There are a vast array of reasons for why a dog owner should choose the Beneful brand as their number one choice when it comes to nurturing what is known as being “man’s best friend”. Dogs are undoubtedly considered to be one of the most loyal animals on the planet. Unfortunately, many dog owners do not necessarily treat them as such. Oftentimes, they will simply feed their dog(s) their own leftovers. Although this can be quite a treat for the dog(s), especially dependent on what the meals they are being fed are, it isn’t recommended to make that a normal routine. Over the course of a period of time a dog is constantly fed human foods, they will become deficient in the important nutrients and minerals that are necessary for them to attain for living a lengthy, healthy and happy life. By choosing a well-renowned and proven dog food company along the likes of Beneful by Purina, a dog owner can have a great sense of assurance in knowing that their pet dog is being fed the proper foods for attaining optimal health and nutrition.

When it comes to choosing a dog brand for your pet, you may have previously recognized your dog’s loss of appetite after being fed the same foods over and over again. This is a common occurrence as dogs can become too accustomed to the same tastes of food. After a while, they lose the urge to eat such foods as they become bored of the same meals being served to them on a regular basis. By selecting the beneful by Purinastore brand, you will have an availability of a multitude of flavors to choose from. The best part about it all? Each and every flavor includes all of the minerals and nutrients as the next flavor, therefore, you will not have to worry about your dog missing out on any of the essential health benefits that are provided in the food choices.

Next time you are out and about in the midst of shopping for your beloved pet dog, it is highly suggested for you to give the Beneful brand a try if you haven’t already. You will quickly recognize a change of energy in your dog’s everyday being.


Yeonmi Park on North Korea: “I Thought the Regime Could Hear All”

Yeonmi Park is a beautiful and educated young woman. She wrote a memoir and enrolled in the criminal justice program at Dongguk University in South Korea. Yeonmi was also employed at a think-tank. All of this before the age of 23. Behind all of this lies a story, a harrowing tale of hope and survival. Yeonmi defected from North Korea, was a child-bride. Yeonmi was born in 1993, a time when famine swept North Korea. Many families survived by eating only rice, grass, and whatever they could forage from the local landscape. Yeonmi’s family was no exception. Her survival was in peril following her father’s arrest and imprisonment. “It was not an easy life,” Yeonmi said. “But we did not know differently. The government controlled everything. We knew only what they taught us. I was taught that the regime could hear my thoughts and all of my words.” Yeonmi’s parents wanted better for their children. Yeonmi’s sister, Eunmi, was the first to flee North Korea, despite the fact that she was supposed to leave with her mother and sister. Yeonmi and her mother were guided by smugglers. “We came through forests and mountains,” Yeonmi recalled. “I hurt so bad and I was crying, but I knew I must keep running.” When Yeonmi and her mother reached China, one of the men attempted to rape Yeonmi. Her mother offered herself in place of her daughter. The two were then enslaved. Yeonmi was forced to marry and was often raped. Years later, Yeonmi and her mother were able to leave China and set out for South Korea. The journey took months, but Yeonmi was overwhelmed by what she found. “I had no concept of what freedom was,” she recalled on youtube. “We did not know many of these words and jobs. They didn’t exist in North Korea. We did not know democracy; I felt just blessed enough to have food.” Yeonmi enrolled in college, but spent her first year feeling the pain and bitterness of her past. She threw herself into her studies, pushing everyone and everything else aside. It was her studies of Gandhi and Mandela which taught her the concept of compassion. Yeonmi has since become a human rights activists, speaking out against North Korea whenever she can.

FreedomPop Expands Its Mobile Service

FreedomPop, the discount and free mobile phone provider, has been able to raise another $50 million dollars in funding. This will help them in offering a global hotspots service.

The new service will offer roaming fees that are in line with local rates, rather than the high cost traditional mobile phone carriers charge. FreedomPop hopes to cut into the market share companies like AT&T and Verizon dominate. This time the target is customers who travel and wish to maintain cell phone service.

FreedomPop will be able to charge lower fees because they cut deals with local companies in the 25 countries where service will be available. T-mobile is a company that offered its customers unlimited roaming, but the speeds offered are so slow that email and light web surfing is all that can be done. This will not be the case with FreedomPop’s new service.

The hotspot that will cover service in various countries will cost $49 dollars. A SIM card for unlocked phones will cost $10 dollars. There will be 200 megabytes of free data available each month.

FreedomPop is a mobile phone service provider based in Los Angeles CA. The company offers free data and service, but does charge for extras. The company was co-founded by Stephen Stokols in 2011. He previous position was CEO of Woo Media, a video chat and entertainment company.

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Skout Teaches The Value Of Friendship In 2016

If you are alone and want to meet new people, then you should really invest some of your time in making a profile on Skout. What are you waiting for? It’s a free online dating application and social media tool that is growing in popularity. You get the chance to meet live single women and men that live near you. There are also lots of other people that are already in relationships or just want to meet friends, so whatever you are looking for in a relationship Skout will surely help you make progress towards that goal.

Goals For The New Year

When you are considering which goals to journey towards for this Near Year, take a look at your friends. Who will support you when you need to talk about your dreams? You need to have a strong base of supportive friends in order to actually make any real steps towards finding the courage you need to complete your goals. Most of our resolutions for the New Year take time to complete. There are some resolutions, of course, that you can do easily, like getting that tattoo covered up with something more appropriate. However, the long term goals, like fitness, weight loss and dieting right, take a lot of regular maintenance and support.

In a recent article by SAT PR News, Skout reveals some of the results of a recent survey that they took from their users’ opinions about what the New Year means to them. The resolutions that people have for the New Year really depend on their group of friends and the type of environment they live in, so keep this in mind when you are making waves toward your personal goals in 2016. Whether you plan to get fit, get a date, or become more stylish, your friends will help get you closer to the person that you wish to become.

Take time to appreciate your friends for who they really are and what they have done for you in your life because you may need to call on them again in the future. It helps to be their for them when they need you. Skout makes it easy to stay in touch with everyone on the application, and it is easy to start a profile on Skout. To read the original article from SAT PR News, take a look at this url: