What You Need To Know About The President Of The US Reserve.

The US Money Reserve was started several years ago by veterans in the American coin industry. Since these individuals have the best knowledge and expertise in precious metals, they ensured that they put in place all the measures to ensure that the employees of the institution are the best.

According to a Good Search report, the company has done quite well since then, employing some of the best customer care service. The company has had several leaders since it was started years ago. The current President of the institution is Philip Diehl, one of the most influential people in the industry at the moment source: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/us-money-reserve-featured-on-epns-enterprise-radio-300213820.html.

Philip Diehl was appointed to this position after he relocated to his hometown. Before then, he was working for the US Mint, a similar institution that also deals with precious metals. Philip Diehl has worked hard after taking the leadership of the company. Since he has a lot of experience in leadership activities and precious metals, the company has only experienced success.

Since the year he assumed leadership, the company has made a lot of progress. First of all, he started the campaign to get rid of the penny in the American market. It is believed that the US Money Reserve will be not recognizing the coin in the recent future, thanks to the president of the company. Diehl started the campaign way before he was appointed to this position.

When Philip Diehl was working for the US Mint, he had quite a different opinion when it comes to the penny. He would even ask people to pick it from the ground if they found it! He would advise them to walk away; because the penny is actually less in the value, people believe it has.

In his Twitter page, Mr., Diehl has worked in several other positions before coming in the coin industry in line with the US Money Reserve. At one time, he was working for the US Department Senate Finance Committee. He has also worked as the staff director of the Senate finance committee. These positions were given to him before he was elected by Bill Clinton to become the president of the US Mint.

He has always worked in the senior positions with the help of senior officials in the government, and this gives him an upper hand when it comes to leadership issues.
Philip Diehl recently introduced a new shop for the internet community, making it very easy to get information about precious metals and also acquiring them.

Alexei Beltyukov Gives Back To Help Others

After the breakup of the Soviet Union, one of the byproducts of casting off communism was the emergence of individual businessmen and entrepreneurs making their mark on the new soviet economy. One of these new entrepreneurs was Alexei Beltyukov. Alexei initially trained in the medical field as a doctor to support his family but later dropped his studies in medicine to concentrate on business. This was a particularly trying time for him because in addition to coming up with the money to pay for his business education he also had to care for his wife and children. He did, however, find a way to accomplish his business education goals by receiving scholarships and financial aid from various sources. For his schooling in business, he attended and graduated from INSEAD one of the leading business schools in the world. They have campuses in France, Singapore, and even Abu Dhabi and employ over 148 esteemed faculty members. All of INSEAD’s campuses have a distinctly international flavor and are the perfect place for not only learning exceptional business skills that will carry you through life but a place where you can also make new friends and contacts that will be a benefit to you when you begin your business career. After his graduation, Alexei then applied for and received a scholarship to participate in INSEAD’s MBA program. This program happens to be ranked as the number one MBA program available by the world’s leading business magazine the Financial Times. The Times primarily focuses on the latest business news and all economic and political events that affect commerce worldwide. Alexei Beltyukov received his Masters of Business Administration Degree from INSEAD in 1997.

Alexei Beltyukov is now a budding Russian entrepreneur and philanthropist. He formed Endemic Capital in 2013 as a resource to provide angel funding for Russian start-up companies. He has also started other businesses like A-Ventures Ltd. to financially assist other struggling Russian companies. He has also worked with his alma mater to help establish an Alumni Scholarship fund to provide financial support to Russians accepted into INSEAD University. He has also provided direction and assistance in helping arrange financial grants and other opportunities for Russian technology start-up companies in addition to helping entrepreneurs.

Alexei grants much of his success to his education and the friends and colleague he made while attending INSEAD University. He is adamant that if it weren’t for his ability to go to INSEAD on scholarship that he wouldn’t have the breadth of understanding to successfully learn about business issues. He is also thankful for how much the scholarships and financial aid he received while attending INSEAD were instrumental in his success. Because of this thankfulness for the financial aid Alexei, and his friend Olesia Chikunova, and other former INSEAD students have initiated the Russian Alumni Scholarship Fund and have collectively pledged over $150,000.00 to winning participants to help pay their tuition costs to INSEAD.  Another huge endeavor from Beltyukov is education related.  With Solvy, Alexei hopes to create a platform that can be used worldwide.  He’s also an author, starting his published works through Lulu.

Billionaire George Soros Linked to Kasich’s Super PAC

An ad from a Political Action Committee that supports Senator Ted Cruz states that George Soros and allies are supporting John Kasich. This has been seen as a secret conspiracy from the leftists on http://www.politifact.com/ohio/statements/2016/apr/04/trusted-leadership-pac/no-george-soros-not-bankrolling-john-kasichs-campa/ to garner support for John Kasich’s Presidential bid. The affiliation of the Ohio governor to the independent minded billionaire George Soros will surely help him garner more support. Soros and Kasich’s images are seen in the ad where the narrator says that Soros and his allies are funding Kasich’s super PAC. Blogs like DCClothesline.com are also reporting of George Soros on bloomberg supporting Mr. Kasich’s campaign. The television ads are funded by Trusted Leadership which is the super PAC the supports Ted Cruz’s presidential quest.

These television advertisements were already running in Wisconsin before the primary on the 5th of April. Tom Sutton who is a political science professor at Baldwin Wallace University says that a notion like that does not make sense when you look at the campaign finance rules. The donors to a super PAC are public and there is no maximum limit in the donation. He explained that George Soros would not hide donating a million dollars to New Day, the super PAC supporting Mr. Kasich. There are also many other companies that have donated to New Day. When the list of the other donors was checked, two individuals linked to George Soros were discovered; Scott Bessent and Stanley Druckenmiller on biography.com.

Scott Bessent is the former chief investment officer for the Soros Fund Management. He parted ways with George Soros on theatlantic to start his own hedge fund company. The finances recorded show that he donated $27,000 to Kasich directly and $200,000 to New Day for America. He has also donated $5,000 to Jeb BushÕs Right to Rise PAC and $39,800 to the Republican National Committee. Scott donated to the democrats in 2013($25,000 Ð Ready for Hillary PAC).

Stanley managed Soro’s assets for twelve years (1988-2000). Last year he funded New Day for America with $450,000. He has severally donated to the Republican candidates’ PACs and the Republican National Committee. Based on Stanley’s political affiliation, we can conclude that he and Soros do not sing from the same political song-book. The blogs and ads are actually using Scott and Stanley’s connection to Soros to defend their assumptions.

Kasich may not be pleased to be getting support from individuals linked to George Soros but since they are supporting his cause he cannot do away with them. Connie Wehrkamp who is the spokeswoman for New Day for America stated that they had sent letters to Wisconsin asking them to investigate the false claims contained in the advertisement and to stop airing it. The on-screen text on the advertisement misleads with the information that Soros is directly donating to Kasich’s super PAC. The logical decision is to refute these claims. More information can be found online at Politifact Ohio.

Sam Tabar Portfolio Investment Strategies

Despite studying law from Columbia Law School, Sam Tabar has been greatly associated with hedge funds and hence his expertise as a capital strategist. His experience as an investment advisor is extensive, and he is someone to look for in a financial investment. According to Sam Tabar, traditional investments were not risky as the commodity investment is happening to be. Tabar understands how people are looking forward to earning more in investments through commodity stock market which in return is becoming riskier from the demand. Tabar says that it is not obvious that engaging in the commodity market is what will raise more money for an investor. In fact, there are other strategies that will boost an investor and by trying out new business aspect, they will achieve more.

From his LinkedIn Tabar recommends another option different from the traditional stock market which is the private business. He has noted how investment in social entrepreneurship is on the rise recommending investors to avoid the status quo and try out social entrepreneurship. Sam also recommends diversified portfolios for investors if they want to earn more. He has already gained interest and partnered with She THINX a group of women entrepreneurs making recyclable designer pads for women all over Asia and Africa. A great business and a strategic one for the empowerment of women.as an investor according to Tabar avoid putting all your money in one venture diversifying in business is good. It widens the success possibilities and the portfolio too.

Sam Tabar is a famous attorney and capital strategist who have been very successful in connecting and marketing hedge funds. His keen attorney eye has been a great contributor to hedge funds and financial advisories. As an attorney, he worked in highly profiled firms like Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP. Since 2011, he worked as the head of Asia capital introduction for the Merrill Lynch known as the Bank of America.

Tabar’s greater success was in PMA Investors in Hong Kong back in 2001; the firm is among the largest hedge fund group in Asia –Pacific named as Sparx Group. He was a global marketer who brought the huge capital introduction to the hedge fund, his association with the firm’s founders and officials made his business success. Apparently Tabar introduced to the hedge funds 400 instant investors and 2000 potential investors. His investment career is outstanding; currently, he is working in at FullCycle Energy Fund, and he looks to transform the energy sector through cheap and environmentally friendly energy.  Check him out on Twitter.

Sanjay Shah Brings New Faces To Autism Rocks

Sanjay Shah may be best known for his role as the founder and leader of the Solo Capital brand, but he has gained a growing reputation as the founder of the Autism Rocks charity. The Sunday Times recently revealed Shah has decided the time has come to add some new faces to the board of trustee’s of the charity that has become one of the major donors to autism research conducted at Cambridge University. Shah has decided to bring brothers Pete and Will Best to the board of trustess for their skills in finance and the music industry.
The decision to found Autism Rocks according to a globalcitizen article came after Sanjay Shah was told of his own son’s diagnosis with the neurological condition after the family moved to Dubai; fortunately for Sanjay Shah he had already formed his own Solo Capital company on registerFCA and was in a position to devote some of his time to the raising of funds for the charity established in 2014. The charity was formed by Sanjay Shah to combine his lifelong love of music with fund raising for the charity.

Sanjay Shah formed Solo Capital in 2009 when he embarked upon a new stage in his life after working in the financial markets for the majority of his career. Shah had already left behind a career as a medical professional to embark on his financial expert before deciding to form Solo Capital, which he felt offered him the chance to enjoy life with his family in a more successful way than continuing his career as a broker.

Autism Rocks has become an increasing area of focus for Sanjay Shah after establishing Solo Capital and creating a team of professionals to handle investment and asset management for his clients. The increasing importance of Autism Rocks in the life of Sanjay Shah has seen him seek the assistance of Pete and Will Best as trustees. Pete Best has joined the charity after deciding to focus his efforts on philanthropy after a long and successful career working on the financial markets; Pete is joined by brother Will on the board of trustees following his successful career as a music broadcaster and promoter, which will add to the quality and amount of invitation only concerts the charity is able to provide.

How Socialism Compares During A Presidential Race

When someone says “socialism”, what do you think of? Do you think of countries like the USSR (now known as Russia)? Or do you think of Venezuela, a country where human rights are violated by the government? When the word is mentioned to Thor Halvorssen, he thinks of the latter more often than not.

Halvorssen is the founder and current CEO of the Human Rights Foundation. His father was a political prisoner in Venezuela, beaten and treated as if he were no more than chopped liver. His first cousin is still imprisoned in Venezuela. At a peaceful protest, the regime gunned her down.

Now, he has done something quite interesting. He has donated as much as he can in one donation to Bernie Sanders, a democratic presidential candidate who is pushing some rather socialist policies. Socialist policies are in a different category than a socialist government. In a socialist government, the government runs everything. They control the prices, the resources, and everything that is available to the people. With socialist policies, on the other hand, the government still breaks up into different branches that check and balance each other.

Halvorssen’s reason for supporting Sanders is a little controversial. The democratic front runner, as of early March 2016, is pushing an agenda that Thor Halvorssen doesn’t support. What’s more, this person is being funded by a variety of countries with dictators. These dictators restrict freedoms in their own countries – whether it is the freedom of the press, of religion, or speech. Some even imprison political opponents.

Furthermore, Halvorssen does believe that socialist policies can be good. In the right conditions, a socialist government can function and not violate basic human rights. Those are the kind of policies that Sanders is pushing.

While Halvorssen may not wish to see socialism come to America, he knows where his head should be.

Darius Fishers Speaks On Decreasing Employee Turnover

As most business owners and presidents would agree, employee turnover can be costly to both the gaining an losing sides. The loser has to spend time replacing the employee while the winning team has to compensate the new employee accordingly. Unfortunately, with today’s changing job market and cost of living, compensating new employees requires more than the old salary, and that does not include the human resources that go into the hiring process or the hours other people put into filling the ex-employee’s work in the meantime. This is why Status Labs leader, Darius Fisher, has offered some tips to maintaining the employees you have, so you do not have to worry about replacing them anytime soon.

One Goal
According to Darius, the primary goal is creating incentives. These incentives can be simple recognition of accomplishments, monetary compensation, fun activities, additional benefits or something else creative, but they have to be enticing and rewarding to the employees. Do not fail to appreciate your crew because they will begin to notice, and they will arrange improved work conditions elsewhere.

Where to Start
Many people feel lost when trying to implement an incentive plan. Obviously you have to work within a budget, but the process can be made much simpler by letting the employees provide options. Take a survey to find employee interests. Hold a meeting to take suggestions, or send out an email and wait on replies to pile in. Regardless of how you reach out, make sure you are actually addressing the needs and desires of the workers, so you can please as many people as possible. Employees will tell you what they want, and it is your job to recognize these interests in the most efficient way possible.

As president of Status Labs, Darius Fisher established the direction of the company in helping people manage online reputations. By developing partnerships, Darius has led the business to setting-up offices in Austin, New York and Sao Paolo. Status Labs has impressively served over 1,500 clients in 35 countries. Before cofounding Status Labs, Darius Fisher worked in political consulting and copy writing.

The Buzz at the Bazaar: Walden and Many More

Harper’s Bazaar has telescoped out 24 of over 1000 doctors who have performed cosmetic surgeries in the United States, believing its list to feature the ultimate surgery Gods in cosmetology. The list includes six doctors from California, including Chang and Owsley from San Francisco and Kanodia, Cassileth and Rollins from Beverly Hills. Miami’s Mendieta and Gallo, New York’s Kolker, Hirmand and Matarasso, Troy’s Youn and Austin’s Walden also made to the top 24, in addition to 12 others from various parts of the United States.
Every single of these doctors has a medical record to swoon over. Dr. Walden, for instance, is the winner of the Aesthetic award for plastic surgeries and the Excellence award in Medicine plus scholarship from Kelsey. Jennifer Walden is currently based in Austin, but previously practiced in New York as well. Most of her education can be credited to Texas, although an externship in Miami is also brought to light when discussing her achievements. The start of her career, however, belonged to Manhattan under the supervision of Dr. Aston. An outstanding education and career experience have enabled her to be recognized as the ideal speaker for cosmetic surgeries on the busiest news and information channels of the world, including the ABC and Fox News.
Jennifer has had the fortune of inheriting the medical dedication and skill right in her genes. Born to a father who had established himself as a dentist and a mother who was known for her nursing skills in surgery departments, Walden soon revealed her love for reaching the top of whatever she did. When she sent her application to the medical institution at the Texas University, she was initially kept waiting while the first lists rolled out. As though this was not to define her skills, by the time she left the institution, she had managed to bag the title of Salutatorian in her class.
Harper’s Bazaar has sharply picked out the doctors that are not only a boon for the patients but also an inspiration and role models for the medical students, and Walden is one of them.

Coriant Looks To Different Areas For Growth

The optical transport specialist Coriant has been on a large period of growth since the 2013 acquisition of a department of Siemens that forms the basis of the Coriant brand. Coriant has looked to establish a company that includes a number of high profile acquisitions since 2013 that has allowed the company to grow into one of the largest in the optical transport industry; amongst the companies parent Marlin Equity Partners added to the Coriant brand has been Tellabs, one of the top players in the technology equipment market Coriant purchased for more than $800 million.

At the end of 2015, Marlin Equity Partners sprang something of a surprise on the industry with the announcement that founding CEO Pat DiPietro was returning to his previous role with Marlin. In his place came Shaygan Kheradpir was appointed as CEO and member of the Coriant board who has spent the majority of the last three decades working in the technology industry; although the plan for DiPietro to stand down at Coriant has always been in place the appointment of Kheradpir was not known about until revealed just prior to his taking over the company. Shaygan Kheradpir brings a wealth of technology based experience to the role of CEO that should see the success of Coriant continue into the future.

Shaygan Kheradpir graduated from Cornell University with a degree in electrical engineering that led him to work with Verizon in developing new technologies. Kheradpir has never stood still in his career and followed his time at Verizon with a move into the financial sector where he became the first technology executive to sit on the board of the financial giant Barclays.

Shaygan Kheradir joins Coriant at a crucial time in its short history, which sees Coriant looking to develop a new range of technology products for its customers in more than 100 countries around the world. Coriant sees the development of new technology as an important aspect of the continued growth of the company, which includes the latest release of a new cloud based storage system.

In the Global Financial Market, George Soros is a Prominent Voice to be Heard

George Soros has been behind the political and international scenes for several years, ever since Politico reported he spent over $25 million to remove President Bush in 2004. In 2015, he came back into the headlines when he donated a total of $8 million during this year to pro-Hillary PAC groups.
An organization is considered a political action committee or a PAC when it handles more than $2,600 to influence in a federal election. A PAC gives the funds in the campaign either for or against a candidate. George Soros is a political philanthropist who stands for his convictions.

Soros is an experienced hedge fund investor who is worth over $27.3 billion. He founded his firm in the 1950s, and in the 1960s, he made one million dollars on a long shot, which earned him the reputation of a financier with incredible prowess and a sense of the future. Recently, he made an announcement that that he has observed signs in the global market that resemble those surrounding the crisis of 2008.

Mr. Soros has been a philanthropist for over 50 years, but in 1979, he decided that he had made enough money, and he established the Open Society. The Open Society helps in an imperfect world, and one way he has done this is by giving scholarships to black students in Cape Town. Mr. Soros recognizes his success offers him a greater degree of independence than most people, and it allows him to stand on controversial issues. Mr. Soros is aware of his responsibility in the financial arena and lives up to it.

The financial crisis of 2008 was the worst financial downfall in the history of global finances. Here are five signs that Soros sees as similar to that time in the market.

1) Gold prices are rising and are at an all-time high of over $1,300 an ounce.
2) The yen is losing value quickly because of the shift in the Chinese economy and there is a $2.5 trillion loss in China since the beginning of 2016.
3) Chinese equities halted operations on two separate occasions.
4) The fear gauge or the Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index is up 13 percent.
5) China’s losses have affected the economy of the rest of Asia.

On a panel in Washington, Soros said that these facts and others could amount to a crisis that is much more serious than that of 2008. With 2016 being an election year, Soros has made his voice known in donating a $6 million check directly to support Hillary Clinton. George has always been a liberal and is not quiet about his endorsements.