Rick Smith of Securus Technologies Leads in the Provision of Safety Gadgets for Peaceful Societies

Securus Technologies has for years been the primary service provider of communication channels for investigations, public safety, correction facilities as well as justice departments. Recently, the organization announced additional staff in the senior sales department. The introduction of the new employees was based on the need for the company to develop a sales team based on modern software. This software would complement the expanded portfolio that has a base of more than 800 products to support law enforcement and correctional facilities.

John Bell

John Bell, the new sales executive of Securus Technologies, was to report to work on 30th December 2015. As the sales vice president of Securus Technologies, John Bell would be in charge of handling the sales team. While introducing John Bell, Rick Smith the chief executive officer of Securus Technologies said that the company had invested approximately $ 600 million towards the procurement of modern communications gadgets for security and efficiency.

Software Acquisition

In the past three years, Rick Smith has guided Securus Technologies towards the purchase of state of the art technological software to better the correctional facilities. Smith said that because of the various investments, the company needed to include a key sales team coupled with experience to transform the communications sector. Richard Smith stated that the introduction of the team would effectively present the expansion of products. Read more articles at Fox34.com

Positive Remarks

Under the leadership of Smith, Securus Technologies has provided excellent and safe communications channels that led to positive client comments and reviews. In most of the sent emails, the customers were appreciative of the efforts Smith has made in coming up with modern and safe ways of promoting safety in organizations. In relation to the client’s remarks, Smith said that the company is committed to the progressive development of proposals and ideas channeled towards safety.

Weekly Reports

According to Smith, the weekly reports are released to help the law enforcement and public safety organizations to solve crime by preventing additional social problems. Smith further stated that receiving extensive positive reviews on client’s appreciation was a mark of achievement for the company. He further stated that the customer appreciation would trigger more future developments geared towards generating necessary software and gadgets for safety. Smith added that building security in Securus and the society was the primary objective of the organization.

Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies has been nothing but a peace brand ambassador for societies. The organization was established with the aim of developing and providing safety measures for correctional facilities and public security agencies. Under the chief executive officer Rick Smith, the company had developed over twenty communications gadgets to aid in safety. It continues to serve over 120,000 prisoners across North America. With Smith as the leader, Securus Technologies has received invaluable positive remarks regarding customer care. Visit Bloomberg to know more about Rick.

A Highlight On Brad Reifler’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Brad Reifler is a respected entrepreneur. The investor has worked for numerous corporations in the United States. Early in his career, Brad focused much on enhancing his profile by working his way up the corporate ladder. The executive is the proprietor of Forefront Capital, LLC.

His professional life started in 1980s when he founded a renowned corporation, Reifler Trading Company (RTC). The entity managed to woo many clients by providing innovative services, including managing customers’ money in discretionary accounts.

Later, Brad Reifler and his management team decided to evolve RTC’s operations to include institutional research dissemination of information and provision of execution and derivative services. The remarkable growth of the company made it the largest independent futures operations. This success saw many investors seeking to have a stake in the firm. In 2000, Refco, Inc., the largest futures corporation in the world, bought the firm.

Before selling the company, Brad Reifler was heavily involved in enhancing his professional career in financial services. In 1995, he incorporated another successful company, Pali Capital. This sell side dealer focused on the competitive and lucrative equity markets. He gained much success in this field by virtue of devising a differentiated strategy. Notably, Brad did not provide funds with information on what to sell or buy.

However, he used top research with derivative structures and credit analysis. He went on to teach sales traders how to comprehend and execute “packaged” strategy. In his 13 years of transformative leadership at Pali Capital, the company was on a growth trajectory.

The entity made over $1 billion in income from commissions. In addition, Pali was able to increase its workforce to over 300 employees besides opening offices in various continents. Learn more about Brad Reifler: https://about.me/bradreifler

Today, Forefront Capital is the center of Brad’s focus. The company takes pride in having renowned subsidiaries, including Forefront Partners and Forefront Advisory, LLC. Since 2009, Brad Reifler has zeroed in on creating highly differentiated product offering.

Owing to the success of all subsidiaries under Forefront Capital, Brad has been able to attract well-regarded investment advisers, respected business leaders and leading investment bankers to the company. Forefront principals have vast experience in the financial sector given that they have worked on Wall Street. Some of the company’s management team includes revered members of the board of Fortune 500 and 100 companies.

An Instance with Instant Technology CEO, Rona Borre

Asked to describe her company, Instant Technology in three words, the CEO, Rona Borre said, “It’s about Relationships!” What a reference to a company that indeed places people for jobs? It is a tagline that ultimately summarizes the company’s commitment to do what it does in the best way possible. But how did Instant Technology come about?  For more on Borre’s insight on things in her field of interest, check ideamensch.com.

At the young age of age of 25, and shortly after graduating from the University of Arizona, Rona Borre held a placement position at recruiting firm. Over the next couple of years, she developed a strong passion for her job and vastly grew the list of client companies and persons she was placing on various jobs.It is these relationships that saw Instant Technology thrive from its humble beginnings in 2001.

At the turn of the century, a lot of companies were laying off and adjusting their workforce for various reasons. That became Rona Borre’s biggest opportunity to breakthrough as her former clients sought her services in getting talents. And when job seekers came seeking, she had the right connections.  To learn more about Borre, visit her linkedin.com page.

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Armed with a laptop and with her pet dog Henry as a companion, Borre built Instant Technology from her condo. Today, Instant Technology has cut a niche for itself not only in Chicago but also in the whole country as a builder of customized technology solutions and placing the best talents for technology companies.

Be sure to click on http://www.chicagotribune.com/bluesky/originals/chi-techweek-100-bsi-gallery-20140602-004-photo.html

What Duda Melzer Believes Is Necessary To Succeed In Family Business

It’s fairly common that large corporations, particularly in the broadcasting and media business in Brazil are owned by affluent families, and Grupo RBS is no exception to this. Grupo RBS is now mostly run by Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, more commonly known as Duda Melzer. He’s the third person in the Sirotsky family line to become CEO, but Duda Melzer didn’t simply ascend to this position without earning his pedigree. He attended some of the world’s top schools, including Harvard where he received his MBA, and in an interview on Family Business he explained that future executives of this company will need to follow a similar path to show they’re committed to upholding Grupo RBS’s excellence in production.

In a report by Acaert, Duda Melzer was born in 1972 and from the outset he became interested in the family business. His first term of schooling came from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul, and then four years later he completed his master’s at Harvard’s business school. The first companies he worked for included Sweet Way and Booz Allen & Hamilton. He was actually CEO of another media production company based in the US known as Boxtop Media before he came home to Grupo RBS. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

Melzer joined the domestic division of Grupo RBS in 2004, and gradually he moved up to other positions in market and business development, and then he became a vice president in 2010. He officially became president and CEO when his uncle stepped down from his chair in 2012. He earned recognition from the Cambridge Family Institute for his role at Grupo RBS in their Family Enterprise. In addition to managing the media conglomerates at his family’s company, Duda Melzer is also a venture capital investor and owner of e.Bricks Ventures which supports primarily tech startup companies based both in Brazil and the US.

See more: http://g1.globo.com/rs/rio-grande-do-sul/jornal-do-almoco/videos/v/presidente-do-grupo-rbs-eduardo-sirotsky-melzer-falar-sobre-a-transformacao-da-zh/3321858/

5 Reasons to Love Scott Rocklage

In the modern American business culture, it is all too common to find people in positions of leadership they are not prepared for, or to be discouraged at the inexperience of a leadership team. Scott Rocklage stands above the rest; here are five reasons why.

1.) Leadership- He has unparalleled experience in the medical research and venture capital field- With over 30 years of leadership experience as President, Chairman of the Board, CEO, co-founder and trustee at the Nation’s top medical and venture capital companies, Dr. Rocklage has proven his ability to lead any team and work with executives and staff alike.

2.) Education- His PhD was obtained from MIT and Bachelors of Science in Chemistry from the University of California. MIT is world renown for excellent in scientific education and challenges all students to reach success- a value clearly seen in Scott Rocklage’s life and learn more about Scott.

3.) A track record of success- Throughout his lifetime Dr. Rocklage has been responsible positions through trials and approval process crucial to bringing FDA approval of three new drugs, and is inventor or co-inventor of over 300 U.S. patents and Scott’s lacrosse camp.

4.) Collaboration- During his career, companies including Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Nycomed Salutar, Relypsa and Catalytica have all listed Dr. Rocklage among their leadership team. In 2003 he joined 5AM Ventures as a Venture Partner and became a Managing Partner in 2004. He also currently serves as Board Chairman of Rennovia, Kinestral and Cidara. Furthermore, he also on the boards of Epirus and Pulmatrix and his Linkedin.

5.) A giving spirit- Dr. Rockladge was recently praised by MIT for his giving to the renovation of the Lester Wolfe Professor of Chemistry and Moungi Bawendi’s nanochemistry and nanotechnology labs. Rocklage stated he was honored to help with the needs of a noble-winning educational environment that he is proud to be part of.

5AM Ventures is truly thankful to have someone who is an innovator with a track record of getting results be part of the team. His knowledge of the medical industry gives him a unique perspective at understanding the venture capital market surrounding medical advancement and more information click here.

Rona Borre Makes a Commitment and Keeps It

Rona Borre is the CEO and founder of Instant Alliance, a successful staffing and recruiting company located in Chicago, Illinois. She had just left a job where she had set all the sales records for a large staffing company that had just been sold. Borre made the decision to get out and start her own company in 2001.

Instant Alliance had early success, and today it is one of the fastest-growing staffing companies in the United States. She has parlayed her talents into teaching her account executives her strategies and techniques that worked in her thus-far, record-setting career with her previous company.  Learn more about Borre,  click on instantalliance.com

During a recent interview, Borre was asked about what qualities she has that has propelled her company to its current heights. She replied that she is seldom satisfied with anything because there is always a better way to do things. At first glance, everything looks pretty good sometimes, but there is always room for improvement.  For the full interview, hop over to ideamensch.com.

She was also queried about how she takes the ideas she and her people bring to the table and make them real. She stated that being a small, boutique company gives plenty of license to try new things, and if you don’t try them, you will never know if they are workable or not. Sure, there will be lots of failures, but in a small company, you just dust yourself off and try again.

Borre views her company as an action based operation, and activity goes a long way. Borre doesn’t have the same thing going on from one day to the next as she prefers to be out selling while she delegates office things, such as accounting and back office, to those who are good at those things.

Rona Borre is big on the development of personal relationships with the top management people of her client companies. She is a firm believer that if you learn all you can about a company’s leaders, that it leads you to be more effective in hiring people that fit their wants and needs. One very important area is the company culture for if a candidate is hired and doesn’t fit the culture, things won’t work out too well.

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Thousands Drawn Toward the Market America World Conference

More than 25,000 people came to join the celebration at The Market America World Conference in Miami, Florida. The event was held at the American Airlines Arena and showcased many updates from the company, including new products, initiatives, and technologies.


Market America World Conference discussed how The Shopping Annuity is the future and how it will change the way consumers shop by having their money turned into rewards. The 2017 Convention is celebrating 25 years of success in the entrepreneurial industry and was infused with excitement and energy. It’s expected that it’s possible to change the economy and create success.

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Jason Hope: The Only Hope

For those unaware, the Internet of Things has become a phenomenon. Each year, it continues to gain traction. About twenty years ago, the thought of the Internet of Things remained inconceivable. In fact, people could only dream about it. Due to advancements in technology, it became possible. A few electronics that utilize the Internet of Things includes smart ovens, TVs, gaming consoles, and so forth. As technology continues to progress, people will incorporate the internet into their lives even further. As a result, the Internet of Things has reshaped the way people think about electrical equipment. To remain exact, a technological expert believes that over 25 billion things will utilize such technology by 2020.If you want to learn more about him please: Click here.

Moreover, Bluetooth capabilities play an integral role in developing the Internet of Things. This remains attributed to its ability to allow objects and people to communicate with each other. Moreover, it works by receiving and transmitting data. Recently, such technology has become small enough to place it on anything. Furthermore, such technology has become a topic of discussion among airlines. With that being said, Jason Hope remains a prominent figure in the technology industry. This remains attributed to his prolific views. Moreover, Hope remains a multifaceted individual. Aside from being a futurist, he remains an esteemed entrepreneur, philanthropist, and so forth.

Upon receiving an MBA from Arizona State University, Hope knew that he would become a businessman. In particular, mobile technology has always fascinated him. This remains attributed to its ability to reach a larger demographic of people. Moreover, he saw it as an area susceptible to the greatest amount of change. As a result of his unique insight, Hope has garnered a large amount of wealth. Moreover, he has profited off of his technology companies. In fact, his companies made a profit from the beginning. What makes Jason Hope stand out from his competitors includes his big heart. Although Jason Hope remains wealthy, he selflessly gives back to his community.

Jason Halpern Grew JMH Development from the Ground

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

Jason Halpern has always worked in the development industry. It is an industry that is confident in and is very good at because of all of the experience that he has had with it. While he currently runs his own development company, that wasn’t always the case. Jason Halpern is a developer but he is also business-minded so that helped him when he was first starting the company. Jason Halpern knew that JMH Development would only be successful if he worked hard and he made sure that he was always working hard to provide people with all of the opportunities that they needed with his building developments. Jason Halpern has come a long way and JMH Development has grown exponentially. He isn’t done with it, though, and wants to continue growing JMH Development to extreme levels. He knows that he can help people with the company if he is able to do this.


When Jason Halpern first started in business, he knew that he wanted to do something in developing. He worked hard and made sure that he was doing everything that he could to provide people with more opportunities. Jason Halpern was confident with everything that he had done in developing and that was something that set him apart from the other people who he had helped. There were many developments that Jason Halpern worked on and that helped him to get the experience that he would eventually need for his own company. He also knew that he would need to show people what he was capable of.

Jason Halpern with Crunchbase Production

After he learned as much as possible about developing, he decided that he was going to need to learn about business. He chose this as a second option because he knew that it was necessary to be able to successfully develop anything in the areas that he was hoping for in the United States. The business education and experience that he got during this time allowed him the chance to make sure that he was doing more with the development industry. Jason Halpern wanted to see what he was capable of when it came to business and learned quickly that developing and business went hand in hand.

Jason’s Personal Life

Once Jason Halpern was confident with everything that he had to offer for developing, he started a business plan to create his own business. JMH Development was born and Jason Halpern has seen a lot of success since he first opened the company. He is confident in his abilities to successfully develop different areas and that sets him apart from many other developers. It has also been something that has allowed him the chance to make a lot of money and will continue to be a successful career.

Troy McQuagge: 2016’s CEO Gold Medalist

The One Planet Awards honors businesspeople and professionals from across the globe. The honorees come from organizations of all size, profit and non-profit, private and public. This past they awarded Troy McQuagge, CEO of USHEALTH Group as the coveted gold winner as CEO of the Year.

USHEALTH Advisors is distribution agency that works in the individual health insurance market. Since joining USHealth in 2010, USHealth Advisors has reported unprecedented growth in the above mentioned individual health insurance market. Mr.McQuagge’s successful restructuring led to his ascension to President and CEO of USHEALTH Group in 2014.

Troy McQuagge felt very honored and privileged to receive this high honor from his peers and industry colleagues. McQuagge considers this to be an award for the entire staff of USHEALTH. USHEALTH has shown dedication to solving the problem of health care costs through creative coverage products that are connected to consumer healthcare needs.

About Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge obtained his B.A. from the University of Central Florida in 1983. Immediately after graduating college, Mr.McQuagge started his journey in the insurance industry with the Allstate Insurance Company. In 1995, after 12 years of dedicated services, Troy McQuagge joined Student Insurance Division of United Insurance Companies (UICI). In two short years, McQuagge was named President of the insurance division. In 2006, UICI was acquired by private equity investors and the name was changed to HealthMarkets. The investors saw Troy McQuagge leadership skills and put him in charge of sales and marketing for their self-employed group. In 2007 Troy McQuagge served as their President and HealthMarkets’ Agency Marketing Group grossed over $1Billion in revenue. This led to Selling Power Magazine and the Stevie Awards naming it Insurance Sales Organization of the Year.

It was this success that led to Troy McQuagge being tapped as President and CEO of USHEALTH Advisors. In 2013, Troy McQuagge became Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of USHEALTH Group. It only took a year later for Troy to get promoted as President and CEO of USHEALTH Group and to serve in similar positions within their subsidiaries and learn more about Troy.

More visit: http://thelurelounge.com/troy-mcquagge-is-the-ceo-and-president-of-the-ushealth-group-and-ushealth-advisors/