Digital Transformation Offers Mike Baur Ideal Opportunity for Developing Startup Companies

Former banking executive Mike Baur is the co-Founder and Chairman of Swiss Start Up Factory; the most-prominent startup accelerator in Switzerland. Mike founded the company after 20 successful years in Swiss private banking and at one point was a board member for one of the largest private banks in the country. However, the desire of digital transformation led him towards choosing his own path, and Mike decided to walk away from the traditional banking industry to have the independence of creating innovative ideas, for producing startup companies.


As a former investment banking executive, Mike already had the skill and knowledge of knowing how to pivot investors towards profitable and rewarding opportunities. Therefore, it was a wise choice for him to choose the path of a manufacturing startup companies. He specifically chose the name “factory” because of his mission to constantly create and build companies within Switzerland.


Swiss Start Up Factory has an accelerator program that entrepreneurs apply to become involved. Once an entrepreneur is batched into the program, they have full access to the technical advancements within the company. In addition, entrepreneurs are provided adequate office space, access to mentors, coaching and training. Mike is fully engaged with each team during the investment phase of the startup company.


He is currently an active board member for several Swiss companies. When transforming the old economy, and the new economy, Mike’s role on the board allows the opportunity to fully engage at higher levels and assure he’s at the table for decisions being made for digital innovation and solutions. One of the primary reasons Mike chose to become involved in startup companies was his direct knowledge with the advancement of digital technologies.


As a graduate of the University of Bern with an Executive MBA, Mike has the skill set of providing the type of leadership and direction that investors need, when providing the type of capital equity required to create startup companies. He is also the Deputy Managing Director for Swiss Startup Invest; a leading investment company within the country that provides nontraditional investment and banking opportunities for entrepreneurs.


Mike Baur’s passion for helping entrepreneurs become successful is paramount in everything he does on a daily basis. His goal is to help as many young entrepreneurs as possible to create their next big idea and be on the winning side of the digital transformation and advanced technological phenomenon in Switzerland.


Edisoft Plays a Key Role in Improving Global Supply-Chain Technology Solutions

Effective and efficient Carrier-performance does not only result into end-consumer satisfaction but also cost-friendliness for the supply chain company. The gradual advancements in technology have enabled supply chain management companies to achieve this. Logistic organizations or departments are now able to conduct real-time performance analysis that does not depend on in-person processes.


Advancements in supply chain performance analysis


Modern technology solutions have eliminated the traditional performance measurement approaches. Currently, logistic companies’ analysis goes beyond on-time performance, scheduled departures or type of services provided. They now employ best key performance indicators that cover a wide scope ( Shippers now have access to vital data regarding their operations, thanks to real-time tracking technology as well as the GPS data-set solutions.


The modern mobile solutions have made it easy for logistic firms to answer a wide range of questions relating to their performance at any given point. The answers are based on accurate reports generated from analysis of quality multi-mode data. Firms which still make use of the traditional performance-measurement methods cannot be able to answer such questions.

Edisoft Inc.


It is a global software company based in Toronto, Canada. Edisoft was established in 1995 with the primary aim of providing EDI technology solutions meant to support global business. The firm has since become a leading provider of supply chain solutions and has impacted greatly into the Logistics industry.


It has developed essential technology-solutions including; Edisoft merchant as an EDI platform, and merchant exchange among several other useful products. The software solutions have made it convenient for supply chain industry-players, both manufacturers, and distributors, to constantly evaluate their operations.


Edisoft is one of the reputable software-companies in the global business sector. It has created ease of business in the logistics sub-sector of the global economy. Firms in this sector are encouraged to make use of these products in order to build a competitive advantage. It is important to note that companies that do not embrace changes in technology might find themselves knocked out of business. This is because the logistics-industry has become more competitive than ever and the recent advancements in technology are vital in sustaining competitive advantage.


Eli Gershkovitch – Brewmaster

Once upon a time, giant breweries controlled the North American beer market. A “small brewery” meant Uncle Melvin’s garage with its assortment of exploding beers. Today, the giant’s share of the market is declining, while smaller breweries are thriving.


Into this David versus Goliath battle walked a Canadian lawyer named Eli Gershkovitch. A quiet man, he is, above all, a planner. As casual and low-key as Eli Gershkovitch is, he is a man who knows who he is, and knows where he is going.


Eli Gershkovitch has a philosophy, a guiding principle, “you grow to meet demand, or demand will shrink to meet you”. Following this philosophy has allowed this most nonconformist of businessmen to turn a defunct brewery of into a regional beer empire.


After law school, Eli decided he needed a change of pace. He enrolled in a French university with the full intention of skiing the French Alps each weekend.


During a trip to Heidelburg, Germany he saw his first microbrewery. He describes it as being big enough to be impressive but not big enough to be intimidating.


The seed, planted in Heidelburg, took root when he found the Steamworks building. Constructed in the 1890s, the Steamworks building of Gastown, Canada housed a local brewery. By the 1990s, the Steamworks Brewery Building, like the famous Jax Brewery of New Orleans, had been repurposed into retail shops. There was a store called Quarter Deck selling boating supplies in the rear, and a Ralph Lauren’s clothing store in the front. When Eli Gershkovitch decided to turn the building back into a brewery, people thought he was naïve.


But it was a new day in Canada. Instead of a few giants, there were startups, with dozens of new breweries starting each year, and competing for market share.


Eli Gershkovitch works hard to make Steamworks a fundamental part of life in Vancouver (BeerMe). He stays competitive through innovation, offering a seemingly endless supply of high-quality beer at low prices.

Continuous quality improvement is not just some business school term for Eli Gershkovitch, it’s part of his soul.

More about Eli Gershkovitch on LinkedIn

The Remarkable Entrepreneurship Expertise of Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman is a hard working entrepreneur who has built an excellent reputation in the finance and business industries for the past twenty years. He is the co-founder of LaunchPad Holdings LLC, which is a well-established SAAS firm. The company was founded in 2005, and Wakeman is its current CEO. The businessman schooled at the University of Scranton and graduated from the institution with as degree in economics and finance. He was also admitted to the University of Chicago for his MBA in finance (BusinessWire). Glen’s first employer was GE Capital. He served the firm well, and its board of directors acknowledged him as a role model due to his remarkable leadership skills. Doral Financial Corporation also hired hire him to serve as a CEO and president. He was later made the board chairperson of Doral Bank because of his outstanding performance. Glen Wakeman was the founder of Nova Four and also assisted in its management.


The great career accomplishments of Glen Wakeman have made him be regarded as a role model by several finance professionals. He has been an administrator at corporations that have over 17,000 employees and own more than $15 billion worth of assets. Glen is a knowledgeable finance consultant, and his expertise is in fields such as M&A, start-ups, exponential growth, new market entries, and divestitures. He has developed excellent strategies that enable him to provide unique solutions in governance, leadership, management, and human capital.


Besides his success in business and finance, Glen Wakeman is an excellent writer and investor. He loves writing blog posts that share his vision with the public. The primary fields that he discusses in his posts include emerging markets, business strategies, administration, and global financial issues. He has inspired many C-level executives in companies such as Sitter Bees and Dreamfunded.


Glen Wakeman has written many blogs that inform his readers about angel financing, business strategies, and generating capital. His advice has helped various start-up firms to perform well in the local and global markets ( Glen Wakeman is also passionate about executive development and innovation. He has had an opportunity to work in 30 different countries as an executive and is internationally recognized due to his remarkable finance skills.


Avi Weisfogel Takes Aim at Sleep Apnea Through Oral Health

As more physicians discover it in patients, the problem of sleep apnea has been recognized and effectively treated in recent times. However, this health issue has only been met with a few solutions which do not compare to the numerous ways in how it can start. The lack of options is why Dr. Avi Weisfogel has developed new treatments for sleep apnea that directly relate to dental health. Starting with detecting the certain cause, Dr. Weisfogel is able to create personal plans for all patients.

Sleep apnea is an obstruction of the airways when an individual sleeps. It has different causes, but a major factor is the oral health of the patient and how their face rests when sleeping. To address these specific oral problems, Dr. Avi Weisfogel created the Dental Sleep Master’s Program, which consists of different methods and products to cure an individual’s sleep apnea and help them live a much healthier lifestyle as a result.

Patients who use a plan created by Dr. Weisfogel will have their varied issues met with equally unique treatments. The individual who suffers from overbite and a recessed jaw while sleeping may be recommended a worn device that allows the airways to open up when sleeping. In another case, Dr. Avi Weisfogel has identified sleep apnea related to the throat or the tonsils. The patient’s treatment is then adjusted in order to gain the most effective cure.

While Dr. Avi Weisfogel specializes in sleep apnea, he has been well-known as a health professional for many years. Based in New Jersey, Dr. Weisfogel has been a certified dentist and has over two decades of experience in the field. What sets Weisfogel apart from others, however, is his dedication to new innovations in dental health. His strong skillset and entrepreneurial talent has allowed Dr. Weisfogel to work with numerous dentists in finding solutions for sleep disorders through oral health.

Dr. Weisfogel specifically left his general dentistry practice in 2010 when he began to research the relationship between sleep apnea and oral health. Now known as the Dental Sleep Masters Program, Weisfogel’s vision for helping patients with sleep apnea immediately took off and offers treatment to hundreds of individuals on a monthly basis.

Jose Urena and Jorge Soler Lead our Waiver Wire Fantasy Alarm

What makes a fantasy baseball champion? Is it your draft day decisions? The way you analyze each and every move by major league teams? Or is it how you keep track of your waiver wire add ons? The truth is somewhere in the middle, all of them all at once. However, today we are going to highlight the different players available on your waiver wire today that could make a huge impact on your MLB lineups in the future.


Starting Pitching

Luis Perdomo, SP – San Diego Padres

If you are going to the waiver wire then you need to dig deep in order to find some starting pitching. Solid starters are plucked up quickly but that doesn’t mean they are all gone. Due to being stuck in San Diego, Luis Perdomo is commonly overlooked. Perdomo offers K upside with the ability to rack up quality starts. He doesn’t have blow-by stuff but Perdomo can eat up innings for you with ease.


Jose Urena, SP – Miami Marlins

Miami doesn’t have much going on in terms of their starting pitching but Jose Urena could be a game changer down the stretch. Urena is a young hurler who can clock 96 MPH on the radar with his fastball. Urena will get more acclimated to the big leagues and as he does we expect his punch out numbers to rise.


Big League Hitting

Jorge Soler, OF – Kansas City

Soler’s start in Kansas City has been nothing to cheer about, at least at first. Soler just hasn’t gotten comfortable at the Major League level. Still, Soler rakes every time he is demoted to Triple-A so we expect him to get another opportunity before the season ends. Soler has huge power and Kauffman Stadium could treat him well if he finds his power stroke.

Honey Birdette Famous Australian Lingerie Brand Launches Dedicated E-Commerce Site for the United States


The fashion market is ever evolving and changing, and the demand in the fashion market is never going to stop. As the fashion trend changes, different companies try to fill the void by delivering customers just the kind of fashionable apparel they are looking for. One of the fashion genre that has an evergreen market is lingerie. The demand for lingerie market would never die down and as the fashion industry evolves, so does the design and concept of lingerie as well. One of the companies in this regard that become hugely famous in the lingerie industry is the Australian based Honey Birdette.

It is a lingerie brand that was started in the year 2006 by entrepreneur Eloise Monaghan. The company has a well-established market in Australia and even has 55 retail stores spread through the length and breadth of the country. The company has been experiencing heavy sales order from the overseas market as well, including the United States and the United Kingdom. Honey Birdette started its first boutique in the United Kingdom at Covent Garden in London and planned to open around 40 stores across the United Kingdom by the end of 2018.

In a recent move, Honey Birdette launched an e-commerce website in the United States. The move came after the company experienced a substantial surge in sales by over 374 percent in the United States. It compelled the company to take the US market seriously and ensure that the hold on the market is kept. Launching an e-commerce market specific to the United States would help the company to deliver products faster to the customers and also provide them with an extended range of products that were previously unserviceable. Honey Birdette has extensive expansion plans for the future, but the founder of the firm wants to take one step at a time to ensure consistency in delivering quality products and customer service.



Finding Alternative Investment Options with Daniel Mark Harrison

There are many people who are searching for alternative investment options. With so many options to choose from, investing can be difficult for some people to understand. Daniel Mark Harrison a managing partner for Monkey Capital. This is a growing investment firm that focuses on ways that customers can reach their financial goals in the future. Anyone who wants to take their finances to a new level should work with this company.

Daniel Mark Harrison has years of experience helping others with their investing. Over the years, he has added a lot of value to investors.
Starting Out

Daniel Mark Harrison started out in the financial planning industry many years ago. His first job was finding prospects for a company that he worked for. He enjoyed the work, and he was great at sales. However, he wanted to make a bigger impact in the world through his work.

After several years in the industry, Daniel Mark Harrison decided to go out and start his own company. This was a tough decision for him because it involved a high amount of risk. Although it was not easy, Monkey Capital is now growing rapidly and gaining market share within the industry.
Business Plans

Daniel Mark Harrison has had success with his business for several reasons. Not only does he treat employees well, but he also has a great track record of providing quality returns on his investment ideas. Many of his clients have made money from his recommendations.

He typically gives recommendations that are outside of what the mainstream investors think. This is a great way to earn high returns on investments that are risky. Monkey Capital is in great share to continue growing in the years ahead. Daniel Mark Harrison is proud of what he has built and what is coming in the future.

Louis Chenevert, an Admirable Success Story

Louis Chenevert, who was born in Montreal, has become a renowned business man globally. He studied at HEC Montreal where he acquired his Bachelor’s in production management degree. He has since put this management skills into his career and it has earned him his success to date. The principles and strategies Louis uses have been taken into consideration by various people to improve their business success.

Louis grew into the General Manager for Production at General Motors where he worked for 14 years. He later left for a Pratt and Whitney position where he assisted in improving performance significantly. The positive performance earned him the President position in this company. The success in his career came in a row. He became the CEO and Chairman at United Technologies Corporation (UTC) in 2006. At UTC, he was required to put into use his excellent skills in management for the running and growth of the company. Louis Chenevert has played a big role in elevating UTC to higher grounds. The company’s price in shares increased by almost 90 million dollars which is estimated to be a 200% increase. This put UTC at the top of the list in the USA for being one of the most profitable conglomerate companies.

Louis also had a hand in the biggest deal involving aerospace. This deal was the largest throughout the history of the USA, the acquisition of Goodrich. The acquisition enabled UTC to become a company that could produce its own products fully. Louis pushed UTC to been an envy of many companies in the industry through its innovation. Louis is a believer in empowering people and growing businesses and the economy of the United States as a whole. He takes keen interest in investing in innovative and high quality technology that later led to the success of UTC. He also empowers team members hence maximizing on their productivity at work. He resigned from UTC in 2014. Louis is also a strong believer in using environment-friendly technology. He has earned several awards over the years including an award by the National Building Museum after taking up a position at UTC.

Louis has served as a Chairman in the Tax and Fiscal Policy Committee and a Chairman for the Friends of HEC Montreal director’s board.

Chairman Tony Petrello Prepares Nabors Industries to Close on Purchase of Aftermarket Oil Service Company

In a highly-anticipated deal, Nabors Industries Ltd announced the intent of acquiring Tesco Corporation; an oil field servicing company. The deal was negotiated as an all stock business transaction and is set to conclude sometime during the fourth quarter of 2017. The value of Tesco Corporation’s common stock is estimated at $4.62 per share which coincides with the closing price of Nabors Industries Ltd share values on August 2017. The value represents a 19 percent premium of Tesco Corporation shares and a 30 percent premium of the company’s enterprise value, when compared to its cash balance sheet as of June 30, 2017.

As negotiated between the two companies, any outstanding value shares of Tesco Corporation’s common stock are set to be substituted for 0.68 common shares of Nabors Industries Ltd. Once the deal concludes, that value creates the prospect for Tesco Corporation shareholders to become part owners of Nabors Industries Ltd with ten percent ownership. The deal has until February 14, 2018 to close, or Tesco Corporation will have to forfeit $8 million in payment to Nabors Industries Ltd. The terms and conditions have already been filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

As the owner and operator of land based drilling rigs, Nabors Industries Ltd also provides operations for off-shore platform rigs and services for directional drilling. The deal aligns with the technology-based solutions that Tesco Corporation provides within the oil and energy industry. The deal creates a substantial benefit to Nabors Industries Ltd for having direct access to Tesco Corporation’s aftermarket tubular services.

Chairman and CEO Tony Petrello of Nabors Industries Ltd believes that the operating synergies signal a projection of $20 million within the first year of operations and could reach upwards of $35 million within the following year. Tony began with the company in 2003 and became Chairman in 2012. Tony’s stellar leadership for Nabors Industries Ltd allowed him to become the highest paid CEO nationwide in 2012. He is also an Executive board member of Children’s Hospital of Texas. To increase neurological research within the hospital, Tony’s contribution to a donation of $7 million helped fund the Jan and Dan Neurological Research Institute.

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