New York Real Estate – Big Real Estate Projects on the Horizon

NYC is known for being a city of dreams in which everyone wants to live. For that reason, many have looked to the area as being a potential boom for new real estate developments. With this in mind, there are many new real estate projects on the horizon for New Yorkers, whom have a knack for building up big properties. Here are some examples of the largest real estate projects in the area right now, as there are plenty of great things to do in New York if you’re looking to the right places.

Right now, there are 3 big projects in Brooklyn going on. These include a five story office building spanning 645,103 sq. feet which includes some retail at 270 Richards Street, a new Wegman’s Grocery Store at the former Brooklyn Navy Yard, and an apartment rental building at 22 Chapel Street in Brooklyn.

At 413 West 18th Street, a mixed income housing development is being constructed which is 18 floors high; and at 12 East 48th street, a hotel is being constructed in midtown. This is followed by a office and retail building on 827 Broadway in Manhattan and another office building on 43 West 47 street in Manhattan, which is an office building.

Funded by EB-5 investors, Tishman Speyer is constructing a Long Island office park at 28-10 Queens Plaza South which spans 900,509 sq. ft and includes office and factory space. The company is also building rental buildings for residential purposes in the same space. Also, 37-12 Prince Street will feature an office building which has been funded by investors in China and New York

In the Melrose neighborhood, Omni New York is building a new residential building which has 143,318 square feet of space. This will also include affordable housing in addition to standard income housing.

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