James Dondero: ‘Make The Money’

James Dondero is a businessman, a certified management accountant, an investor, a chartered financial analyst, and an American. He is perhaps most famous for co-founding HCM (Highland Capital Management). He co-launched the business with his friend James Okada in 1993. Dondero’s duties there include hedge fund management and handling distressed investments.

He currently resides in Dallas, Texas. He has put over 30 years of work into equity and credit markets. According to various online sources, it all started with his formal education.

After Dondero graduated from high school, he chose to go to college. He went to the University of Virginia. There he received his undergraduate degree in accounting and finance.

Thanks in part to his skills in the industry, Dondero has garnered several different awards thus far in his career. Said award include Morningstar’s Award and the popular Lipper Award. One of his newer achievements was his nomination to the official executive board of the well-known educational institution the Southern Methodist University.

Dondero earned the position by demonstrating that he is committed to broadening the educational horizons of the local young people. His community involvement is nothing new either. People who know him can vouch that this is also not the first time he has been associated with the university.

Dondero was a vocal supporter of the institution’s public policy and was involved in the construction of the library. He has also gone on record for saying SMU has a significant influence on a great number of the professionals currently employed in the Dallas vicinity. In fact, his company, Highland Capital Management has also been positively impacted.

The board currently consists of a maximum of 100 people from numerous areas and includes “non-academic” members. The board’s main objective is to provide all the individual members with advice on various concerns. It is newly-appointed and meets in the winter, spring and fall.

Dondero has sat on the boards of such other institutions as MGM Studios, Jernigan Capital, Cornerstone Healthcare, and CCS Medical. At present, James Dondero is on the NexBank Board and the NexPoint Residential Trust Board.

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