How Whitney Wolfe Changed The Way That We Date

Whitney Wolfe has served as an inspiration for so many for a reason. She has given the world and opportunity to understand what a true entrepreneur looks like and her work with Bumble has shown this. We clearly have seen a revolution in the way we do dating thanks to her. She has made her app one of the most popular ways for people to meet singles by making the entire experience specifically designed to give women the first choice when it comes to heterosexual encounters. Now, that’s creating something even better than before thanks to what has been shown by her.Wolfe has put so much of the emphasis on women making the initial contact and that decision has made this one of the most successful of the dating apps. When you’re on Bumble women are the ones who initiate all contact and that takes away most of the problems associated with online dating.

There are other advantages to the platform too which enables Wolfe to expand beyond her initial offering of a dating app. She wants to expand into the world of social media and business as well. Bumble Bizz and Bumble BFF are two great examples of how this app is turning into an empire with Wolfe reigning over it. You can stay on the app without ever having to worry about the many things that often plague others out there.Whitney Wolfe was already one of the most successful tech entrepreneurs before she decided to get into this. Her experience working with other apps allowed her to create something that would stand out and make the dating world so much better.

It was about taking her desire for a woman friendly experience and empowerment that made Bumble what it is today. All signs indicate that the app is primed to takeover the market and become the most successful one out there.We don’t need to look very far to see that young people are taking to this app and the Wolfe is going to be head of one of the most successful tech endeavors ever. She will be responsible for why this app reaches the status that it has and she is redefining how dating will look. We are now seeing what it looks like when women make the first move and everything seems to be going much better than they have in earlier apps made before.

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