How David Giertz Is Helping People Get The Most Benefits Out Of Their Social Security

David Luther Giertz is a renowned financial advisor who has served in various prominent leadership positions in the financial advice sector on

David Giertz’s Background

Mr. David Giertz is an expert financial advisor currently serving as the Senior Vice President of Nationwide Financial Distribution and Sales. With an experience of over thirty years in this field, his advice is almost priceless. He also serves as a financial advisor at National Investment Services Corporation in Dublin, Ohio- a firm renowned for its excellent financial advice services.

In addition to being an advisor, Mr. Giertz is an FINRA registered broker who is authorized to act as a sales person on behalf of large brokerage firms. Moreover, Mr. Giertz also provides portfolio management to individuals who require the same.

The Interview on Necessity of Social Security Advice

The number of financial advisors speaking to their clients about social security is not enough according to Mr. David Giertz. A research conducted by Nationalwide Financial Retirement Institute at shows that four out of five people would change their advisor if they did not talk to them about security. He, therefore, sees that advisors should look into exploring the idea of giving security advice as a strategy customer retention and client satisfaction on

According to Mr. David Giertz, most advisors shy away from the subject of social security because of its complexity. The social security handbook is voluminous, having more than two thousand pages hence most advisors have either a shallow understanding of the rules, or do not have confidence in discussing them with their clients. He encouraged advisors to familiarize themselves with this matter to simplify their approach when talking to clients.

Additional surveys have indicated that most people view social security as a large part of their income after retirement – up to forty percent in some cases. Individuals who begin to depend on these funds prematurely end up losing large amounts of money (three hundred thousand dollars over twenty-five years), and it’s imperative that they are advised to avoid such massive losses.

In conclusion, David emphasized on the necessity of availing information on social security to clients as this helps maximize usage of retirement income and customer retention.

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