Handy: Cleaning service that’s at your service.

Today’s busy families and career singles try to maintain a balance between work and home. Keeping the home clean is important to emotional well-being and social opportunities. There have been cleaning and maid services available for years. But sometimes a cleaning has to be done fast. Here’s where phone apps and entrepreneurship come in handy with “Handy“.

Originating in 2012 as “Handybook” the cell phone app used smartphone technology to connect those seeking services from pre-approved, professionals in various trades. Two classmates at Harvard Business School, Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua combined their work experiences and business and entrepreneurial acumen into an app-based services company that is similar to the wildly successful Uber transportation model.

The company recruits and verifies contractors who supply services such as cleaning, handyman, plumbing, electrical work, moving help, painting and even furniture assembly into a secured payment process.Sixty-second bookings and rapid response are promised and delivered.

Drastic advances in smartphone and wireless technology have made the company a brand in its own right. Currently serving 25 cities in the United States, two in Canada and London in the UK, expansion is a sure thing as customers and entrepreneurs flock to this service.

Phone apps are a new phenomenon. Mobile websites are becoming the dominant medium for business communication and marketing. Statistics show that consumers are more savvy in using this format than many marketers assume. Handy has demonstrated that this platform is not only successful but has substantial advantages over other forms. Mobile sites and apps offer the consumer instantaneous results and verification that standard computer online systems cannot.

Handy on youtube is the ingenious merge of a necessary bundle of services matched to a platform of a mobile platform that consumers embrace. The app offers niche opportunities to an audience which requires services on short notice or an irregular schedule. It uses a secure third party payment system and removes that security barrier from the transaction. As an online mobile service broker it connects the customer with a pre-approved service provider who best meets the consumer’s needs as specified by time, date, work type or schedule.

Handy offers entrepreneurs an opportunity to market their services without having to advertise, do cold calls, or wait for clients to find them. Part-time service providers and established professionals can all utilize the Handy platform to their advantage, Hourly rates range from $15 to $22 an hour and Handy does all the financial work

Handy is a company whose time has come. .

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