Dr. David Samadi Says The Best Way To Deal With Prostate Cancer Is By Surgery

Men who are more than 60 years old and have prostate cancer should have them removed by surgery. This is according to the opinion of Dr. David Samadi, a Urologist at Lenox Hill Hospital. Actually, he is more than a regular doctor at the hospital. He is its Chairman and he is also a board certified urologist. He bases his opinion on the actual experiences of three prominent political figures in the United States, Mitt Romney, Colin Powell, and John Kerry who are all in their mid-60s.

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All three have undergone surgery to treat their prostate cancers. Romney has recently announced that he has undergone this type of surgery and came out successfully treated. Dr. Thomas Ahlering performed the successful surgery on Romney. Some have speculated why Romney made this interesting announcement. They believe that he must be thinking of running again for president and tacitly telling the voters that he can because he is in the pink of health.

Colin Power, George Bush II’s Secretary of State, on the other hand, was also operated on and had his prostate gland removed in 2003. The third politician to undergo prostate surgery is John Kerry, President Obama’s State Secretary. It seems Kerry has had no remissions ever since his operation. All three men are in their mid or late 60s. That’s no mere fluke as the statistics will show.

It appears that prostate cancer develops in men who are in their advanced years. The statistics reveal that in 10 cases of the malady, 6 occur in men who are 65 years old and above. It was also indicated in these stats that those who are below 40 years of age have very low risk of contracting this disease since it rarely develops at this earlier stage.

In Samadi’s opinion, surgery is the best way to handle the problem of prostate cancer. He bases his opinion on the experiences of the three political figures mentioned above. All three have successfully licked the problem by undergoing surgery. They have not chosen the other method of dealing with the problem – radiation. Their doctors must have known that it is better to operate than to radiate.

Dr. Samadi was not just expressing his personal opinion about the better results of surgery for prostate cancer compared to the other method of radiation. He bases his belief on his many years of experience as a urologist. At Lenox Hill Hospital, he is also the Chief of Robotic Surgery. He must have used this advanced form of surgery many times to treat his patients suffering from prostate cancer.

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