Doe Deere-One of the leading ladies in the makeup world

Doe Deere has many pictures of herself on Instagram where she is wearing beautiful makeup hues that are the representation of her brand Lime Crime. Doe Deere is one of the leading ladies to be named an inspiring female entrepreneur by Self-made Magazine. She recently sat down with an interviewer and talked about every little detail that had to do with Lime Crime on galoremag.

As a child, she had a passion for color. She would often put as much color on herself as possible, that included clothes, accessories, and her mother makeup.She eventually would like to expand her brand to other colorful things.

One of her earliest makeup memory is when she attended a slumber party with two of her closest friends. Doe Deere and her friends had deck themselves out in some fun outfits but decided that there was something that was missing from their look.This was when Deere decided to pull out her makeup bag and begin to put on a mixture color of makeup.

The interviewer then went on to ask Deere what is her best and worst makeup moments. She did not become a makeup expert into she got into her 20’s. She began to post bad makeup looks back in 2006, but after experimenting with different looks, she got better. She starts to gain a following of girls, who waited excitedly to see what was going to be her next look. It was only two years later when she launched Lime Crime.

The next question the interviewer ask was how did Deere came up with her company name. She had an eBay store back in 2004, and the name limecrime popped into her head.

She mentions that she would have chosen a different name if she knew that her company was going to be such a success.Even though she say that she would have chosen a different name, she is now proud of her name because it is so unique. The next question the interviewer ask if Deere is glad that her company is so internet based. She mentions how it have its pros and cons. Some of the pros being that her brand is huge on social media and a con she mentions is that she have to deal with a lot of internet rumors.

She mentions that she call her fans unicorns because she see unicorns as being unique, brave, and love color. She belikeved that this is a genuine definition of a unicorn. Deere is inspired by women who is not afraid to take chances and is fearless in their fashion choices. She takes inspirations from famous figures such as Dita Von Teese to the girls she sees posting images on Instagram like her friends Elena and Stella Jones. She feels amazing that people see her as one of the top self-entrepreneurs. If you would like to read the full interview, please be sure to visit

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